Review: Runner’s World PH Running Clinic 06/05/2012 (Ultra)

After 3 weeks from my first running clinic, I’m back again in Ultra with my 2nd clinic with Runner’s World Philippines and still Monica Torres conducted the training and she talks about nutrition, proper hydration, some running tips, pre-race and post-race meals etc.

Jump High Training @Trend Micro

I’m lucky because I still have time to join again this June 5, 2012 Running Clinic in spite of having a busy 2 weeks Jump High Training in my IT work at Trend Micro. Well, I need to sweat it out because the said training squeezes my brain and I need to de-stress a bit haha.

I arrived late at Ultra still coming in there is worth it. I immediately change clothes and you will notice that I wear basketball jersey and not my running gear well I came here to listen to Monica’s topic then warm up a bit then play hoops later. Oh yeah, basketball is my first love when it comes to sports haha next to running and hiking.

 After changing clothes, I was in a hurry and my heart is pounding because I’m too excited to see Monica Torres again, I join them at the oval for the dynamic warm ups and she added variations like step slide, cross legs (it’s like your dancing ballet, haha) and many more. Too bad I can’t remember all the drills anymore because of my technical training and I didn’t bother writing it but I really enjoyed that night doing the drills, you know why? Well, my partner to that drills is no other than the Editor-In-Chief herself Ms. Marie Calica, at first I didn’t notice her until Josh said it to me hey that’s Marie the Editor. It is getting excited and I am all smiles but I am serious with the drills not that a camera is pointing at me but I am really getting serious on my running this year.

I would like to share some pictures that I grab from Runner’s World Philippines Facebook Page photo album below, enjoy and hope that you join their future running clinics. Thanks to Runner’s World Philippines for the great photos and I will treasure this forever, haha.

Monica demonstrating step-slide drill | I can actually use this in basketball, iLike

I can’t remember why me and Josh are laughing haha.

I remember now, it’s the Pam Pam Pam like Pac Pac Pac Boom of Manny Pacquiao for the feet.

We are still listening to Monica and what to do.

Gotcha! Look who’s on my left? Can you guess?

High Knees drills: Hint: I’m with the Editor-In-Chief of Runner’s World Philippines magazine

I dunno if this is butt kick or sprint haha. Do you know her already?

Oh yeah, do you think you can dance? Help can anyone tell me what drill is this!

We are getting instructions to run 5 rounds starting from slow, medium, moderate and fast with time intervals.

 Me and Josh lead the pack again with this 5 rounds runs doing the easy run, medium to moderate and race speed but I must say that my calf muscles give in and Josh is 50 meters away from me to finish it first. I need to have muscle endurance training for this huhu. We take 5 minutes and wait for the others and then Monica told us to run 3 more rounds at the oval doing the same easy, moderate fast with increasing time intervals. I started strong again but finished weak and I tend to do the race walk and I almost get lazy at the end of last round because I get worried of getting leg cramps. After that 3 rounds of running, we had a water break again and we hid back to the bench for the Nutrition tips by Monica.

Monica started with her trainings in triathlon and why nutrition is very important. She discusses the proper nutrition, when to eat and how much load of carbohydrates, protein etc. Not to mention, the very importance of rehydration to every runners. Here she discusses, pre-race meals, carbo loading and of post-race meal for quick recovery.

We are ready to hear the Nutrition tips of Monica Torres.

Here’s what I remember, you should eat your full meal 12 hours before your big day then eat light meals 2 hours before your race. During race, it’s good to have energy gels, the great importance of proper hydration, they always say to rehydrated before, during and after the race to replenish the bodily fluids and minerals that your body lost.

She said, drinking water when doing a 30 minutes work out or race is okay, while drinking carbonated water like Gatorade‘s Propel, Pocari Sweat for an hour of running and then sports drinks like Gatorade, Powerade for a 2 hours and above of work out or running to replenish the lost fluids, electrolytes, potassium, magnesium and other minerals of our body during the activity, this is to avoid some injuries, leg cramps etc. It is not called fuel drinks for nothing if you don’t know the very importance of this. Now, you know! Haha!

The sponsors.

She also mentioned the common mistakes of not having the proper hydration and tips in getting water from the water stations, if I could remember it right, she said to go to the last line or table and then signal the race Marshall that you are ready to get the glass of water and then while running pinch the cup to easily sip the water, well I never thought about it, thanks for that I will try that next time so that I don’t have to abruptly stop running just to get water in water stations. She also give us information about GU Gels and trail food like raisins and bananas. I bring raisins with me when I run and it is a good endurance food and for my trail food I always bring Jiggle’s jelly ace, it’s a long stick jelly.

The last topic that I could remember is her topic about post-meal and why it is the key to quick recover. While she is discussing, she keep on mentioning that she is hungry, haha, me too. The key to quick recovery is to eat light meal just eat anything after 30 minutes of finishing the race. You are maybe bloated and don’t have the urge to eat but you need to eat really according to her to recovery quickly and then after an hour try to get a full meal and then rest. There is also a reason why we need to eat but I can’t remember it already, I will try to ask Monica via Twitter or I will have her comment on this blog haha.

That’s it, Q&A portion is next, on the picture above, the woman beside me asked a question about gaining more weight and everybody laughs at her because while others is running to shave off fats she actually wanted to gain more, haha, funny but she is damn serious, it depends on your goal really. After the Q&A we are given a back issue of Runner’s World Philippines mag and Monica Torres herself is the cover and a pack of Iberet Multivitamins + Iron (4 tablets).

I actually clap on the question and listened to Monica’s answer. The answer is to eat more proteins and carbs.

Thank you very much Runner’s World Philippines for the magazine and vitamins until next time. I actually really want to have this copy I’ve been looking for it in magazine stores, Fullybooked, National Bookstore but I can’t find it, good thing I got it here, many thanks really Team Runner’s World Philippines.

Going back, can you guess who’s that beautiful, athletic woman beside me on the drills above? If your answer is Marie Calica, yes you are right, I’m surprised that she is athletic like Monica and I can’t believe that I buddy up with her that night on our drills, a really great memory to remember in my running life. She’s really cool, friendly and easy to get along with. Wish to run with her again! Thanks Marie and Monica until the next  running clinic.

The Runner’s World Philippines Editor-In-Chief (Marie Calica)

Before we bid goodbye to each other, we took a group picture, while me grab my Runner’s World mags latest issue including the one that they gave me to have it signed by Ms. Marie Calica herself and to Monica. I didn’t miss the chance to have a photo opt with them also.

Josh too had a photo opt with Marie Calica.

Then the three of us, of course.

Another one please.

Then with Monica Torres, our coach, my coach.

This one is a behind the scene shot. Thanks Runner’s World PH

Finally, 3IsGreaterThan1 pose with Monica. Me and Josh are lucky to have a picture with the 4th Time Filipina Elite Triathlete Champion.

A closer look. Paolo, Monica and Joshua is the new 3isgreaterthan1 haha.

Me and Josh at the big runner’s world magazine backdraft.

Photo Credits: Runner’s World Philippines Facebook Page

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