Pinoy Rap Tribute to Pangasinan Tourism

Map of Pangasinan showing the location of Dagupan

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Photo Taken by Paolomer Corleone

A must watch music video edit and original rap music composition dedicated to Pangasinan Tourism, I love Pinoy rap as much as I love hip hop, when someone posted a video link from a social networking site I thought this rap music is just as ordinary as everyone else rap from Antipolo, or those local rap artists that trying to be like Andrew E, Salbakuta or those who imitate Gloc 9 but to my surprise it is not and in face it tells a story about tourism in Pangasinan , places that he’d been too and I really like how he delivered the message. This is one thing I am proud of being a Kabaleyan. “Mabuhay ang mga taga-Pangasinan”, Long Live People of Pangasinan.

Please watch the embedded video edits of Kthugs below and listen to a one of a kind Pinoy rap music that entails his visit in Pangasinan and promoting tourism via hip hop music.

Original Composition!
Title: Pangasinan ( Rap Song) - K.THUGS & KIM
Artist's: K.THUGS & KIM
Music Arranged By: K.THUGS adm
Produced by: KalibreRhymes Productions

On the music video edit above, KThugs highlighted the following places, events, livelihood and delicacies:

Pangasinan Capitol Complex
Capitol Compound
Lingayen Sunset
Lingayen Beach
Lingayen Gulf
Agno River
Rawen-Sangbay Falls located Brgy. Vicente, Burgos
Kuliglig is a vehicle composed of a two-wheeled trailer pulled by a two wheeled tractor similar to a rotary tiller.
St. Peter and St. Paul Parish
Calasiao Puto
Dagupan City Downtown
Bangus (Milkfish)
Dagupan Bus Inc.
Sual Power Plant Station
Urdaneta City night life
Urdaneta City Hall
Hundred Islands in Alaminos
Dawel River Cruise
Patar Beach, Bolinao
Cacupangan Cave, Mabini
Fluvial Parade held yearly in Dagupan City
Bolinao Falls
Bolinao Lighthouse
Mt. Balungao
Quintos Bridge during the day and night
Bayambang National High School
Bayambang Town Hall
SM City Rosales, Carmen, Rosales
Our Lady Manaoag Church
Sison Auditorium
Limgas na Pangasinan a yearly beauty pageant held in Lingayen
Manleluag Hotspring
Mangatarem Church
Magic Mall Malasiqui
Rosales mountain biking area
San Nicolas
Star Plaza Hotel, Dagupan City
Bangus Festival, a festival that highlights Bangus (Milk fish)
Basista Town Hall
Tourism Month held in SM Rosales
Pantal Bridge/Flyover located in Dagupan City

Did you like the rap song? If you do, please do share it to others. I wanted to know your comments and feedback about the song, please leave a reply.

Video Credits: KThugs feat. Kim via Youtube, Facebook
Pangasinan Provincial Government
Pangasinan Photographers Club
FB Gemino

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12 Responses to Pinoy Rap Tribute to Pangasinan Tourism

  1. Chona Abalos says:

    Ok, here’s my 2 cents worth…why in the hell do Pangasinensis talk in Tagalog…seriously folks, if we are so proud of our province, akin et Tagalog so salita tayo? I’ve been in the states for over thirty years, went to school in Manila, and lived elsewhere more than I’ve lived in the Phil but have never forgotten my beloved dialect. Antoy agawaan Ed Pangasinan? Is our dialect something to be ashamed of? I’ve noticed we are teaching our kids to speak in Tagalog rather than embracing our “own” dialect? Akin ey? I’m all about being proud of my hometown, is anyone else really??? Abante Mangaldan!


    • I understand you but I am not a Pangasinan talking folk persee because I am more talking in Ilocano, ammon gamen, talking Pangasinan or Pangalatok which is there is no such thing as pangalatok naman tan maong met ah nayari ka ni mansalitay dialect tayo maybe we can use it when there is gathering in our town but if you are referring to the song will it is the rap artists choice and I am just proud of him that I ended up writing an article. Thanks for dropping by and you are one of a Kabaleyan. Oh siya. Have a great one po! Masantos a ngrarem/labi ed sika! UN NA!


  2. Joshua Lintoc says:

    Wow! Ang ganda ng song dbest eto at my sense.


    • silentpal says:

      Ako din na paWow nong una kong napakinggan kaya ko siya naiBlog. Supportahan natin ang sariling atin. Salamat sa pagkomento at sana subaybayan mo pa ang mga susunod kong blog.


  3. Very cool, I’m a huge music fan.


  4. Mabuhay Pangasinan! Mga kababayan, mga kaarok, kapamilya, amin ya wadtan ed Pangasinan. Maraming salamat ed suporta ya enter yod sayan ginawak ya kansyon. Props Guy’s. Kahit di ako ganun kagaling mag Pangasinan, Proud ako sa pagiging Pangasinan, at sa lahat ng mga Pangasinenses, Be proud of it. God Bless! Pls do visit my page. ( ) 🙂
    -K.THUGS ang dilang mapanghatol


    • Paolomer says:

      Masantos ya agew ed sika K.Thugs! Naimbag nga aldaw/rabii kenyam in Ilocano. I am not also fluent in Pangasinan or pangalatok but I can understand. Whatever the case is and important we are proud to be product of Pangasinan. The Bangus Capital of the Philippines! We are all artists of our own. From now on, I will help you promote your songs without getting any but in return please do visit my blog posts regularly, comment about it and spread the world. Isn’t it rewarding? Yeah it is. It’s called Bayanihan. Writing is my passion as much as listening to pinoy rap. I have new blog site coming out and I’m about to blog about my travel & leisure, food blogging and other arts. I’m thinking of promoting artists in the North from Ilocos Region to the stretch of Pangasinan and you got the spot already I’m going to start with you, so if you could forward to me your autobiography that’s great. haha I’m excited. Thanks! That’s it for now.


  5. claver romuar says:

    you really rocked laoac. just keep on rocking.


  6. susie godoy martin says:

    hello Mr. Corleone, thanks a lot for sharing us the the pride of our province Pangasinan!!!!
    this gonna be spread out now in four corners of the world, as friends and friends extension, will be multplying by sharing each other. The music was good, i like it personally and well arranged as to the panoramic vision goes with it. If you have more talented music and touristic promotions, don’t hesitate to share with us, as i believe this is going to be appreciated globally by all pangasinanses. Keep it up!! and thanks again!!!


    • Paolomer says:

      Thank you for appreciating my blog post. I would like to introduce myself by the way. I am Paolo hubby of Andrea Lou Godoy ehehe. Maraming salamat at naimbag nga aldaw kenya yo dita amen. Hope to see you personally someday. Please subscribe to my blog RSS feeds or by email to receive daily notifications of my blog posts.


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