Cesar Garin’s Insights On Recently Concluded Europe Run 2

It’s been a month or two that I received this letter from “The Global Runner” and I wasn’t able to publish it and just stays in my draft, will I have no reasons or alibis and this time I am glad to share it with everyone. ūüôā

Cesar Guarin the “First Filipino Global Runner” personally get in touch with me when I ask him and his team about their achievements and if I can share it in here well the obvious answer is yes and they are so accommodating and if you haven’t read about that entry you can read it here. ūüėÄ

Read further to know the latest summary of the global run written personally by Cesar himself and I hope this will inspire others and help Team Cesar finish it up to the final leg. Thanks Team Cesar Guarin for this letter, Mabuhay Kayo and wish you all the best, stay healthy and be safe always! Cheers to all of your success so far! ūüôā

Hi Paolo, This is Cesar Guarin. How are you?

Here’s a summary of my latest global run stage, which was stage 6 or my Finland to England run just a month ago:

Yahoo! finally finished my Europe Run 2. I just would like to provide you additional highlight and insight to our Europe Run 2, Stage 6 of our Global Run: Alay sa Pilipino at sa Buong Mundo.

Running from Helsinki, Finland to London, England has certainly been a¬†historical¬†and spiritual experience for me¬†and my team.¬†I was often told by our kababayan host, “Cesar … you were running on a 12th century road along A34¬†to Gloucester City or¬†that building¬†across Cardiff Road was built by the Romans in the 14th century”.

The majestic landscapes and sceneries¬†of Scandinavian countries and United Kingdom were more of spiritual¬†journey to me.¬†From day¬†one¬†I felt I was running through Mother¬†Nature’s haven – you know, that intense feeling of being¬†one with nature and¬†you just want to cry.

As we go about our original route of over 2,000 kilometers from start to finish point, we decided to spend more time to connect with as much Filipino Communities along the way to be able to share our message of thanks to the Global Filipino for their heroism. We enjoin them too to help the street children in our homeland. Together, our global run and their heroism would be an expression for love of country, our people and culture. At the finish point in Westfield Stratford, London, I ended up with 1,820 kilometers, few hundred kilometers short of our target distance. However, at this point I have accumulated around 16,000 kilometers.

As a runner who loves to run on high mountains, I greatly enjoyed running from Oslo to Bergen in Norway with its cold and drizzly¬†weather in summer.¬†In the last two days towards Bergen, I thought I was going to enjoy running and then riding in the¬†support vehicle to pass through the tunnels.¬†Instead, we just drove all the way to Bergen as the roads went through¬†over 45 tunnels which made it difficult to run. The longest tunnel was¬†over 23 kilometers! I just had to run around Bergen¬†another 20 kilometers to complete that day’s run.

Since it was cold and raining most of the way, I probably burned just around 3,000 to 4,000 calories a day. I intentionally lose 14 pounds off my body weight to prepare for the Middle East Run from Kuwait to Dubai. People from UK said that this was the rainiest summer they’ve had for the past 50 years. It was good it became sunnier in London when the Olympic Games started. In Sweden too, we were told that we just experienced the coldest June they’ve had for the last 80 years while I was running for about 2 weeks in Sweden.

I think the best thing that happened at the end was that we, the Global Run Team, realized how much the Alay sa Pilipino Run meant to the Filipino communities we got connected to along the way. While they appreciated that what I was doing is a heroic thing, I thought whatever I was doing is nothing compared to their heroism.

During the entire run, I truly miss my good and loyal friend George Tan who was with me on the road as my handler for the three previous global runs. I miss him a lot every time I would see beautiful places and meet interesting people who would otherwise be his friends too. George was the kind of person who would stake his life with you on something he believes is worth dying for. I salute to George for that. I know he will always be with me in spirit as I aim to accomplish this run around the world.

Cesar. Pilipino Global Runner.

Team Cesar would like to thank the following Sponsors and Media Partners:

Follow Cesar’s Global Run and like their page at¬†www.facebook.com/Cesar.J.Guarin

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