PBA’s 25 Greatest Players Retro Jersey | The Launching

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After an estimated 2 weeks of no basketball related activities because yours truly filed a paternal leave and took good care of my wife and son, you know, welcome to fatherhood obligations and responsibility, finally, this basketball addict and hardwood die-hard is back into play.

Our company (Trend Micro), sponsored a daily 2 hour game for Trenders at Club650 every Friday mornings that starts from 9am to 11am and every Tuesday nights at 8pm to 10pm. They also sponsored free games for badminton and Futsal (Indoor Soccer) .

Getting back to playing after 2 weeks is kinda hard for me because I was out of shape, I catch my breath easily, my endurance depleted and I could barely run fast for defense. Even though it is just a practice for me I play like it was my life and blood. The good thing about me getting back to the ball game is that I still got the shooters touch that I perfected in years of practice, dedication and basketball hard work, along the way, I also improve my court vision, ball handling and passing abilities. I am no longer focusing on defense just like in my rookie years, I remember trying out for high school basketball varsity team and I got the spot for reserve center because of my tight defense, king of rebounds ala Dennis Rodman incurred during my 3 year stint in volleyball try outs that I never got into, I don’t know exactly why I was never selected maybe volleyball is not really for me but basketball does.

The greatest thing that I could remember way back high school days was my début in playing as center grabbing rebounds, providing shot blocks and contributed 2 points per game that I lead our team in our first ever win over San Fabian Catholic School Cagers during a District 1 All Private Schools Basketball Tournament in 2004-2005. Today, I still love to play defense but added offensive skills and mastered the art of jump shot, bank shot, mid-range shot and recently I started to teach myself the art of sky hook considered  as one of the deadliest shots in basketball that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was very famous. Hook shot really works for me especially for tallest defenders that I played with I know it’s too 70’s or 80’s but I dare you to try it, it works 100%. This also help my confidence in taking low post and bank shots.

After the game, my friend and fellow Trender Ian asked me to go with him to a gadget store in Greenhills shopping mall together with Joan and Fred, so we did. We eat lunch at Banana Leaf an International restaurant that introduced Filipino diners to the delights of modern Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and Indonesian cuisine, burp and there you go we satisfied our stomach. There you go, time for the mobile hunt,  while Fred separated from us and went to Fitness First Gym.

After hours and hours of looking for a mobile phone that he wanted we met Jamie inside the mall as he looks for a USB charger for his iPod Shuffle then left. While Ian is busy looking around Joan decided to put a screen protector on his mobile phone, to our dismay the woman took almost an hour putting the screen protector which in Ian’s case didn’t took 10 minutes. Oh yeah, when we are waiting for the woman to put the damn screen protector on Ian showed up and happily told us that he found one and bought it. He traded his old mobile phone for Samsung Galaxy S II.

When there’s no other place to go, Ian decided to have a break and grab a cup of tea so we ordered a flavored tea at Serenitea store their tag-line “Not Your Ordinary Cup of Tea” surely brings a new way to enjoy a hot drink. See feature film below:

Their tea indeed not an ordinary tea which is amazing, for me tastes like Zagu Shakes inspired Black Pearl mixed with milk tea or Nai Cha of Chowking. While we are waiting for our tea, we settled down alfresco and had a chit-chat while Ian can’t get rid of his fingers to his new Samsung Galaxy S II. The buzzer vibrates and the red LED light is blinking its indicates that the tea we ordered is ready for pick up at the counter. After tea time, it’s time to go home. Ian drop me off at Robinsons Galleria, Ortigas and bids goodbye.

I checked my watched and decided not to go home straight yet. I still have time it was 5 in the afternoon. I wanted to check new running shoes, new basketball shoes or it there is a sale at the sports loop section of Robinsons Galleria when I saw flocked of people from a distant and it seems there is a gathering so I moved and looked closer. When I saw familiar faces on the stage my heart pounds and I started to look for my point and shoot camera inside my backpack because for the second time I saw some PBA Legends and personally met them.The said event is the launching of PBA’s Greatest Players Retro Jersey  with special cocktail. The feeling is surreal that I didn’t wasted my time standing, and see them live, I rushed towards them and asked them one at a time to take a picture with me starting with Mr. Atoy Co #6, followed by Hector Calma #14, Kenneth “The Captain Barbel” Duremdes #19, my all time favorite Samboy “The Skywalker” Lim #9, Allan “The Triggerman” Caidic #8, Benjie Paras #14, Jojo “Jolast /Jolas/The4th Quarter Man” Lastimosa (though I had no picture together with him tsk) and lastly together with Tucayo Paolo Hubalde #12  that supported his father Freddie Hubalde, he is one of the new blood in the PBA today.

