BIG TRIO – The Success Story: Three Big Major Rival Dance Groups of San Jose City, Nueva Ecija That Joint Forces

Well, ABS-CBN‘s Showtime Season 4 Grand Finals was over and a new champions hailed but I still can’t help myself admire, give respect and follow the success of Showtime’s Season 2 First Grand Finalist Winner, no other than The Big Trio of San José City, Nueva Ecija.

This group is not just an ordinary group of dance crews but they are three (3) big major dance rivals of the said city that joined forces to create an impact not just to Showtime viewers but to all dancers and aspiring dancers of Nueva Ecija not to mention their fans. Before they are named as such these three groups had their personal attempts in Showtime but they all failed to win the elimination round during the Season 1 of the said show until they unite and they call themselves as Big Trio.

The Big Trio Profile: The P.I.M. Dance Crew or Pinoy In Moves, IXM or Innovation X Movers and X3MEX or Extreme X. There mantra:

1. Have faith in God
2. Unity
3. Friendly
4. Have a heart in dancing, and;
5. Discipline.

Just a little trivia of X3MEX Group: I know personally almost all the members of Extreme X because one of the members is my cousin, they were kids back then and I watched them grow and matured in dancing. In fact they are far better dancer than me, just a FYI haha, I influenced my cousin to dance when he was still a kid when I am still attending college at Central Luzon State University or CLSU for short taking up Programming Course and where dancers, movers met and do battle. I am proud of this group because they focused on dancing and they stay away from Illegal drugs and other crimes. Keep on dancing kids!

If there is a failure, there is a success. Watch video clips of these three groups on their individual quest to stardom and how they joined forces. Videos uploaded via YouTube.

  Pinoy In Moves Dance Crew (PIM)

Innovation X Movers (IXM)

Extreme X (X3meX)

The Joining of Forces: After all those dance battles, dance contests and showdowns this three group unites and become Big Trio. Watch their dance audition below as a group held at Pag-Asa Sports Complex in Barangay Malasin, San Jose City, Nueva Ecija when ABS-CBN’s Showtime Crew and Staff personally go there to conduct audition. This is the ir start of the big quest, popularity and stardom among fellow Nuvo Ecijanos and the Philippines particularly Showtime audience:

It’s Showtime: This is it! Do you know how big their sacrifices are? Big Trio was  the week 4 Daily winner and had to win the Weekly and Monthly Finals for 3 consecutive days, on that alone their flexibility, creativity and heart in dancing are put to test as they had just a little time or no time at all preparing for their next routine but they all to surpassed these challenges, even if they missed school.

Believe me I seen it all because I am with them during this battles not only to support them but give them sound system for their rehearsal, my auntie cook food for them during their stay in Manila and they are so dedicated and disciplined on their routines, and that’s why they emerge as the First Grand Finalist tied with Kidz@Trix from Davao with whom they befriended and supported each other until Grand Finals. They both win with a perfect 10 scores from all judges, you want proof click here and look for Season 2 Winners. 🙂

Big Trio’s Weekly Winning Performance: Concept Dancing Shaolins and Kung Fu Soccer

The Monthly Finals: For the second time Big Trio & Kidz@Tricks are tied and will advance to Grand Finals. Warning! Highly contagious and you might dance out there haha.

Finally, The Grand Finals: First to show off their dynamic dancing prowess is a group from San Jose, Nueva Ecija who call themselves the BIG TRIO.  Wearing golden Shaolin-inspired outfits, the Big Trio performed like agile Shaolin masters. Three golden “Buddhas” were part of their act. Judges love the energy, creativity, very inspiring and it will be the basis of the contest. Resident judge Vice Ganda give them a score of 6 and said it will be the perfect score for now. Anyway, they are 5th place in overall standing averaging 8.29 and Laoag City  Gymnastics Group was the Season 2 Grand Champion with a score of 9.86.

Big Trio Post Showtime Career: After the Season Grand Finals, the group are invited in different towns of Nueva Ecija and held as the pride of the said town. They also organizing dance concerts during special occasions like Town Fiestas, Beauty Pageants and being hired as Guests to entertain students in some colleges and schools. Not to mention they are inviting aspirants to dance with them during semester breaks on the dance classes and been screening new members. As a proof watch couple videos below:

To wrap up the show, oh no, this blog haha, watch this video they created for members of Big Trio together with their distinguished Leaders.


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