Autobiography of My Mom

Autobiography of My Mom

(Mrs. Jessie D. Mercado)

      A baby girl was born to a humble and young couple named Eugenio R. dela Cruz and Felicidad F. Obra 48 years ago on 17th day of April in San Jose City, Nueva Ecija.

The third baby and the eldest daughter of a broad 3 boys and 3 girls, was named JESSIE after JESUS who was suffering on that fateful day Holy Friday.

    The girl was sent to public school at San Jose West Central School and she graduated in the year 1970. Then she enrolled at Saint Joseph School, a Catholic school, when she graduated with honors in 1974. Aside from academic distinction she was awarded the Best in Conduct and received Appreciations for her getting the top 3 position/place in the 1st NCEE (National College Entrance Examination) result in the same year among the graduating class of said school.

She tried her luck by taking the college entrance test at Philippine College of Commerce after graduation from high school. She fortunately passed the exam and she was among the incoming freshman enrolled at PCC the following school year 1974-1975. As a starter she enrolled in 2-year ACS, Associate in Commercial Science, after which she pursued a 4-year course. With the goal of finishing a college degree, she studied very hard to realize her dream. And finally she graduated with the Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Marketing on April 1, 1978. Their commencement Exercises has been a living memoir to her because this was the moment when PCC was converted into a university status with no less than the former President Ferdinand E. Marcos declaring it personally amidst the graduating class, faculty, parents and visitors witnessing with the program and covered by the premier broadcast network at that time.

As a woman, I have been active in educating our youth for I am, myself, a faculty member of Our Lady of Manaoag College Incorporated where I am presently employed as Registrar.

This is my small way of contributing to the society – to mold our students to become productive and profitable persons in the future.

Since I am a Marketing Major, I am qualified to teach Business subjects. Aside from this, I have earned my Master’s Degree in Development Management at Pangasinan State University at Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. I have finished 49 units of academic requirements and I am eyeing to finish my Thesis this year, despite my heavy loads of works as Registrar.

Besides, I am involved also in the search for students who will qualify for ESC (Educational Contracting Student) which is intended for the poor but deserving students. The program aims to grant Php 4,000.00 allowance in tuition fee and other subsidies for the poor but intelligent students.

Being a member of the Association of Educational Registrar in Region I, I am among them who are tasked to improve the student’s services and develop more systematic procedure in the release of student records.

But the most active role I am playing at present is that as a mother. As a mother I tried very hard to send my children to school until they finish their courses or degree in college. I know how hard it is to send to college now but the hardest thing I can do is to see them useless or be a bum in the society.

With the college diploma they have received, they can give their small way to develop our society.

          It just happened that I am browsing on my old emails incidentally I found this and it inspired me, I want her to be recognized in small ways such as this and praise her for a good job she’s done for us her kids. Without her I wouldn’t get my diploma and became what I am today. The essay above was not reworded, revised and no emission done from the time it was sent to me until I published it here. I am very thankful to my mom for this. Kudos to my mommy! A big hug for you and muwah, xxXXooOOo and for the record, I am the only one got the college diploma among my siblings so far. They are all college undergraduate, my brother next to me is an undergraduate of Engineering course and working as call center agent in our of the pioneer BPO company in the Philippines, my second brother or should I say girlie pats haha  🙂 is an overstaying student in University of the Philippines and still finishing thesis project, next to him/her haha is an undergraduate of IT course this brother of mine wanted to follow my footsteps and it’s good to know that I am his model instead of others but he need to stop for this year as my mom, me, neither of my siblings who is working can’t afford to sent him to school to continue and lastly our only sister still taking up HRM in our of the University in Pangasinan is in her last year before graduation.

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2 Responses to Autobiography of My Mom

  1. Heidi says:

    You must be so proud of her. What a great gift she gave you — a desire for education. She’s a great inspiration to you and your siblings.


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