Help Needed! I’m looking for a cable accessories that will connect HDMI DVD Player directly to VGA LCD Monitor.

Recently, I acquired a NextBase HDMI DVD Player from our Outreach Group or should I say bought it in lay-away terms its just that I took it home already. The supposedly raffle event or Bingo Night that our group is planning to raise more funds for our Causes were canceled so I bought it instead just to compensate the funds that our group used in purchasing the raffle prizes. Anyone interested, we are selling Oven Toaster and Electric Fan of course for a cheaper price? PM or leave a message on the comment box below.

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Having said that, I enjoyed my new HDMI DVD player because it will now read movie files in my External Portable HDD (Hard Disk Drive) unlike old DVD players before. Ever since, I got an NBox Multimedia Player I never thought of purchasing a DVD player again because I think of it as obsolete or just another Betamax or VHS player that is out of commission but this proves it wrong. Cool inventions, innovations, gadgets and all, that’s what we are now, a technology that continue to amaze us. Isn’t true?

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Now, here’s the problem. I got the HDMI DVD Player but my Sony Trinitron Television set died  and cannot be fixed anymore so I sold it to a “magbobote” – a man riding in a tri-bike working in a junk shop — for Php40.00 if I remember it right. I never bought a replacement at that time because my assembled a generic Desktop Computer. After 3 years of having my first ever Desktop Computer that I can call my own, the motherboard died on me. I name my PC Angel because I like Angel Locsin during the time I’m collecting its parts. Angel is very pretty, gorgeous and sweet Filipino celebrity that can kick-ass just like what I saw in Philippine action-drama TV series and some movies. No wonder she fell in love with Philippine Azkals striker Phil Younghusband. LOL!

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Going back to the HDMI DVD player, I never replaced my motherboard so I left my CPU died and useless. Now, I’m on my mission to make my AOC LCD Monitor (VGA Output) to work directly with my HDMI DVD Player. Is it possible? Yes, I know it will but HOW?

Please help me find the right cable accessory, connector or adapter other than purchasing an External TV Tuner on which I had already. Is it correct to use HDMI Female connector to DVI Male adapter to connect with VGA LCD Monitor for a video output? Remember I don’t have TV set and LCD Monitor is video source/output of my HDMI Player. See photo below courtesy of CDRKing Website:

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Not tested yet, so before I waste money for a trial and error method I need my readers expertise on this. Please leave a comment because for your suggestions, feedback and comments. Thanks!

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