Atoy Co beside him #6 Crispa Redmanizers Green Shirt and me

With Fortunato 'Atoy' Co # 6

With Hector Calma #14

With the Captain Barbel Kenneth Duremdes

Autograph signing with Samboy Lim

Me holding #9 jersey while Samboy Lim signs it

With Samboy Lim #9

With the Triggerman Allan Caidic

With Benjie Paras

Paolomer and Paolo Hubalde

After each photo opts I shake hands with them to say thank you and show appreciation. Vergel Meneses, Ronnie Magsanoc, Alvin Patrimonio, Freddie Hubalde father of Paolo Hubalde, Renato Agustin  among others that named 25 Greatest Players of Philippine Basketball Association were there but they left early that’s why I haven’t got a chance to take pictures with them. The rest of the greatest roster named during the league’s silver anniversary in 2000 are the Living Legend Robert Jaworski  whose famous in Number 7 jersey, multiple MVP’s Ramon Fernandez, Bogs Adornado, Abet Guidaben, Johnny Abarrientos, Francis Arnaiz, Ricky Brown, Manny Paner, Lim Eng Beng, Danny Florencio, Bernie Fabiosa, and Jerry Codinera. After a short starstruck moment with the PBA Greats I go home straight, have a good sleep and prepare for tomorrows work.

By the way, after its launching, the retro jerseys will be available through online stores Jersey Haven and PBA Online Store, and at Titan Sports at Php 1,500.00 per jersey.  The project marks the fourth partnership forged between the PBA and Robinsons for the coming season.

PBA Retro Jerseys

PBA Retro Jerseys 2nd Rack

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6 Responses to PBA’s 25 Greatest Players Retro Jersey | The Launching

  1. kindly help me to find where can i get retro jersey of Vergel Meneses.


    • silentpal says:

      Hi Katherine,

      PBA Properties Inc. has been receiving lots of emails here and abroad clamoring for retro jerseys, according to Rhose G. Montreal, licensing and Special Projects manager of the league.

      After its launching, the retro jerseys will be made available in online stores, Jersey Haven and PBA Online Store and at Titan Sports.

      Search mo Jersey Haven sa Facebook at like mo page. Leave ka ng message sa wall I’m pretty much sure me sasagot sayo. Goodluck sa paghahanap mo ng Meneses retro Jersey.


  2. designpinoy says:

    Atoy Co jersey looks awesome! Just saw on youtube franz pumaren interview about PBA retro jerseys http://youtu.be/FB4xDce2yD8


  3. Paolomer says:

    Hi theparanoid (tsikot)

    I’m glad na fan ka ni Vergel Meneses well di ka mabibigo kasi me blue jersey siya ng Sunkist di lang nakasali sa photo album ko. You may check my photo album here https://www.facebook.com/paolomer/photos#!/media/set/?set=a.2029885828526.2097421.1285522887&type=1

    Pag di mo maview photo album add mo muna as a Friend then approve ko para kita mo mga photo albums ko.

    Un red shirt I don’t know what year un kasi ang naabutan ko na lang un era nila Samboy Lim, Nelson Asaytono from late 80’s and 90’s. MakaSan Miguel ako until now.

    Subscribe po kayo sa blog posts ko. Maraming salamat at sana ay mabili niyo blue retro jersey na sunkists ni idol Meneses


  4. theparanoid (tsikot) says:

    im a meneses fan and planning to get his retro jersey

    im glad na sunkist jersey yung kanya (which makes sense kasi he was playing for the team nung nag mvp siya).

    pero bakit naman ganon, parang imbento yung sunkist jersey design.(nagkaron ba ng red sunkist jersey?)

    at any rate, i hope yung sunkist jersey from his mvp year (1995) ang kinuhang design. gusto ko style non, yung blue


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