Mt. Batulao Revisited – Day Hike Traverse (Sept 21, 2012)


It’s been 3 years since the last time I climb Mt. Batulao and stayed overnight with fellow Trenders who love outdoors, I was a newbie back then well kinda getting back to hiking or climbing again after college life. In fact it was my second climb with this group that year. It was fun and memorable to me. I was still slim, long hair and not yet fully aware of LNT principles and Mountaineers creed until I get addicted to climbing. Back then no 0’dd TrEE or Team L.O.S.T. yet just plain fun climb with my co-workers to get away from the stressful IT/Tech. Support work. I want to share with you some pictures on that climb.

Meet the Gang. (Year: 2009) Trend Micro employees  who love outdoors.

Start of trek and I’m assigned be the sweeper. We call this “The Lazy Campers” in our Team L.O.S.T. Mountaineers haha!

I so love this picture taken by Vernise Padilla of me and the Batulao peaks.

At first, I am having fun running down the mountain through drained river crossings.

Not until I met the ascent it was like hell for me the first time.  😦 My legs feel like want to give up and my stamina is down so I took my time to climb each camp. I feel like it was the farthest mountain that I ever climb that day. When we did our day hike last Friday (Sept. 21, 2012) I was like is that it, I guess my fitness level, endurance and skill in trekking leveled up that it was almost no challenge to climb this loop now.

A not so typical mountaineer. Green cap (I miss this cap I left it at the bus 2 years ago I was asleep and forgot to check my seat) 😦 green shorts, white cotton shirt, carrying 2 tents, orange back pack and Sandugo Sandals. 🙂

Me and a good back draft. Nice!

Looking at nice view of the mountain.

Our overnight shelter.

Camp 10 “The Summit”. We ate “Halo-Halo” here I think I ordered twice haha

Enjoying halo-halo and the 360 view of the summit.

To your right is Mt. Talamitan I’m not sure ahaha.

The Killer Peak 8. Our group is going down with care.

Is this Kalongkong pose in the making?

We stop at Kuya Resting’s place and bought cans of Coca~Cola at the same time register the 2nd time around after traversing the new trail. Thanks for the cold soda and some stories that I  forgot already haha. The Nipa Hut is still there standing great.

The final group pictures. For more pictures click here:

And now, I’m proud to share with you my adventure with Brother Corleone (Vitto Emilliani Padre) where out of nowhere he just asked me to guide him to this beautiful Mt. Batulao not to stay overnight but to do a day hike traversing the mountain and go home.

Trivia: Wondering why I called him Brother Corleone to make it very brief try watching “The God Father” movies and you will know at the end of this movies the main characters are Vito & Paolo Corleone. Son’s of Don Michael Corleone who is known as godfather of all Mafia. Me and Vitto kinda embraced this brotherhood and we’ve been so closed since.

It was still dark when I arrived at the meeting place after an hour or 2
Vitto arrived. He was asleep he said haha.

The night before our trek, Vitto is texting a lot of questions and I ran out of load and didn’t replenish it. Our call time is 4am and he arrived 6am and according to him is about to call it off. Well, the wait is worth the experience that I shared with him. He is asking me if it’s better to bring his car I replied it is better to commute so that he can rest while the bus is in motion haha and based on experience you would rather seat and sleep while traveling back to Manila. Travel time is 2 hours when no heavy traffic and it get worsts when it do.

Vitto is stretching his legs because I said it’s the start of our trek already.

We arrived at Evercrest (Batulao) exactly 9am and we started our way up going to the village. Vitto wanted to stretch his leg muscles so I let him but I didn’t get to join him. I would rather do dynamic exercises than with static ones haha. We rode trike going down to the village and tried to look for a guide we paid Php 25.00 for the fare and we were drop off at the so-called short cut. It was a start of trek for 2 of us and we are still have no guide until Jeffrey gently approach us and he said “Looking for a guide? I am a guide for 5 years now”.

