My Ideal Mountain Bike in the Making

cboocar456trail-600-1New Carbon 456 Bike

It’s been months already since I am trying to build a bike back then I couldn’t decide whether I will go for a road bike or a mountain bike. Going back and forth to bike shops made me more knowledgeable about bike parts and what’s is the best in town to the best of my knowledge.

At first, I wanted to pursue my dream of doing a triathlon but then upon checking the required equipment, preparation and all it will be costly for me but still considering so I like to go for a road bike or a Tri-bike but I had to scrap it and opted to building a Mountain Bike because it is more fun in the trails and plus I am a hiker and a trail runner so it will best compliment my love to the mountains.

Stainless FrameStainless aluminum alloy frame, 9 speed Shimano Tiagra Crankset

Guess what, I decided to combine road bike components to mountain bike components to become a Hybrid Cross Country bike and I am getting excited about this. Here’s my story of my Bike Hunt!

When I first visited bike shops in Quiapo, Manila I was looking for a frame without brand name or stickers on it and in short a stainless steel/aluminum alloy frame in which I found one at Global Bike Craze store, here A and I met Zeny, bike sales woman with a smile and lot more knowledge on spare parts than me. I’ve sent her SMS as well if I wanted to check out prices and she never fails to give me discount (mostly 10%) how cool is that.

Shimano Tiagra 10 Speed Group SetShimano Tiagra Derailleur 10 speed
10 Speed Shimano cogsShimano 10 speed sprockets/cogs

After purchasing stainless aluminum alloy  frame, I started to check, research and look for a crank set what will satisfy my road rush and I love a 52 or 53 gear set luckily I found a 9 speed Shimano Tiagra (for road bike). Then I decided to stay with Shimano Tiagra Group Set for my drive train (sprockets/cogs, front and rear derailleurs, chain) for this I selected a 10 speed but upon checking on the price of its shifter (Shimano ST4600) it was a price of a one bike costs around Php6K so I had to look for an alternative and asking experts advice from in-house bike mechanics of the stores that I visited and they say that it will be compatible to a Shimano Deore XT Shifters also in 10 speed so my hope is still alive and here I changed my plan for my tires and I will be using a 26 wheel and disc brake/caliper.

 Shimano MT15 - Rear Wheel setMy rear wheel without tires. Which is better Maxxis, Kenda or Panacer?

I then bought a Shimano MT15 Wheelset without tires because I wanted to check what is best over Maxxis, Kenda and Panacer. Any thoughts about this? I need your expert or Pro advice here haha, just leave a comment below. I appreciate it if you do.

Just yesterday I bought my DDK Saddle Seat without the seat post with a lovely combination of signature colors of Trend Micro #No. 1 Antivirus and 1st in #InTheCloudSecurity (my workplace and at the same time my 3rd home, next to school and home haha). In no time, I will be testing the roads of Metropolitan Manila and nearby places.

DDK Seat

Below is a sneak peek of my hybrid bike in the making, my new baby: I will call her “Shim Tiger” but I haven’t got a name for this bike. You’ll be the one to know than my wife. LOL!

Shimano MT15 - Rear Wheel set with Stainless frame

Currently on my Bike Bucket list are the following to complete my Shim Tiger:

1. SunTour Suspension Fork
2. Amoeba Borla Handle Bars
3. Maxxis Tires and interior or Panacer
4. Seat post
5. Shimano Deore XT Shifters and chain
6. Shimano Hydrolic brakes and rotor
7. Garmin GPS gadget to watch my mileage
8. Helmet and gloves.

My next target is to complete suspension fork, handle bars, and chain and my baby will taste its first road test without the shifter, brakes etc. Watch the movie “Premium Rush” if you know what I mean, read my blog post about this movie here. Stay safe and keep on running!


About Kalongkong Hiker

I am Paolo Mercado for 20 years I've been riding a bike, walking a lot and running a lot. I am Kalongkong Hiker, a trail runner, mountaineer and a biker that can also write a blog of my travels, adventures and places that I visited through walking, running and biking. I write to encourage others to stay healthy and fit. #KeepOnRunning #ShareTheRoad #KalongkongHiker
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