Review: RUNNR Lab – Running Clinic w/ Coach Edsel Vengco

RUNNR Lab presented a Free Developmental Running Clinic last June 10, 2012 at U.P. Diliman at AS Parking Lot (in front of Palma Hall) where U.S. Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist Coach Edsel Vengco conducted the proper running technique, training tips, drills, strengthening and so much more like answering questions from runners who attended the said running clinic.

I woke up early and started to run from Batasan Hills to U.P. Diliman to go straight at the running clinic because this is for free. I hurriedly registered because the talk is already started. Upon registration, I was given a drink stub, a gift certificate to any RUNNR Lab products worth Php 500 and a free check up on your body fats, flexibility etc.

On this running clinic I learned new things, new knowledge about running and new running pattern which I’m excited to share. If last May 15, 2012 I learned that dynamic warm up exercises are most effective than static exercises for a pre-race or pre-work out routine and June 5 I learned about nutrition and hydration, this time I learned about race-walk-run as an efficient way and injury free of finishing a race. Yeah you heard it right, running is not all about running the entire race, you can also walk, in fact we need it as we run as Coach Edsel said to give your leg muscles to recover a bit and to push-off strong.

What is race-walk-run method?

The Race.Walk.Run Method is a technique that I developed to help sustain running in the Philippines. Running is and will always be considered a high impact sport where the runner has to endure as much as 6 times his body weight – with only 1 leg supporting all this. Racewalking on the other hand, has a double support phase where 2 legs are always supporting the body and forces remain within 2.5 times one’s body weight.

Race.Walk.Run Method as shown by Coach Edsel Vengco

Racewalking also allows the used or in some cases over used running muscles to rest. This, done in an interval manner, allows the runner to constantly increase his or her running pace helping the runner achieve a better time.

“According to Coach Jeff Galloway, pioneer of the Run-Walk Method, a runner will be able to go faster by slowing down and run more mileage by walking. This technique has been tried and tested in the US for over 30 years, the Philippines can take not only take note of this but develop this into a more innovative manner.” – Coach Edsel Vengco

To know more about Coach Edsel Vengco and his Racewalking method click here.

After the lecture, there is a mini raffle, I didn’t won but it’s still okay. They raffled Brooks Run Happy singlet, CEP cap, dri fit shocks etc. We did some running drills afterwards which I am already doing so I was kinda boring, is there any new trick here? ha ha 🙂 I still participated on this drills even if I was looking for more advance drills to do in the future. After the running drills that we did, they formed 2 groups, 1 group will go with Coach Edsel to do race walk run in the UP Track Oval and the other will group will do the run.

I prefer joining Coach Edsel to learn his Race.Walk.Run method and I was not in the mode of tempo run because just like I said came from home running down to here. Every else join Coach Edsel in his method while 11 or less wanted to run the new race route of U.P. Diliman that includes uphill.

We are waiting for the group to start their run but their group did a static exercise first before running which I said to myself oh no, it’s wrong, did you even listen to coach awhile ago in doing dynamic exercise before running or work out. Remember we just did the Butt kicks, high knees, lunges and all that and we are all ready to run.

Coach demonstrating 2 to 3 minute quick leg stretching.

Leg swing side to side to exercise your quads.

No need for the static basketball like stretching here and there before running. I was not the only one recognized it but coach as well. So he asked the running group that we are going to run first before them and then he again re-iterate dynamic over static warm ups. Static stretching exercise is really good for post-race and during cool down.

Me and my free Gatorade haha.

We run in normal pace and coach is still able to give some pointers and share his experiences about his method. He even notice the slope road of UP track oval that oftentimes prone to over pronation of one foot. We did 5 minutes run 2 minutes walk an interval in a conversational pace. Then at the half of the track oval Coach Edsel showed us the race walk form and I easily copied it and in fact I enjoyed it so much that I was able to sprint walking and left the group. I heard Coach saying that I was able to do it correctly.

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After the moment with Coach Edsel we waited for others and then close the running clinic with a static exercise or what I call cool down exercise for a quick recovery .

Thank you very much RUNNR Lab for this free running clinic and free Gatorade, GC and check up. Looking forward for more running clinics in the future. God Bless RUNNR Lab!

RUNNR Official Website visit:
Images courtesy of RUNNR Lab Facebook Page.

Watch out for my next running clinic review of the Skechers Go-Run Philippines: Running Essentials with Michelle Estuar and Team Titans.

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