The Benefits of Jogging for Beginners

I found a very useful and informative site if you are damn serious about weight loss, getting in shape or preparing for this summer. Below are the jogging benefits that everyone should  learn, understand and live for, I confess I don’t really follow any running bible now that I am into running, weight loss and writing blogs about running I learned to follow a running bible from different running websites and it really helped me. Writing a blog about running did not only benefited me I also get a chance to meet other runners, blogger and new acquaintances that show the same passion as mine .

Disclaimer: The article below is not mine I am just sharing this information to everyone that’s why I come up with a tag-line Bridging Information. Please continue reading and enjoy…

The Benefits of Jogging by

Jogging is a form of aerobic running. That means that your muscles are using oxygen while you tend to run at a relatively slow and steady pace (which is determined by your heart rate).

Usual jogging heart rate frequency is calculated with a unique formula described later on. This fun activity offers huge benefits for your overall health while also being a wonderful opportunity to bond with friends or family, or simply to connect with the nature around you, while doing something of great value for yourself!

Increased energy and physical endurance!

The duration of jogging exercise is slightly longer than in other running activities. This helps you build stamina and endurance. You usually start off with 20-30 minutes of jogging per day, and then gradually build to the desired length.

This is possibly one of the most important jogging benefits. How come?

Well, the greater jogging exercise length you can handle – the greater your stamina! This further reflects as a significant increase in daily energy, making you vibrant and ready to deal with almost everything that comes your way!

Effective fat burning for your entire body!

Want to look good for the summer?

Fat-burning is also one of the notorious jogging benefits. Few people actually know WHY and WHEN we burn fat. The truth is, when you exercise in a certain way, like jogging, your body switches its primary fuel source from glycogen and blood sugar – to fat!

It happens at about 15-20 minutes into the exercise. This is the primary reason why you have to keep jogging in a specific heart rate zone. If you go too fast, you can end up depleting glycogen levels and bloodsugar instead of fat, and that’s not what you want.


Your body also burns fat long time after the exercise!

Fat burning heart rate zone:

[220-your age] x 0.8 BPM (beats per minute)

Also, you have to realize that you are using one of the strongest muscles in your body, leg muscles, which in turn waste plenty of calories to support you through the workout.

Did you know that jogging also increases your BMR (basal metabolic rate)? Yep, that’s true! It speeds up your metabolism. That means more passive fat burning!

Read more about how jogging contributes to losing weight here.

You develop a relaxed, healthy mind state!

Many people find that jogging benefits help them relieve stress and clear their heads of daily troubles and worries. There’s nothing better you can do for your mind than recreating yourself and bonding with nature and people around you.

In time, you also develop a strong feeling of self-appreciation and worthiness and you begin to feel really good in your own skin!

In addition, you get a hold of a new view of the things that surround you. Jogging is a clear example that nothing good ever comes fast or instantly. As everything in life, it comes with dedication continuous progress in a certain direction!

Improved blood circulation, reduced risk of heart-attack!

Like any other physical activity, jogging gets the blood rushing down your cardio system, helping you to clear the toxins out of your body and make room for the transfer of oxygen by expanding your blood vessels.

Most of the heart diseases are caused by irregular blood circulation. Jogging helps you with this, making heart diseases the last thing you have to worry about!

It also helps you significantly lower your bad cholesterol, which compounds on the inner walls of your vessels, thus disturbing proper blood flow. This may be one of the most significant jogging benefits for your body.

Do you have your own running bible? Share it with us by leaving a comment. Thank you in advance.


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