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Why Save the Sierra Madre?

The Sierra Madre mountain range forest habitats are being threaten by human activities. Settlers living at the lower portions of the slopes generally supported by work in logging and coal-making. Some portions of the forest cover are already second-growth forest.

As advocate of Leave No Trace Principles, a mountaineer , a concerned citizen who wants to save Earth so that the our kids in the future would still see the same beauty of nature that we enjoy today. I am reposting or re-blogging this movement as I couldn’t help myself sleep peacefully when I think of others taking for granted our Mother Earth and  that they wouldn’t care much anymore but instead they still dump their trashes everywhere, cutting trees without replacing them, molested our mountains for their business gain and a lot more because of this I will help promote and Save Sierra Madre. I hope the movie clip will help you understand the need to save our mountains, serve as a wake up call and get involved!

Disclaimer: Below is a re-post of the exact entry on Issues in Sierra Madre
to keep the exact message of the movement. Credits:

Issues in Sierra Madre

Burning issues that plague the Sierra Madre Mountain range:

1. Ore Asia Mining (Bulacan)

Ore Asia Mining

Issues: Mining, Non-Compliance to ECC, Biodiversity, Ancestral Domain, Geohazard, Protected areas within 1KM radius from Angat watershed, Workers and Human Rights Violations.

2. Aurora Pacific Economic Zone and Freeport Authority (APECO)


Issues: Ancestral Domain of the Dumagats, Land conversion, Human Rights

3. Ipo Watershed Recycled Reforestation Scam (Bulacan, Marikina)
Issues: Land Reform, Land Speculation, Fake Titles
4. Flooding (Metro Manila)
5. Mega Projects
a. Hydro Kanan Power Plant

Issues: Communities and forests be submerged in water, Fishing source will be lost, Earthquake Fault line, Protected Area, Ancestral Domain

b. Laiban Dam

Laiban Dam

Issues: Alternative water for Metro Manila, To submerge 8 barangay, Displacement of Indigenous Peoples, Destruction of Biodiversity, Ancestral Domain

c. Angat DamAngat DamIssues: Privatization, Ancestral Domain, Fault line, Biodiversity, National Security
6. Sitio Paenaan, Brgy. Pinugay (Baras, Rizal)

Issues: Deforestation due to housing

7. DENR Corruption

8. Illegal Logging

9. Debt

Issues: Financing Mega Projects and Climate Change through loans, Policy impositions on mining and logging and/or World Bank (IFI) facilitated entry of private capital to invest in logging, mining, and construction of large dams and coal-fired power plants.

10. Extreme Weather Events (Typhoons Ondoy, Frank, Pepeng)


Issues: Weak disaster risk response and unpreparedness of the government

11. Indigenous Leaders becoming Indigenous Dealers


Issues: Loss of cultural integrity and selling of CADT of the “katutubos” themselves

Save Sierra Madre Movement Calls

Green RibbonAppeal to the Government

Appeal to the State

In general, SSMNAI demands that the State MUST carry out a development model that does not see the environment, our natural resources and the climate as commodities for commercialization and profit. Instead, the State MUST redirect its strategy toward social, economic, and ecological sustainability.

Specifically, the State should:

  • Clean-up corruption in the DENR (so that it will not become the Department of the Destruction of Natural Resources) through an independent investigating committee, of corrupt officials so that it can truly be responsive to a just and sustainable use of natural resources;
  • Junk the proposed bill that would open-up the secondary forests to large-scale logging concessions and mining.
  • Cancel immediately all integrated force management agreements (IFMAs) that have become fronts for illegal logging.
  • Strengthen the forest protection program by providing enough funds to guarantee presence of well-trained and equipped forest ranger units in critical areas to arrest illegal loggers.
  • Increase budget for restoration and forest protection including budget for protected areas.
  • Ensure formation of multi stakeholder forest protection coordinating councils in every local government unit with active participation of non-government and Peoples organizations, the Church the academy and other sectors;
  • Provide an alternative livelihood program for small loggers and charcoal-makers to liberate them from the clutches of their financiers and unscrupulous government officials.
  • Enact a moratorium on large-scale mining and effectively carry out the law on small-scale mining.
  • Immediately make protection of the Marikina Watershed.
  • Stop privatization of forests and water reservoirs.
  • Advance the interests of the indigenous Peoples to swiftly reclaim their ancestral domains.
  • Straighten out the wrong policies of the DENR and likewise emphasize forest protection instead of reforestation.
  • Stop loan-financed mega and dirty technology projects such as dams, coal-fired power plants, etc.   

Our challenge to the movement

  • For the SSMNAI members and affiliates to continuously educate the membership, government officials, allies, partners and the public at large on how to protect the environment and natural resources.
  • Be very vigilant and get active. Get involved in the advocates and campaigns of SSMNAI. Such may include, the monitoring of deforestation activities, construction of questionable and environmentally destructive projects, organize educational activities (e.g. fora, conferences, trainings).
  • Mobilize for protection of the environment. This includes: alert government officials of deforestation activities, join creative and mass actions, write, blog or speak about the protecting the environment, lobbying for green bills, etc.


  • Save Sierra Madre! Save the natural and residual forests!
  • Implement EO23!
  • Fully implement the total log ban!
  • Uphold and protect the rights of the indigenous people and communities.
  • Fully implement the IPRA law;
  • Stop massive illegal logging for commercial and profit purposes.
  • Permanently close-down the Ore Asia Mining in Bgy. Camachin, Doña Remedios Trinidad in Bulacan.
  • Scrap of the Aurora-Pacific Economic Zone and Free Ports Authority (APECO)
  • Clean-up corruption in the DENR.
  • Stop large-scale mining.
  • No to loan-financed mega and dirty technology projects.
  • Protect Marikina Watershed.

Get INVOLVED! Sign up here!

To know more about Save Sierra Madre movement visit

For Inquiries contact Save Sierra Madre Network Alliance Inc. on the following contacts below: 
Office Address:
69 San Pedro Bautista Street, San Francisco Del Monte,
Quezon City, Philippines, 1105
Office Phone: (+632) 373-2973
Cellphone Number:
09165519348 (GLOBE)
09198859941 (SMART)
09222711311 (SUN)
follow us @savesierramadre

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