Four (4) Importants Dates To Celebrate This Month of October!

Every year I looked forward in celebrating 3 most important events in my life during every October and this year is extra special because all the efforts I put into inspiring, motivating and encouraging people to do an active and healthy lifestyle is recognized in which I will write a separate article just for you my dear readers. Continue reading and join me as I celebrate them all through this blog. Feel free to leave a comment, greetings and feedback down below at the comments box to show your support to me haha.  😀

List down below are events/dates I celebrate this October 2012.

1.) First of, I want to tell you that on October 27th I celebrated 2 achievements already one of them is the obvious it’s my 5th year at Trend Micro as a Cloud Security Engineer. This is the day I signed up my job offer in which I am very thankful to the company because they believe in my talent and recognized my contributions as an employee, where I accomplished many things already and more to come. Thank you Trend Micro, from the Big Bosses, OM’s, AM’s, Team Leads, and fellow engineers you are not just a co-worker for me but a family. 😀

2.) Still this 27th, during the concluded Q3 Consumer All Hands Meeting in Trend Micro still with the theme of #ConsPeepsChoiceAwards yours truly is one of the nominees of the #ChoiceAthlete Award where I get award and bring home the title. Thank you again to those who voted for me and believing in my athleticism and sportsmanship.  🙂  😀

3.) Yesterday, October 28th my father turned 60 years old though I wasn’t able to go home to celebrate it with them so I greeted him through call/text he’ll probably miss me and his grand children but we just move in to a new house and we can’t afford a trip back home. He raised us to be a good man, let me and my siblings stand on our own feet and he let us fight the game called Life and here we are enjoying the perks of it. Thanks Dad!

Wishing you a healthy and more many birthdays to come my dearest father. We love you!

4.) This fourth important date is for my heart, love and family and definitely not the last reason I’m celebrating because there is still Halloween‘s eve. Haha! Today October 29th me and my wife celebrates our 4th (Fourth) Wedding Anniversary and we will celebrate it with a simple lunch date or go to a movie house or go to a theme park where our kids get to enjoy. I can say that Andrea didn’t just found me,  she changed me and love me for what I am and understands me and promised to stay with me no matter what happens. 😀I can’t book any flight yet going to a far place where me and my lovely Andrea will go together maybe in Boracay or Puerto Princesa because our kids are still young and we couldn’t leave them but in time I will surprise her. In sickness and in health, through thick and thin I will love my wife forever. Corny as it sounds but it is my idea and promise I am keeping to her. I love you My Dear Andrea Lou! You’re my precious and my Valentine!

About Kalongkong Hiker

I am Paolo Mercado for 20 years I've been riding a bike, walking a lot and running a lot. I am Kalongkong Hiker, a trail runner, mountaineer and a biker that can also write a blog of my travels, adventures and places that I visited through walking, running and biking. I write to encourage others to stay healthy and fit. #KeepOnRunning #ShareTheRoad #KalongkongHiker
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  1. Salamat sa like Angel.


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