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Year in Review 2As the year ends, I would like to look back and cherish the moments that I had gone through, difficulties that I resolve along the way, obstacles that I managed to overcome, the joy, fun, happiness, loneliness including sadness that I feel in this year 2012.

I would like to thank all the people who make me happy, feel important, cherished, the love that you gave and all including those enemies that I met that turned friends (if you know what I mean haha) I like to treasure them all, to all my running buddies, fellow hikers/climbers I hope to have more climbs this coming 2013 to all my office mates who share laughter, hatred, fun in the office and overtime. I again thank you so much! Hope to do the same or even more great this year. To those who hate me well I can’t blame you and I wish I could do something to fix it but you have to come out of your shell and face me please. I will never know if you spit it out. I so love 2012 and there is so much happened.

To check my activities this year, Facebook is here to help me out highlight it so I captured it one by one and see the pictures below, you can see it live on my Facebook wall here and you can get yours here

Kalongkong 1Father and Sons Reunited in #NikeWeRun Manila 2012 – Philippines

I was caught up in a surprise when my 2 siblings told me that they registered on this running event. To my envy I ended up supporting them in their run that I ended up running too (bandit in short but I didn’t dare to get water from the hydration stations or cross the finish line and I was actually influenced by Maki my pacer at the last leg of #Nature’sTrailDiscoveryRun2012.

What’s even more exciting is our father who is just working as a Foreman somewhere at Villamor Air Base came to cheer for us and support as well. Also, at the scene is my lovely sis-in-law to be Yunis. We ate lunch together after the event then go separate ways, my dad tag-along with me while the 3 go on shopping at the SM Mall of Asia that very same day. I so love running that it reunited us afar from school & work.

Kalongkong 23 Days 2 Nights Escapade in Laiya, Batangas.

Team Kilo bonding/team building/karaoke night at Punto Miguel on the first 2 days (work related break with my team mates) followed by Team L.O.S.T. meets Itin’s friends fun climb at Mt. Daguldol also in Laiya, Batangas. A 3 days and 2 nights compressed outdoor fun and misadventures at the beach, mountain and everybody’s fave part the eating of Lomi (Noodles) – doubt as the best Lomi ever in Lipa Batangas, Dingdong’s home town. Thanks!

Kalongkong 3Let Me Love You – Get Sexy Dance Concert at the Mugen Bar in Metrowalk

Though not totally synced in dance moves on my part, I still consider this my greatest break in dancing because this is not my forte, slow dance moves with emotions like this will never get in my way again, steps are scattered all over the place please stop this video now haha Am I getting old in the dancing scene, nah, I just need more rehearsal time please…

Wait there’s more, meet Carla “Cai” Doros my dance partner and the SHD Babes hit the floor in the tune of Get Sexy and go wild as they shake their booty and wave their hairs in the air to get you dancing on your feet and kick off the party.

Watch 24/7 Crew Fusion with SHD Babes here or click on the picture. Enjoy! 😀

Kalongkong 4 #ConsPeepsChoiceAwards 2012 – #ChoiceAthlete of the Year Award

Still on the same event, I won a semi-Awards night/day during Trend Micro CSS #ConsPeepsChoiceAwards for the #ChoiceAthlete of the Year via a landslide vote according to my not so reliable source haha. Thanks again to those who voted me and hope that you will be inspired in what I do, continue with healthy and active lifestyle, to those wanted to start running, biking or swimming you can approach me, follow my blog, Facebook Page Kalongkong Hiker ( and Twitter @thesilentpal. 🙂

I will continue to motivate, inspire and urge every one just like my favorite bloggers and these are the following: Filipina Elite Triathletes and blog authors of, The Bull Runner ( Jaymie Pizarro, The Jazzrunner Rene Villarta, Jeff Lo, Daves Espia, Jinoe Gavan, Gideon Lasco and a lot more. I thanked once again my running buddies and to those who believe in me.

Kalongkong 5The 1st Philippine Marathon by RunRio Inc. and Unilab Bloggers Launch

Having been invited in this biggest, first ever Philippine Marathon by fellow Ilocano/blogger and the famous Jazzrunner (Sir Rene Villarta) during the media launch and bloggers day I was able to see face to face all bloggers, running enthusiasts, running hots, Coach Rio, the VP’s of RunRio and Unilab and a gift pack from Unilab is a blast and I felt proud of what I do in terms of blogging, running and pursuing again a healthy lifestyle.

Kalongkong 6Family Day and Halloween Party at Hotel TrendSylvania

Let me take a break in running activity and focus with my family for just a night of fun at the annual Family Day event held in TrendLabs, first stop Mc Donalds Libis for lunch and take off party for kids, followed by a 2 hour free 3-D Movie “Hotel Transylvania”. Thanks to good Samaritan, friend, team mate and hoops mate Nicolo “Tsong” de Jesus for the 2 extra tickets I don’t have to buy another 2 tickets for my kids haha. We enjoyed the first 3D cinema experience but Vanining my daughter ended up watching the movie without the 3D glasses.

The last pit stop of the 1 day/night event is at TrendLabs Philippines Office in Rockwelll Business Center for our Halloween Party where my kids enjoyed Trick or Treat in each floor of TrendLabs which engineers per floor decorated and turned our work station into a Hotel Transylvania themed attractions for our family, guests, kids and friends. It’s the 3rd time of Vanining to attend this event while it’s my son Paul Jacob’s first, otherwise my family enjoyed it. Happy Halloween Everyone!

