Filmakers in 21 countries Collaborate to make Feature Film

MicVindelmer (Michael Vincent Dela Cruz Mercado) is my 2nd sibling, a blogger, a loving child to our parents, very supportive to me when I am starting to find a job and this is my way of paying back to him because he is already over staying student of University of the Philippines Film Institute and he needs help in this collaboration project so you too can help in 3 ways, read below:

1. Be our donor/sponsor and read your name at the end credits of the last feature film which will be show around the globe.

2. Help with the production/shoot on July 17 or later (as actor, assistant, etc.)

3. Re-blog this and spread the word.

MicVinDelMer is the Advocacy Officer of the Christian Aid funded Banaba Disaster Risk Reduction (BDRR) Project implemented in partnership with Buklod Tao, a people’s organization in San Mateo, Rizal actively involved in DRR and CCA initiatives. Holding the aforesaid position, he does coördination work with various stakeholders to mainstream DRR into local governance. He is the Editor-in-Chief of Bukluran, the bi-monthly newsletter of the BDRR Project.

In 2009, he worked as Field and Communications Officer for the Humanitarian Assistance Project of the Oxfam Hong kong and CDP to aid the survivors of Typhoon Parma in Northern Luzon.

Michael specializes in video production, graphic art and motion design. Some of his DRR related works include the video documentary of the action research Mobilization of Children and Youth to Offset Vulnerabilities for Empowerment in Brgy. Banaba, San Mateo, Rizal under the ProVention Consortium Applied Research Grants Programme and (2008) Program for Hydro-Meteorological Disaster Mitigation in Secondary Cities in Asia (2010) in Pasig City; and the IEC materials for the Global Launch of the One Million Safe Schools and Hospitals Campaign (2010).

 He has worked with various production houses mainly as video editor and motion designer and has outputs including GMA-7’s Votebook and Pamana ni Gloria. He was a protege of the editor of the critically-acclaimed film ‘Masahista’, Noynoy Dadivas, whom he worked with for a 3D animation project intended for Ateneo grade school religion classes.

He is presently finishing his undergraduate thesis at the University of the Philippines Film Institute and is working as freelance video editor for TV5. He is working on the project below: Reference: click here

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