The Search for the 2012 BAYER Young Environmental Envoy – Philippines is ON!

The Bayer Young Environmental Envoy (BYEE) is the longest running environmental program in the Philippines, organized in partnership with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). For twelve years now, BYEE has been engaging young Filipinos to take part in environmental protection.

If you are selected as one of the 12 Bayer Young Environmental Envoys, you will have the unique experience of enriching your knowledge about the environment through a live-in BYEE Eco-Camp to be conducted by environmental experts to be held at an eco-friendly venue in the Philippines in August 2012.

The top four BYEEs will represent the country and join youth delegates from 17 other countries on a weeklong all-expense paid study tour of Germany on November 4-9, 2012. The tour will provide first-hand experience on how environmental protection is practiced by people, government and industry in a country that leads in technology and environmental awareness.

Who are eligible? Click here to find out.

All applications must reach Bayer by March 9, 2012
Please download the application form. Please send applications and requirements to:  
Via email at
Or via postmail to: 
Corporate Communications Dept.
Bayer Philippines, Inc.
Cecilia Araneta Yulo Avenue
Canlubang Industrial Estate, Calamba City, Laguna 4028
Download Contest Poster here.
Application Form here.

About Kalongkong Hiker

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4 Responses to The Search for the 2012 BAYER Young Environmental Envoy – Philippines is ON!

  1. jhessa marie says:

    I will be joining this program to help my country and promote good environmental factors to the whole world, I hope i will be qualified.


  2. Layinka says:

    I think it is important NOT to forget the past and present of many pharmaceutical companies.
    Or should I say the few pharmaceutical companies that are standing today. Bayer AG was founded in Germany in 1863. Bayer became an important actor in the second world war experimentations on all those that were deemed useless by the Nazi. The majority of those found guilty never received a sentence or received one that did not match their horrendous actions. We are young, we need to work but remember what organisation you are working for.
    Thanks for sharing. xx Layinka


    • Paolomer says:

      That’s a good history you got there Layinka. I appreciate your comments, let’s hope that the contestants will take note of that and research on the history of our environment and those pharmaceuticals that hep save our Mother Earth. Kudos! I added your site to my blogroll please add mine.


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