Swimming: The Perfect Cross Training Work Out for Runners

On my previous blogs, I write about Swim 101 and this time I want to share what I learned about swimming and how it became the perfect cross training for your land activities such as running, basketball etc. In running it help me with cardiovascular exercise without too much pounding on my legs so I has fresh legs on race day.

It works for me though I have no running coach in some sort I just read it from Magazines and running web  sites. Continue to read and start a healthy and active lifestyle with me!!!

Olympic Size Pool at Ultra (Philsports Arena), Pasig City

Swimming is good exercise (that’s obvious). Swimming is a lifetime sport that benefits the body and the person! But what is it that makes swimming good, specifically? That depends on what you are trying to carry out.

Swimming is a healthy activity that can be continued for a lifetime, and the health benefits swimming offers for a lifetime are worth the effort it takes to get to the swimming pool. It works practically all the muscles in the body (if you do a variety of strokes). Swimming can develop a swimmer’s general strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance. It does not help with bone density – you need a weight bearing exercise for that – but that is about all that is missing from what swimming could do for your fitness.

Regular swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardio-vascular fitness. It can serve as a cross-training element to your regular workouts. Before a dryland workout, you can use the pool for a warm-up session. Swimming with increasing effort to gradually increase your heart rate and stimulate your muscle activity is easily accomplished in the water. After a land workout, swimming a few laps can help you cool-down, move blood through your muscles to help them recover, and help you relax as you glide through the water.

There are other psychological benefit to swimming, if you allow it to occur. Relax and swim with a very low effort. Let your mind wander, focusing on nothing but the rhythm of your stroke. This form of meditation can help you gain a feeling of well-being, leaving your water session refreshed and ready to go on with the rest of your day.

Swimming does exercise almost the entire body – heart, lungs, and muscles – with very little joint strain. It is great for general fitness, just not a great way to drop excess pounds.

My day 2 of Swimming Lesson

To my PH friends, relatives and love ones, I am doing swimming lessons with a friend and he’s my personal swim coach for now. Olympic Size swimming is located Philsports Arena or Ultra, Pasig City, it is where we swim. Entrance fee is Php60.00 per person, bring your swim wear (i.e. swim trunks), goggles, towel etc. For the schedule: TBA upon request, haha. Please leave a message on the comments box below if your interested. Let’s swim now or forever hold your peace. Haha! 😀

About Kalongkong Hiker

I am Paolo Mercado for 20 years I've been riding a bike, walking a lot and running a lot. I am Kalongkong Hiker, a trail runner, mountaineer and a biker that can also write a blog of my travels, adventures and places that I visited through walking, running and biking. I write to encourage others to stay healthy and fit. #KeepOnRunning #ShareTheRoad #KalongkongHiker
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12 Responses to Swimming: The Perfect Cross Training Work Out for Runners

  1. Jane says:

    I’ve been looking for a swimming lesson or at least a coach/trainor near our office (pasig) during saturday afternoon.. hope you could help on this (at least refer)


  2. boodles says:

    Magkano po yung rate ng coach? is it per session or may monthly? May marerecommend ba kayo na coach?


  3. Ryan says:

    Magkano po ba monthly dito?may trainer po ba?


  4. Randolph Apostol says:

    Hi there, Meron Po Ba Yan Classes Yung Pang Gym Lang? Magaling na po Kasi Akong Swimmer kaso di ako makapunta sa mga pool at beach araw araw, gusto ko sana siyang gawin workout to lose weight and to strengthen my lungs, may mga trainer di ba doon? How much po?


  5. ARey says:

    How much po yung sa personal trainer fee? thanks…


  6. Me says:

    Can I wear board shorts?


  7. Isko Pulandit-Kazumi says:

    How do I get there? And when I get there, which entrance do I take? What are the hours and days the pool is open? How many swimmers per lane? What are the showers like (drum at tabo) or shower na may dumadaloy na tubig? Malinis ang kubeta?


    • Use google map to go there (PhilSports Arena, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines) and it is opened from Tues to Saturday 8am to 4:30pm. I’m not sure about the lane but I think it has 8 or 10 lanes. Showers its good no tabo and no drum. It’s the typical shower. Malinis din ang kubeta. Hope tho see you there.


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