The Merrell Adventure Run 2012 New Race Route & Obstacles

June 2011: We Survive 10K! With Running Buddy RodelR & Me.

One of the running event that I really waited this year is this run. Like what I said on my previous blogs about Merrell Adventure Run I will definitely join this again which without a doubt did and guess what I added more 11K this year compared to my last years 10K adventure run which I survive and so tomorrow June 2, 2012 I will definitely conquer 21K run on the rugged side with my running buddies Josh and Jep.

Added to the excitement to this years adventure are the new race routes, they added obstacles by putting more fun. I was able to grab photos from the race organizer and Adrenaline Multisport Group Race Director Thumbie O. Remigio and some of their teaser videos. See slide show and videos below:

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This would be our 2nd trail run event in a row this month we just finished Nature‘s Trail Discovery Run – Leg 1 held at Tanay, Rizal and we were accredited by PTRA as members for being the top 100 finishers. That’s nice and what an accomplishment for us back there.

I will definitely will not miss a chance to swim on this water falls going to the finish, on this run I intended not to bring my hydration pack as it it tested that there are water stations until the finish. I can say this because last year I didn’t drink all the water in my hydration bladder. The water is ice cold as well, how cool is that.

Final Updates from Merrrell Adventure Run Community Page:

Date and Venue: June 2,2012 at Timberland Heights, San Mateo, Rizal

Transportation going to Timberland:

 1. Merrell Adventure Run Shuttle pick up(to those who availed of the shuttle service via our Concept Stores):

2. Shuttle pickup location: Market! Market! Global Bus Terminal Area.

3. Shuttle Pass distributed are numbered according to the respective bus.

4. Buses are identified with Merrell Adventure Run logos

5. No Shuttle Pass, No Ride policy. Same bus will be availed going back to Market! Market!

6. Bus departure schedule: 4:00AM. (Market!Market to Timberland)

7. Bus departure schedule: 10:30AM. (Timberland to Market!Market!)

If straight to Puregold, San Mateo:

1. Merrell Adventure Run marked Jeepneys are available for the runner’s transportation

2. To avail, either be in Merrell Adventure Run singlet or show your BIB No.

3. No fee. The ride is for FREE.

4. Jeepney departure schedule: 4:00AM, 4:15AM, 4:30AM (last trip).

How to get to Timberland Heights:  Kindly see link.

Assembly time: Everyone, regardless of the category, is expected to be in Timberland Heights at 5:45AM. Gun start are as follows: 21K – 6:00AM, 10K – 6:10AM, 5K – 6:20AM

All racekits are released to the respective Merrell Concept Shops.

Race Route:

1. Various exciting challenges are prepared for all runners throughout the race trail. Please be advised that marshals  and medics are available to guide and assist the runners in the trail.

2. There is an option, particularly in our waterfall obstacle should it become too challenging for the runners to do. Marshals will be there to give guidance and assistance in these obstacles as well.


1. Finisher kit includes the shirts per category as well as stubs and other goodies from Merrell Adventure Run partners.

2. Finisher’s medal – top 50 runners from the 5K and 10K categories will get their medals while all 21K finishers will get their own medals.


 1. Outdoor unisex shower, portalets and dressing areas areas are available.

Traffic Advisory:

 1. There is an ongoing water maintainance of MWSS along Delos Santos Road and Kambal Road.


 1. We have limited slots, parking stubs is on a first-come first-served basis.

For more info visit:
Photo and video credits: Sir Thumbie O. Remigio and Adrenaline Multisport Group.

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