Back To School in Technical University at TrendLabs Philippines

Every year, one of the events that we anticipated and looked at in our company beside Christmas party is Technical University. Here in Technical University we are about to learn about new products, technology, and other stuff that our company has to offer.  Well I will not go into details about this. What I want to share is the fun, excitement of this event. Here in Tech U short for Technical University, all the employees including management are given chance and be a student again, last weekend (July 16-17) this has made possible. Saturday, it’s the first day of the event, to attend classroom sessions you need to enroll first or register as it only occupies 40 to 50 persons. There are lots of subjects or topics to choose from, by the way, you have the privilege to select which one you’re interested the most. We also got our shirt and survival kit for the classroom sessions. I’m on a graveyard shift so I was one sleepy head but I managed stay awake but my brain doesn’t absorb what was the lecturer is saying. You’re required to finish 4 classroom sessions and attend the plenary session to qualify or eligible for the raffle draw of iPad 2 and get jacket so I did. In the afternoon, it’s team building time, I got a chance to play with fellow Trenders finishing our goals, the most fun part and what I love most is the music making time, they prepared empty pails as bass drums, some percussions and it created fun to each of every one of us. We had free breakfast, lunch and dinner too.

In the evening, we checked in at Crowne Plaza – Galleria to have rest, take a shower and prepare for Acoustic Night and dinner. Having no sleep yet as soon as we get in our room at the hotel I lied down and slept for 2 hours. Acoustic night starts at 6pm and ended 10 or almost 11pm. I woke up 8pm, took a shower and go to Ballroom B, C, D and E area of the hotel to eat dinner and join the acoustic night. It’s one of a hell party everybody loves it, they even enjoyed the standup comedy performed by Gabe Mercado and his company. After the party, sad to say I had to go back to our office because I have a shift to sustain continuous operation that’s what we are getting paid for haha. After shift I had to go back to the hotel for breakfast and to attend plenary session. I didn’t win the iPad 2 gadget but I acquired new friends and got new jacket. I was once a winner in Tech U by the way, back in 2008, it is where I got my iPod touch 1st generation and it is still my favorite gadget haha. Well that’s the end of the story and I hope I didn’t wasted your time reading this. Haha! More pictures  that I took during the 2 day event I uploaded on my Facebook photo album found on here Technical University 2011 at TrendLabs Philippines. Enjoy!


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How about you, do you enjoy trainings such as this? Why?

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2 Responses to Back To School in Technical University at TrendLabs Philippines

  1. khantoo says:

    handami niong pics. hahahaha.

    di ko natry ang bathtub 😦


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