Kalongkong 7Oppa Gangnam Style with Psy’s Hit YouTube Video

A night to remember for me as I only had a 30 minute to an hour of dance rehearsal to the tune of No. 1 and Guinness Book of World Record’s most viewed hits YouTube video of Psy’s Oppa Gangnam Style to entertain TrendLabs Executive from Japan where every step and beat is fun no matter how odd is my dance steps it may look. The good thing is we enjoy this YouTube hits right? Op! Op! Op, op, op! Oppa Gangnam Style! Watch video here.

Kalongkong 8Welcome Aboard! Reporting for Duty at the Bloggers/Media Launch!

I attended this open invitation for all bloggers, photographers and running enthusiasts hosted by Greentenial (Race Organizer) called the “Philippine Coast Guard – Ready Force Run 2012 where I met Sir Saul Navarro and Ma’am Richelle of Team Soleus Philippines. Do you know Gerard Pizarra and Jan Marini of Ang TV back in the day’s well they are the well known celebrity members of the Team Soleus who’s very is active in the running community where they also attended and met them face to face, had a small talk about barefoot running and photo shoot. What is the good thing about this media launch is that it’s my first time to aboard a barge or a speed ship (sort of fighter ship at the sea) but this is equip with rescue equipment, medical instruments and gadgets, what for?, of course a rescue at sea.

After the program proper, we toured the small boat and nearby coast guard ships particularly the U.S. Naval Ship and had photo opts. It was fun and ended with a “Boodle Fight” with the Commanding Officer and Coast Guards for a late lunch with the soldiers followed by a raffle of singlets, shirts etc., where I took home a green shirt that I haven’t worn yet, it is still in my closet. Thanks PCG-Ready Force and Greentenial for the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be at the Bridge. What is that? You’re inside the ship, well watch “Battleship 2012” if you know what I mean.

Kalongkong 9

Men’s Health Urbanathlon & Festival 2012

Still a frustration because I haven’t got a chance to attend on any of Men’s Health Urbanathlon due race conflicts and other running activities. Hope next year I can join this!Kalongkong 10Kalongkong 11My First LSD (Long Slow Distance) with the Pinoy Fitness Community

For the first time, I joined fellow Pinoy Fitness running community for a monthly Long Slow Distance run which is divided in four categories: 21k @7mins/km, 21k@9mins/km, 10k@7mins/km and 10k@10mins/km, where it turned out that on my pack we are going 21k @5mins to 6mins per kilometer and how fast is that, I had to pull out of the pack and mind my own pace by the way because I couldn’t keep up with them. I hate you Elite and super fast runners haha. Just kidding! I bought my one and only PF Technical Shirt here and met a former Trender and owner of the very famous running site blog Sir Jeff Lo. The above picture by the way is included in the Maiden Issue of Pinoy Fitness Magazine where celebrity couples Drew Arellano and Iya Villaña is the cover. Don’t have a copy yet, get yours here.

Kalongkong 12Runner’s World PH – Running Clinics with Marie Calica and Monica Torres

Ever since I was dragged by my running buddy Josh “TheSwooshRunner” Tadena to train at Ultra Pasig (Philsports Arena) I also joined him in attending running clinics and here I met Monica Torrres 3 times already and had a face to face hands on experience of some running forms, exercises and the most important the difference of Dynamic versus Static stretching when starting a race or your training. I also met the Editor-in-Chief of Runner’s World Philippines no other than Marie Calica where I get a signature in all of my Runner’s World magazine and a photo opt. See the smile below, that’s magic and priceless! 🙂

Kalongkong 13Trend Micro Summer Outing at Caylabne Beach Resort

My 2nd year of rendering a dance number to all engineers, staff and executives in our annual summer outing and this time doing a 3 dance numbers with 3 quick change costumes from high school look, to K-Pop and then trade mark colors of Trend Micro the Red, Black and White outfit to a final dance number of Adele’s remix and mashup hits of 2012.

Kalongkong 14

Dancing Is More Fun With Trend Micro Executives

As a in-house dancer for TrendLabs Philippines we get to entertain for our guest from other Business Units and this time from the North America, China, Japan and Australia are here in town to share Trend Micro’s Titanium Products success and join us in our All HandsMeeting with a theme of “Racing beyond the Chequered Flag in the Velocity of Trust” where I was caught in the act and assigned to create a dance step to be followed by our executives where all participated and it was fun. It is truly impressive that every body is in tune in dancing and every body is enjoying it. I had fun and so they are. #dancing #morefuninthephilippines

Kalongkong 15Bring Back the Elementary Moments through this Old Nostalgic Picture.

Let’s reminisce the past through this picture. This is a picture of my mom sitting at the far left side smiling watching a native dance performed by if I remember it correctly 4th year students of Holy Rosary Academy now Our Lady of Manaoag College and sooner will be called Letran de Manaoag where I started feel like dancing too, though I am dancing already at home but never on public. Can you look at the little me? You will get something from me if you guess where I am located by leaving a comment below together with your name and email address. Thanks!

Year in ReviewThat’s it for my Year in Review for 2012. Hope you enjoy our journey and I know that this is not all the activities that I did, as much as I want to include it all in here I can’t and one write up is not enough to document all the happenings. Try to scroll back and read my previous blogs to catch up and read my adventures. Gotta go! Keep on Running!

Happy NEW YEAR!!!

Kalongkong Hiker | @thesilentpal 2012
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