The Bull Runner’s Trails Running 101 From The Masters

– The Team L.O.S.T. Trail Runners 3rd Leg Finishers (Dingdong, Me, A, Jep, Beth, Joelle and Ralph).

After the newly concluded Nature‘s Trail Discovery Run Final Leg held in Daranak Falls, Tanay where I finished all three legs together with 2 of my trail running buddies Jep and Dingdong and the rest of Team L.O.S.T. who joined 1 or 2 races at least of the said trilogy. Sad to say Josh didn’t run for the final leg and wasn’t included in Trail Blazers Award but still called a seasoned trail runner within months of switching from road race to trail run.

I’m still proud of him and I know he’s training hard for his 1st full marathon next year well it will be our first marathon next year because I am looking forward to get it next year too. More stories of the final leg on my next blog for the mean time I wanted to share an article that I read from The Bull Runner Magazine May-June 2012 (Trail Running Issue) entitled “Trails Running 101 from the Masters” by Edu Martinell & Iker Karrera.

They say, TRAIL RUNNING IS DIFFERENT. TRAIL RUNNING REQUIRES NOT JUST ENDURANCE, IT REQUIRES SKILL. THE APPROACH TO RUNNING ON DIFFERENT PLATFORMS REQUIRE TECHNIQUE, WHICH IS MASTERED OVER TIME, USUALLY, RUNNERS FINDS that their usual footing on road very much differs from their footing off-road, strides are usually shorter and more time is spent in looking out for rocks, roots and uneven surfaces, to maintain balance. The running pace is the trails is generally slower than concrete or asphalt running. There are a lot of difference between road and trail, and runners may take a while to adjust – but the best thing to do is be aware of these changes, listen to trail runners’ advice, enjoy nature, and realize that trail running is going to feel a bit different from road running.

Here are some trail running advise:

1. ENJOY NATURE. Trail running can be a challenge as it demands full focus every step. But sometimes it helps to stop, look back and marvel at the beauty of the natural environment. Who knows, it might just give your much needed added push.

2. THE RIGHT GEAR FOR THE RIGHT PURPOSE. Wear trail-running shoes. Different running shoes have different purposes – road running, road racing, flats, trail running, etc. It is important to wear the right shoe for the right purpose. This will avoid injuries, blisters, uncomfortable footing. Especially in long distance ultra trail running, always bear in mind that footwear is of utmost priority. One must also dress in synthetic fabric running clothes that are appropriate for the weather conditions.

3. CHOOSE YOUR TRAILS. Depending on your fitness level, there are variety of trails to choose from. Flat trails are recommended for beginners, while experienced runners can go for the hilly, challenging trails.

4. PACE YOURSELF. Don’t expect to replicate your usual road race in the trail. Trail running is usually harder on the body than road running. Go slowly but surely. Especially for beginners, plan to run a shorter distance at a slower pace.

5. BE ALERT. Keep your head up and your eyes on the trail. Be aware of rocks, branches and other ruts that you might need to jump over. After you get the hang of running in the trails, downhill running can be a blast. Be careful in going downhill. Don’t get out of control on steep downhills. Ensure that your pace is maintained to avoid early burnout. Control speed & again – always keep your eyes on the trail.

6. TRAIN FOR THE TRAILS AND MAKE IT FUN. There are a handful of workout there that gives advise on how to make you a better trail runner. Always remember to enjoy your training. Push hard, play hard. Sprint from tree to tree, Run fast up a hill and jog the backside. Enjoy every moment! You’ll learn a log about trail running in the process.

7. FIND A TRAIL RUNNING BUDDY. Have a buddy to go with you – to pace each other and to share the beautiful sights. This will greatly be a wonderful experience for you both. If running alone, make sure you give advise as to where you are heading.

8. KNOW HOW TO DRAW THE LINE WHEN IT STOPS BEING FUN. Always remember that trail running is a sport which involves endurance, skill and nature appreciation. These three cannot be compromised. When the fun aspect disappears, & becomes purely for competition, then the essence of trail running is defied. Perhaps the track will be a better environment for you instead.

Edu Martinell is a Salomon Brand Ambassador & Iker Karrera is a Salomon International Athelete. You may get a PDF copy of The Bull Runner’s Magazine here.

Special thanks to Jaymie “The Bull Runner” Pizarro for this free magazine, more power to you and hope to see you at the finish line, keep on running on the trails! Okay!

Up next my review on Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Final Leg held in Daranak Falls, Tanay.


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