Ilocano Short Film: BATTLE | Twigs and Stones

Friday is Nerf War Day

You call me a frustrated soldier, a soldier wannabe, a toy gun addict or whatever but my childhood has full of memories in terms of kids games and one of them is playing with guns. Unlike today kids don’t remember or worst don’t know our traditional or cultural games anymore like the “patintero“, “piko“, “luksong-tinik“, hide & seek etc. Maybe because of  the influences of high-tech gadgets where they prefer playing Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Halo up to iPad‘s and Android’s Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies etc.

Oh boy, they miss the fun and excitement of real social games that I experienced before. It just happened that I am planning to write a blog child physical  or social games of yesterday when I stumbled upon on the video clip that I will be featuring for this blog. This reminds me of the fun times playing with twigs as guns sometimes stones for grenade or flash bangs with my childhood friends, older guys and even girls in our very own wide battlefield the graveyard of the Town’s Public Cemetery.

Shotpoof Productions Cast & Crew

Without further ado, please watch the first Ilocano short file (I’m not sure if this is really the first ever Ilocano short film though) uploaded by Roland Arnedo. A video release by Shotpoof Productions. As return favor to them please subscribe to their channel. Thank you very much to you guys, you made my day and I got inspiration to blog about this. Hope you enjoy this short film and spread the word. Ciao!

Wait there’s more!

Watch out for the Part 2 of Twigs & Stones

See Trailer below:

Stay tuned!

Naimbag nga aldaw yo amin – Good morning everyone!

Source: Shotpoof Productions | YouTube

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4 Responses to Ilocano Short Film: BATTLE | Twigs and Stones

  1. Joshua says:

    thank you sir for the blog! we appreciate it very much!


  2. khanto says:

    hahahaha, parang asiong salonpad ang peg! lols


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