Techie Friendly Tips: How to recover a deleted photo?

Yesterday [10.16.2011], I am so excited to upload photos and videos of our bonding with my not so busy brothers Rob and Mic, haha, well, we are all sort of busy now and it is rare that we bond together especially for me now that my priorities are my family, there are times that I couldn’t come to our family reunion because I need to work first before pleasure. That’s not the topic here, what I need to share is how I managed to recover photos and videos from an unrecognized, damaged Memory Stick.

Personally, I treasure photos and I love keeping them in an album. I know you do too, because these pictures it speaks for itself, it has its own story, it brings back the memory  and something to reminisce with your family, friends and to somebody else.  Back in the old days, in order for me to have a copy of a photo for example class picture I had to borrow the rolled film and had it re-developed from a studio because I couldn’t afford to buy a decent camera, we call it a classic camera where you need to buy roll films and had it developed on a dark room, we also had a black & white Polaroid camera before that when you take pictures all you need to do is to flick the Polaroid paper  in the air few times and whoa there’s the image instantly.

Today, almost everything are digital. Camera phones, web cams, point & shoot digital cameras, DSLR‘s name it is huge and it’s everywhere and this is now the new trend of photography and it is easier to keep an album, manage it and even share it anywhere via social networking sites Facebook, Tumblr, Flickr etc.

But what happens if your Memory stick, memory card  etc get crashed, damaged or not recognized anymore and the only way to use it is to re-format it? Obviously it will erase all its contents and we don’t want that to happen as pictures are part of our lives and for some it is “My Precious” remember that line from LOTR movie. This happens even if you don’t want it to happen, this is the time that you would say “sh*t happens” to yourself. The good news is there is recovery software or apps that you can use to recover an important file deleted accidentally or from a damage removable devices. What happened to me yesterday is that my card reader gave up on me and it damaged my Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo 4Gb and when I try to open it the only option is to Format it be recognized. I tried inserting it on my Sony DSC-S930 Steady Shot camera it didn’t work either so I’m worried that I will lost the photos taken yesterday and that was just yesterday. My excitement changed with sadness. I had no choice but to reformat my memory stick so that I could to use it again. I come up with an idea to blog this for my friends not to worry and that there is a way to recover their lost files but it may work for me and not for others. I don’t guarantee that this will work for you either as it is on a case to case basis, by the way there are corrupt files that I cannot be recovered that’s why I am looking for other application that can.

Below are the 2 software that I used to recover the pictures and this might help you with the dilemma:

1. Recuva – This software is a free file recovery program that makes it extremely easy to find files that were once thought be lost forever. The wizard-like approach and intuitive user interface will appeal to all user levels. The program opens with a very sleek, professional user interface. We found it extremely easy to navigate right off the bat, but it does use a wizard to walk you through the file recovery process.

This is the first software that comes into my mind to recover my files that’s why I am not hesitant to reformat my Memory Stick but it failed on me, it didn’t detect anything.

Using Recuva

To download it go to and install it. To use it follow the steps below:

Recuva provides you with two ways to recover your files: a Wizard mode, and an Advanced mode. You can also take a look at our Quick Start section if you’re in a real hurry.

Note: Ideally, you should install Recuva before you need it. The process of installing Recuva can in fact overwrite the file you are trying to recover.

Folder Wizard ModeThis section explains how to run Recuva in Wizard mode. Note that to recover deleted emails, you should use Advanced Mode.

Folder Advanced modeIf you want more control over how Recuva operates, you can use the Advanced mode.

Document Recovering files from damaged or reformatted disks
Document Checking for Recuva updates

2. I searched Google and I found CardRecovery software as it looks very promising, so, I downloaded it and tried it. CardRecovery – is a photo recovery software for digital memory card used by digital camera. It can effectively recover lost, deleted, corrupted or formatted photos from various memory cards. It supports most memory card types including SmartMedia, Compact Flash CF, Secure Digital Card SD, Memory Stick, MicroDrive, xD Picture Card, Multimedia Card MMC and more. The digital photo recovery software is a powerful data recovery tool for image recovery, picture recovery, photo rescue, data recovery, photo restore or digital media recovery whether files are all deleted, the storage are severely damaged or formatted. CardRecovery uses unique and exclusive SmartScan technology that completes those impossible recovery tasks that other software cannot touch. SmartScan quickly locates and restores files that other recovery software could never find.

I used the evaluation copy and yeah it detected photos and videos including those that I deleted long time ago, isn’t it great that finally you can still see those memories but to my dismay in order to continue and start the recovery for you to be able to  save the files you must first purchase a license but in my case  since I don’t have any credit card to buy one, I looked for a crack version. Sorry about this 😦 , as much as possible  I don’t want to encourage piracy but this is the only way to retrieve my photos so I did. PM me if you want to know how to get one haha. 🙂 I am relieve to see the pictures again though not all of them, there are pictures that are not totally recovered but it made my day still. As of this writing, I haven’t tried other software, so, if you read this and you are using a very reliable one please share to me and to others, dare to share with others will you haha.

Welcome to the user interface of CardRecovery:

Step 1: Select the drive letter, camera type and destination folder to save the recovered files.

Step 2: CardRecovery fully scans your memory card. The scan process is very fast and takes just three minutes to fully scan a 1GB SanDisk SD Card in my test.

Step 3: CardRecovery allows you to preview and select the needed photos before saving.

Complete: CardRecovery saves the recovered photos to the destination folder.

That’s it for me and I hope that this write up help you recover your deleted photos. Leave a reply and be heard. Thanks!

Resources: and
Photo Credits: Google, CardRecovery

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  1. hi, that’s a nice post. i hope you will continue to do this 🙂


  2. recovdta says:

    Thank to GAROTED and the developers for this program. It’s a fun one to check out.


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