Holy Rosary Academy ’99: High School Friends ~ Now and Then

I am so blessed with many friends and this year was awesome. You know why?  It’s because of Facebook. This Social Networking site created lots of innovation and applications that other sites don’t have and one good example is the Group Page. Facebook Group Page was easy to manage and no need to take computer classes just to learn how to create and use it.

HRA 99 - Graduation Day

Having said that, I created a Facebook Page for our High School  Batch and I started to add my classmates and then find others on the other side of the glove. From there, I was able to get in touch with them and created a open communication. Though not all can afford to to stay connected online we have the alternative by means of text. Thanks to unlimited services that Telecoms offers we can easily organize events, inform and say hi to them.

The biggest achievement that I accomplished so far on our high school Facebook page is setting up mini reunions, meeting up with friends and creating get together. Hopefully, this initiative will lead to One Time Big Time Grand Reunion for us though I had to admit it, it was really hard to organize it for some reasons, work, family and most specially our priorities drastically changed and meeting with friends is often neglected.

I can say that I did not receive this kind of treatment before during elementary and high school days with them but I feel more important now to them compared before. In our yearbook they quoted me as “The sleeping giant and a silent pal that used to obey to anyone”. That’s not the exact sentence but the thought close to that one. That’s where I get the moniker that I am using today. Now, that’s history. 😀

Baccalaureate Mass - HRA 1999 Commencement Exercise - March

Film Showing - Bride of Chuckie? Not sure haha

Thanks to Mark Zuckerberg‘s Facebook, the No. 1 social networking site that keeps us updated, reunited to our  long-lost family, relatives and friends . It helped getting in touch so easy and to communicate as easy as a piece of cake, not to mention new feature the integration of video call powered by Skype.

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Enjoy your stay here in my blog and hope to hear from you by leaving a comment. Do you have a similar experience let me know and be heard? I appreciate it if  you do.

Photo Credits: You know who you are Man! Thanks much!

HRA Batch 1999! – Mabuhay!

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