Meet our guide Jeffrey. Guide fee Php300.00

Vitto immediately asked him “How old are you?”, 13 years old he replied. I am pretty much sure I know the trail even though I’ve been there just once but Vitto wanted to have another person in the trail aside from me. Jeffrey, me and Vitto started our way up and traverse the beautiful Mt. Batulao. The weather is good, not so hot, not raining and it’s just so fine weather. In fact when we leave Kuya Resting’s place, fog coming from the mountain quickly covered Mt. Batulao after I took pictures of the mystique view in about 2 or 3 minutes.

I will show you how our day hike looks like with the pictures that I took using my camera.

Don’t change the mountain, let the mountain change you.

Before we go on any further we strike a pose. On our background is Batangas outback.

We haven’t really started our hike at the mountain but it’s mud everywhere at the village.

This is One Love! We found love in Mountain hiking. Showing our appreciation at the 3rd river crossing.

Vitto’s first assault at the summit. He was kinda hesitant not until I climbed through it without using the rope.

Finally, we reached the summit.

Vitto’s first ever summit at the top of Camp 10. He is looking through the 360 view of Mt. Batulao.

Manong Resting’s and his Php25 worth Mountain Dew’s. LOL!

We stop at Manong Resting’s house and ate our late lunch and had some conversations and kinda interviewed Manong about the accident happened in Peak 8. He said that 80% of mountaineers vanished and caused an aftermath that their source of income depleted and it’s good to know that it is getting better again, hopefully people forget about it.

No one can really tell how the first time hiker died but one thing is clear, its a human error and that she is leading the trek according to Manong when the accident happened, she maybe misstep and fall behind the big rocks that caused her death. He also mentioned that he personally recovered the body at the cliff and bring it down to the village. May she rest in peace and be with our God Almighty.

So to speak, to all mountaineers, beginners and individuals wanted to start climbing let’s not be scared about this tragic death but rather be more careful and fully aware on what’s going on our surroundings be it on the mountain or in the city, accident do happen when you least expect it. Let’s be positive about all our day to day activities and always pray for our safety.

Vitto’s last glimpse of Batulao view and he bids good bye! Hello vice-danda (see the brown horse at the right?)

When we leave Manong Resting’s Nipa Hut fogs immediately covered the mountain peak. This is taken 2 or 3 minutes after I took a last shot when it was still clear.

This is the photo of Peak 8 before fogs covered it.

I really thanked God for having a great weather that day and Vitto’s first time climb is memorable and success. He said that if it is raining we might abort our day hike so I prayed to have a good weather and it was just as we expected. Its not to sunny or hot and no rain fall that day. The bonus factor is that I got to feel the cold breeze of the fogs that covered the peaks but it is scary though because it’s like twister coming down chasing you haha.

Our final stop and rest is at the Ate’s coconut station. We bought coconut (Php25.00 each) to rehydrate and eat it, had a little conversation and hear some poems from the kids and left. After 5 to 10 minutes of rest stop we started our descent down to the village and ride a trike going down to Evercrest’s gate and took a shower paid Php20.00/pale of water. Thanks Manang by the way for the free usage of soap because none of us brought it haha.

It was still 4pm and I am suggesting to have a side trip or eat at Tagaytay but Vitto has other appointments so we decided to go home straight and we caught up in a heavy traffic jam that started at Dasmarinas and lasted at Taft, Pasay. I reached home late 10pm. Thank you Vitto and to our Dear Jesus Christ as our invisible guide for a successful climb and no harm done to us. Until the next climb! Gotta run! See you around folks!

For more pictures of our adventure click here:
Photo credits: Thanks Vernise Padilla for the pictures that I used on the start page credit is due to you.


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    >>this is inspiring to be with nature>>


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    >>gusto ko rin gawin to…sana magawa ko>> i’m excited!


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    ASTIG! hanggang ngayon hindi pa ako nkakaakyat ng Mt. Batulao..hehe


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