Review: Running Essentials with Michelle Estuar (Trinoma)

Last June 23, 2012 at the 4th Level of Trinoma, Skechers Philippines and  Skechers GoRUN held Running Essentials with Michelle Estuar where I attended and learned so much. I will tell you all the details that I can remember from this Advanced Level of training. Yes, that’s correct the lessons that I learned from this made me re-think my running program, training and planning.

To begin with, I arrived at the venue and signed in for the attendance and representatives from approached us and have us register to their website to get a Php 250.00 and a Php 500.00 worth of gift check from Skechers that you can use in any Skechers GoRun shoes, a food and drink stub.

Zalora Philippines Booth

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Then I have to wait for about 30 minutes but the wait is worth my time because at the beginning it already gives us the pure energy coming from the speaker/trainer herself and no other than Michelle Estuar.

The running clinic started, they introduced Michelle Estuar and she started with introducing herself and her achievements in running and the injuries related incidents during races. She then started her presentation with a numbers game.

She asked for 10 volunteers and I am proud to say that I am the very first one to raise my hand and I don’t even know what to do yet and what I am up to, haha. After completing the 10 runners, let the game started, we’ve been given a piece of paper and a pen.

That’s me hanging on to the last few questions/rounds for the win. lols!

The game is about providing the closest number to every questions until only One (1) player is left. Sample question is “What was Oprah‘s Marathon Time” where I answered 3:59:59 and Oprah’s official time was 4:29:15. There are 10 questions, in each question, players with farthest answer will be eliminated. In each question I got the closest answer and never been eliminated, one good thing about reading a lot running is paying off I believe because all the questions are based on facts and real running events and I couldn’t believe that I won that opening game, oh yeah, I did win it and the sample question above is the bonus question that I could remember.

They gave me a Skechers Resistance Runner shirt I thought they will be giving me a pair of shoes haha, actually all of the volunteers received a shirt, so everybody is a winner. I’m just happy because it’s my first time to win in a quiz show, haha at least.  🙂

After that fun and nerve racking game, just kidding, Michelle then started with her slide that Running is Not a Guessing Game, her concept is:

1. No Estimating Involved. Everything has to be precise.
2. There’s is no such thing as luck. Only Hard Work and Patience.
3. Having a “No Choice” is NOT a reason. You control your destiny.

Then followed by running basics that she will call S.A.F.E. According to her the are the Basic Necessities you need to  know to produce SAFE running experience.

1. Have a solid START.
2. Learn how to ADAPT.
3. Then you can be FREE from injury.
4. Learn to run EFFECTIVELY.

But she added, “To run, you should be SAFER.” The R is when you learn how to run SAFE then you will achieve RESULTS.

The New Running Essentials Advanced Formula – SAFER

After introducing this basics, she then asks what is our Goal, why we are running or do we even have one. She then shared with us the following quotes, that differentiate a dreamer, a worker and a achiever.

A Vision without Action is merely a dream. (Dreamer)
Action without Vision just passes the Time. (Worker)
Vision with Action can change the World. (Achiever)

Coach Iron Mitch also discusses Skechers GoRun shoe, a mid-foot strike shoe which allows you to move like a wheel and some points with a minimalist touch where in 66% feet is closer to the ground, a lightweight shoe with Resalyte cushion, with sensory impulse and responsive flexibility.

Skechers GOrun is designed to give you a more natural running experience and to allow you to interact with and respond to practically any surface, while at the same time offering the additional benefit of Resalyte™ cushioning. Skechers GOrun features M-Strike™ technology which fosters a
mid-foot strike and GOimpulse sensors for enhanced sensory feedback.

  • Promotes a mid-foot strike.
  • Impulse sensors isolate points of contact to deliver sensory feedback.
  • Radically lightweight with just enough Resalyte™ cushioning to protect on practically any surface.
  • Brings you closer to a barefoot experience AND provides impact protection.
  • High-abrasion rubber at strike points for extra stability and traction control.

5 Common Mistakes that runners  do and the fix according to Michelle Estuar:

1. Slouching, leaning back with tense shoulders.
– Instead your upper body should be straight but forward tilted.

2. Chicken wings or arms swaying sideways with clenched fists.
– Your arms should be 90 degrees and swings forward and back.

3. Knees are extended beyond the body
– Good push off, better strike and stride and it should be just below the body and not bending.

4. Loud feet.
– Run quietly, let feet touch the ground softly and lightly, feet must land directly below the center of the body and slightly bent.

5. Wrong footstrike.
– Good strike and you will run strong, so try mid-foot.

Unlearning this common mistakes, you will evolve as a runner, you will be running more efficient given energy output is less that will take you longer and thus endure and eliminate injuries as I mentioned above. Trust me after this running clinics it changed it all. That’s why I am so blessed to ever attend it and it’s really worth of my time.

After the lecture its time for the hands-on oh no feet-on rather haha as we do some drills that will increase strike rate and stride length and say goodbye to old running form and to be a mid-foot strike runner.

Drills to increase Strike Rate:
1. Out-in, In-out (3 sets 20/leg)
2. High knee, Heel kick
3. Skipping, alternate Right-to-Left (3 sets 20 skips/leg)
4. Superset; Quick feet / Jog sequence (3 sets 60 seconds)

Drills for longer Stride Length:
1. Lunges
2. Squats
3. Combo: Squat-Lunges (Advanced)

After the drills, we run around the mall and Michelle checks all of us if we are now running on mid-foot strike and the result is quite fantastic because all of us is doing it right according to her.

Then we did the final 2 rounds outside the mall at the Trinoma Garden back to the venue and we take a break, bananas were provided along with Vitamilk and 100 Plus and we took group pictures and the staff took it and videotaped us and all of us shouting “Running Essentials Trinoma Batch One (1)”.

With Coach Michelle Estuar during our break, me drinking Vitamilk.

This running essentials is brought to us by Skechers Philippines, Vitamilk Philippines, 100 Plus,, and ZALORA Philippines with Coach Michelle Estuar and Team Titans. Thanks you so much and until next Running Essentials!

Coach Iron Mitch and the Team Titans

Running Essentials Trinoma Batch 1

Running Essentials Trinoma Batch 1 – “We are batch One”

Some post activity photo opts:

With Sir Val aka GreenEyes

Finally with Michelle Estuar before I left and heed home.

With the very fast Coach Mherl

Skechers Poster Running Post with Coach Mherl

[Michelle Estuar and the gang striking a lovely running pose. Sir GreenEyes without his famous hair dress.]

Photos courtesy: Skechers Philippines, Thanks to Zalora.PH and Skechers PH for the GC. Special thanks to Michelle Estuar for conducting this great event and helping runners like me to have the proper base training.

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