HP Philippines | HUSAY PINOY Laptop Snap-on Cover Design Contest

This write-up is to campaign a friend’s entry on this contest, his name is John , JT’s friend in college (JT is short for Jan Thaddeus my younger brother).  My brother’s friend is my also my friend so I treat him as my brother as well. I am actually proud of John because he is the one and only techie friend that I referred to our company so far that got the job and now working as a regular employee, kudos John! Keep it up bro!

John likes to join contests like this, in fact he won already an iPod Shuffle in one of many contests in our company when he was a newbie. His entry for polo shirt design is the winner among other entries and I really love it. So this time, I am campaigning for his entry and  at the same time promoting HP Philippines’ ‘HUSAY PINOY’ Laptop Snap-on Cover Design Contest, ‘Husay’ means Skillful and ‘Pinoy‘ refers to Pilipino. This is to give Pilipino tech titans to emerge in designing a skin of HP laptop.

So to vote for John’s entry, please visit www.hpforph.com/husaypinoy go to Gallery link, select Lifestyle category and then look for his entry see photo below:

To vote for his entry simply click on the Like button that you can see on the lower right corner of the photo entry.

Like it Here

No need to register, likes are automatically tallied but if you wanted to create your own entry go ahead and register.

There is also a caption needed to describe his entry above to better understand what it is.

John describes his entry with no editing from me as “How My Passion showed my creative design. The picture I made depicts the real life scenario of us Filipinos in terms of the lifestyle that we currently have.My passion in technology pushed me to join this contest. I wanted to show who are we Filipinos and what is the main environment that we live in. We may call our country a third world country but we cannot say that technology is not a part of our life. Almost all Filipino have their Facebook /Twitter accounts. Even the poorest can send messages in an instant. I went to the mall. I went to the streets. I went to the business establishments. And most the people I see are connected. We Filipinos should be proud of our current lifestyle because we Filipinos are the frontier of technology around the globe. And this lifestyle is power.Description of the picture.Your power, your lifestyle The title is, “Your Power, Your lifestyle”. It simply describes the power brought to us by the modern lifestyle that we have. The Dragon.The dragon tattoo symbolizes wisdom and reason as it perceives the definition of being “Mahusay” of Filipinos.Tube and MiniTube and Mini is one of the symbols that signify a modern Filipino lifestyle in terms of fashion. One of the distinctive characteristic of modern lifestyle in terms of fashion also is wearing clothes with nationalistic theme more often, the symbol of the Philippine flag.01 in Mini Skirt and Headphones.01 in the Mini Skirt symbolizes that in our modern lifestyle; we are not using the modern technology itself, but we are also wearing them. The headphone is an example – music is everywhere, and yet it is a part of our modern lifestyle.  The Internet.The main or central concept of the picture defines the Internet as a power (symbol of globe in the picture). As we all know, Internet is the central point on the modern lifestyle of us Filipinos. And what’s more? Internet is wireless (signal symbol in the picture). Our Social Lifestyle The nearest on the central force, you can see the most trending part of our modern lifestyle – Twitter, Google Plus, and Facebook. As a part of our modern lifestyle, we Filipinos are familiar with Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger, and Emails that help us connect and locate people around the Globe.Internet BrowsersYou can also see the 2 major Internet browsers that we use – A major reason how we can connect to our modern lifestyle.The orange transparent fox symbolizes Mozilla Firefox and the Small Ball droids with a logo of Google Chrome.Operating SystemsYou can also see the logo of Linux (Tux) and Windows that describes the most popular Operating Systems that common Filipinos use.The CloudThe Filipino girl is standing on the clouds. Clouds symbolize the Cloud Technology, which we use to make our modern lifestyle – “in realtime”. A proud face.The picture of the Filipino girl is very proud. Why? Because of the power that she has through technology as a part of her life. To sum it up. The picture depicts our current lifestyle concentrated in technology and the Internet because of the power it can share to us Filipinos. As we all know, Filipinos are one of the countries that use technology on its maximum capabilities, that is why we consider it an opportunity for power to make life simple and amazing.”

Isn’t amazing that he thinks like that and come up with a very unique and in the cloud concept. How I wish I’m creative as he was but I’d rather play basketball haha. By the way, for those who wanted to join there is still time, Voting Officially ends on October 29, 2011.

To join:

  • Fill out the Registration Form to send entries. The required information as follows:
  • Full Name:
  • Age:
  • Mobile Number:
  • E-mail Address:
  • Complete Home Address:
  • Password (keep it a secret, lol 😀 )
  • Design your on Snap-On Laptop Cover by selecting category listed below which you are most passionate about:
    • Lifestyle
    • Music
    • Sports
    • Nature
  • For complete mechanics you may visit http://www.hpforph.com/husaypinoy click on Mechanics. Important Reminder: In order for your entry be accepted kindly Read and Understand their guide lines by heart especially on Steps 5, 6, 7 & 8.  Clear? Okay.
  • Only One (1) Winner shall be awarded for the Husay Pinoy Laptop Snap-on creativity contest and winners shall be awarded for the following criteria:
  • Design 60%
  • Caption 40%
  • Vote 10%
  • For each category HP Philippines will be giving away One (1) consolation prizes for runner-up. A total of four (4) consolation prizes shall be awarded.
  • Prizes: Grand Prize
  • HP Pavillion DM1

Consolation Prizes

  • Lifestyle: HP Digital Camera
  • Music: HP Digital Camera
  • Sports: HP Digital Camera
  • Nature: HP Digital Camera

All prizes are non-transferable or convertible to cash. Again for complete details of the mechanic I suggest visit http://www.hpforph.com/husaypinoy. Contact only them on this contest. Bring out your thinking cup and enjoy creating your entry, no time, no problem visit entries under Gallery and like entries, again don’t forget to like my friend’s entry. Thank you!

DTI-NCR Permit No. 3074 Series of 2011. 
Source: Official Website of HP Philippines, Facebook Page and Twitter

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