The Laoac Tupig Festival 2011

My featured blog today is about our Town’s delicacy, that Manileños loved during Sunday  masses in Manaoag and it is no other than “Tupig“. It has no direct English name but it is one type of rice cake that has been a traditional Mirienda or dessert for most Filipinos during New Year’s Day and Town festivals in Ilocandia Region.

It’s made from glutinous or malagkit rice flour, coconuts, molasses, sesame seeds, wrap in banana leaves and baked over live charcoal. Last February 26, 2011 from 1pm to 5pm, the Town of Laoac launched Tupig Festival at the SM City Rosales drive way.

Tupig vendors of all different barangay of Laoac, Pangasinan flocked SM City Rosales for events like free tasting, demo of tupig grilling and Laoac Local Government Officials hosted a Tupig-eating contest for locals.

There is also a street dance demo, exhibition of drum and lyre from selected schools of Laoac. At the event center of SM Rosales, Binibining Laoac Talent competition was held.

The festival celebrated the next day at Agbayani Road, town proper of Laoac. The same events showcased. At night, SB Officials (Sangunian Bayan) hosted a SMB (San Miguel Beer) Night at SB Grounds as a kick off upcoming Annual Laoac Town Fiesta which will start on March 1, 2011.

Tupig ready to eat

Even though I was on a vacation that day, I missed the chance to witness this festival because I give my full-time to my family but I feel pride and happy that this event is a success as I can see that our town is showing a progress. I tried to visit the town plaza at night to see if there is a different, surprise, nothing new.

It is still the same old fiesta celebration that I knew, fiesta caravan on the sidewalks where you can buy very cheap stuff like toys, kitchen utensils, shirts etc. I also check the so-called “Perya” or carnival situated near the public supermarket.

The only and only carnival ride available is the caterpillar ride for adults  and a kiddie ride with a shape of a bee that has the face of Jollibee for young kids to enjoy. There are also booths for games like Bingo, ABC game, ping-pong ball game and others that involves money. I saw a booth for running light where in you will be betting for numbers and the light hits the  number you betted automatically will get a corresponding prize most of the time the prizes are mugs, plates, pales and other kitchen utensils.

You can also find booths for firing games that uses a pellet gun or a hand crafted arrow to pop up a balloon and you will get a corresponding prize, the more balloons you popped the better the prize. Unfortunately, there are no more movie houses as obvious DVD‘s or Blue ray discs today are far more in demand, booths for magicians or amazing creatures or humans that has extraordinary talent or ability are no longer there.

I still remember before there is a show for Amazing Little Frog Man that sings, A woman cannibal who eats live chicken, circus etc.

Below are the Laoac Fiesta 2011 activities:

March 1, 7:00 am — Thanksgiving Day, Interfaith & Harvest Festival, Farmer’s Training Center
8:00 pm — Binibining Laoac, Don Westrimundo Tabayoyong Auditorium

March 2, 10:00 am — Sky Diving, Static Display and Pekiti Tersia Demonstration, PNP Sky Diving Team & Counter Terrorist Unit
— Solen Drill, Class 2013 PNPA at Laoac National Hight Schol grounds
8:00 pm — Gabi ng Kabataan at Don Westrimundo Tabayoyong Auditorium

March 3 – 8:00 pm — Balikbayan & People’s Night at Don Westrimundo Tabayoyong Auditorium

March 4 – 8:00 pm — Liga Night at Don Westrimundo Tabayoyong Auditorium

March 5 – 7:00 am — Civic Parade with Street Dancing Competition
8:00 pm — Coronation Night, Mrs. Laoac International at Don Westrimundo Tabayoyong Auditorium

March 6 – 8:00 pm — Ms. Gay Competition at Don Westrimundo Tabayoyong Auditorium

Click here for complete list of fiesta activities.

As I was saying about “Tupig“, almost all tupig vendors from our Town Laoac most of them are my neighbors so I know how they prepare it from getting banana leaves, to grating  the coconut, mixing all the ingredients together, wrapping dough on the banana leaf the same as wrapping Suman or Spring Rolls, what time they travel up to the real cooking of the said dessert into a synthetic charcoal grill.

These vendors had regular schedules that they follow, they are somewhat organized as most of them are relatives, you know it runs in their blood bro, haha, they usually go to Our Lady of Manaoag Church on weekdays by turn but they are in full swing during weekends to sell tupig as church goers locally or tourists looking forward in purchasing it by bulk order or by piece.

They are usually in front of the church or on the side walks, some had stalls outside and inside the Public Market. During Fiestas, these vendors know which Town they need to go to especially during Town Fiestas knowing that they will earn more.

The picture below shows how a tupig is cook, pack and sell together without other products that was truly made in Laoac.

Tupig vendor in Action! She’s my neighbor by the way. 😀

Whenever I go back to Manila for work, I always had 2 plastics of tupig to give out to my love ones, to my fellow Trenders (Engineers working at Trend Micro) and friends. It is just this Tupig Festival that I was not able to bring a “pasalubong “because there is a shortage in banana leaves haha just kidding. I will definitely bring next time because I know how they love to eat it and asking for more.

The other product called “Patupat” a sweetened cooked rice from a weave coconut leaves. This is cook on a hot basin of sugar cane on a large “Silyasi”, think of how brown sugar made of. I used to sell this products during summer vacation or semester breaks for extra income. If you happen to visit church of Manaoag please try these delicacies and I am sure you will love it and want some more. Bloggers and readers if you read this please try our Tupig.

Were you able to eat tupig, patupat or puto Calasiao from our town? How did you find it and what about the taste? Let me know by leaving a reply on the comments box below. Thanks!

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10 Responses to The Laoac Tupig Festival 2011

  1. star says:

    one of our officemates brought tupig and we all love it..where can we order and have it shipped to cebu?..please help us!

    thank you!


  2. khanto says:

    tupig….. nung bata ako akala ko tubig ang tinitinda na nasa dahon ng saging,,, wirdo ko lang :p


  3. wow.. ganda ng blog mo sir silentpal.. ^_^


  4. shasha juju says:

    i heard about the festival from one of my batchmate. Tupig pare pambato ng pangasinan.ok blog mo pare…


    • silentpal says:

      Salamat kuya Merwin, nainspire lang ako magblog at ang isang dahilan ko makilala ang laoac kasi kilala na manaoag ehehe. The rest gusto ko ishare mga travels at ibang kalokohan ko ahaha. Thank you for leaving a comment. Ingat kayo jan.


  5. JeffZ says:

    Congrats sa blog! kalongkong ka talaga!.. hehe

    Penge akong tupig!


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