Race Review, Discussions & Results: Run for Light 2012

I have a feeling that rain or shine this run for a cause will push through so I slept early and no worries. I set my alarm 3AM and I woke up with the help of the snooze of my cellphone. Thanks to the technology of mobile phones today and we have an instant alarm clock where you can choose a tone, music or wake up sound of your choice.

Complimentary race kit courtesy of race organizers.

I already prepared my running gear last night and all I need is to take a bath and I’m ready to go. I arrived early at Edsa Guadalupe and took a cab because it is raining already and I’m gonna be on time but here’s the dilemma, taxi driver don’t know where is the freaking Mind Museum building and I don’t know either and the idea is to ask guards around BGC so we did, they said to go to Burgos Street, taxi driver said “Where is that?’, duh, you’re supposed to be the expert in navigating the Metro not me because I hired you, right, so second idea of him is to follow where the runners is coming from I wasted like 10 to 15 minutes here and we took about 5 minutes on the traffic because the Run for Light is on going. I’m also going to run can I get of the cab and run already but I didn’t. I keep my head cool and said that I will catch up at least on the last flock of runners.

Stiftung Solarenergie thanks the runners for running rain or shine.

I left my bag at the package area for the first time because I have no choice, all my running gears and my basketball uniform, basketball shoes and extra clothes are with me. I started 20 minutes late and funny thing is race marshals thought I finished and I said no I’m still starting. Even though I wanted to catch up early, I started slow then gradually picking up pace, I can see the last tail of the 10K runners so I was quite happy. I can’t remember how many right turn, left turn and U turn race signals I ran into all I did is run, run and run.

The Silentpal at the start/finish line. lol

It is still raining heavily and drinking water is not the first thing that came into my mind, in fact I had with me a running belt with water bottle in it but no water yet. Though, I have my camera with me I am hesitant to take a picture because it’s not water proof and it is still raining really hard, good thing no strong winds. Race marshals at the water stations are so kind but I had to pass I had to bring my A game to catch up the last pack of 10K runners.

At the 5K mark, that’s the time I decided to stop for a while and fill my water bottle so I did and started running slowly again drinking water to hydrate myself. Even if it is raining you can’t tell if you hydrated or not. Rain can actually fool you that you’re not hydrated but you are. Finally, I can see runners at the last U-turn of the 10K route and I was quite happy because I can still run like a horse and can continue to do so and it was an impressive overtake because I get to pass 10 persons having said that I am 20 minute late from start.

The hardest part is to last 1KM mark where I overtake 2 women but sad to say that we are lost along the way because we’re suppose to be 200 meters of 100 meters away I think but we reach a dead-end bus terminal of BGC so we had to find our way back. I can’t believe that race marshals leave their post near the finish line knowing that there still runners and the race markers were also gone with the wind. On my watch it could have been a best PR of my 10K run of 48 minutes but sadly it became 54 minutes though I wasted 6 minutes there and it was not happy at all.

Stiftung Solarenergie’s equipments for sale.

This is supposed to be my best 10K run after a year of running half marathon but that spoiled it all. Next time, make sure not to leave your post and coordinate with your fellow race marshals if there is no runners anymore at the race route. Nevertheless, the overall race experience is still great as this is well-organized and they have enough hydration. Though no loot bags nor finisher shirts were given it’s still okay because all proceeds will be given to the foundation and hopefully beneficiaries of this solar gadgets will enjoy their free solar lights and charge their cellphones without having to hike or run 3kilometers to reach a charging station where they pay Php10.00.

A thumbs up to the race organizers.

When I finished the race, all I saw is the awarding and e-yellow pages are giving away freebies, a retractable fan, a pen, a baller ID and a copy of juice.ph pamphlet. Thanks! I took a picture of the different solar equipment and the highlight is the made in Philippines race car that run by a pure solar panel, don’t know the exact details, anyone? Share it here.

With Coach Igeh Lopez My favorite trail runner.

Me and the Solar Car Made in the Philippines.

Front view of Solar Car made by Pinoys

Special Thanks to Stiftung Solarenergie for giving me a complimentary Race Kit and this is the first ever free race kit that I get as a blogger and I really, really, really appreciate it. More power to your foundation and hope you accumulated enough funds for your cause. Looking forward to support your future causes and projects. Great job StS Project Team and Race Organizers. You too can help visit Solar Energy Foundation Official Website for more info.

Winners and finishers at Nathan Hydration booth.

For Race Results click here, and you can also share photos here and here’s mine click here.

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