The 1st Annual Trail Runners Award Night and Party Time

As one of the top 100 and trailblazer awardee I am too excited to receive my two additional medals or better yet a plaque or something haha, surprise me PTRA and Pimco Sporting Events please on this.

Almost everyday, I stop by and check Pimco Sporting Events Facebook Wall for the updates and today I read the good news and what I am been waiting for since last year due to the fact that the awards night was move and it will be happening in 2 weeks time.

1st Annual Trail Runners Award by PTRAPhoto by Maynard Degollacion

Philippine Trail Runners Association and Pimco Sporting Events recently announced the 1st Annual Awarding Night and Party Time on January 19, 2013 5:30pm to be held in Mandaluyong City.

Here are the details:

Tickets for the awarding night will be available only on January 10-15, 2013. You can register for the tickets (Php500.00) online or at the store registration for “Love a Tree” at R.O.X. too. Once registered you will receive in your email the ticket and program simply download the ticket sent to you by email upon payment.

Only 200 tickets will be available for the Awardees and their Guests.

It’s your awards night and party Pimco are only hosting it for us to give us the honor we deserve. Come one, come all and receive the award and bond with other runners and your guest it’s a Saturday night party celebration complete with cocktail drinks and food. This is only a once a year event, don’t miss it – Pimco Sporting Events in association with PTRA.

Top 100 Trail Runner 2012

Here is the Official List of Awardee for the Top 100 Trail Runners of the Year 2012.

This Award is given by PTRA in cooperation with Pimco Sporting Events. It is to be given every year starting 2012 trail running racing circuit. This Award is in recognition of your chosen sports Trail Running to your achievement of finishing in the top based on your best time. Just for clarification, The PTRA as the award giving body makes the rule in choosing who would be awarded the honors not Pimco. Your participation in our Races automatically listed you as members of PTRA in 2012. This is the first kind of such award given to runners and the first step in institutionalizing the sports of trail running a long way ahead and Pimco Sporting Events support this effort by PTRA to help develop the sports that promote environmental cause and protection of our natural wonders and resources.

Those who did not make it for this year 2012, you have proven yourself and you keep on running to improve your best time and become part of the annual award. As the trail running community increase in number, the number of awardee will increase to 100 per category. For the 1st batch its 50 per category. So KEEP RUNNING and make it one of your goals. See you.


TOP 50 21K
1 Simon, Polyn 1:56:56
2 Sanchez, Danilo 1:58:10
3 Intia, Willy R. 2:18:57
4 Zarate, Marlon Ponce Ian 2:21:18
5 Maynard Degallacion 2:22:09
6 Zoleta, Edwin 2:23:00
7 Mercado Nelson S. 2:24:55
8 Azañes, Mac 2:25:32
9 Magbanua, Manie F 2:29:20
10 Villamayor, Nelson S. 2:29:56
11 Combisen, Thomas K 2:31:25
12 Sumaya, Allan Jr. P 2:39:50
13 Belbes, Jesus Gerard 2:46:12
14 Oleo, Roel C. 2:51:08
15 Wong, Syril 2:52:57
16 Fabella, Jake P. 2:53:13
17 Malig Christian 2:53:49
18 Carcamo, Dennis 2:54:33
19 Bartolazo, Bien T. 2:55:48
20 Reyes, Joelle II M. 2:56:59
21 Beltran, Ryan john 2:57:10
22 Isaga, Ryan i. 2:58:44
23 Rivera, Marlon 3:01:44
24 Balugo, Camelo 3:02:03
25 Daño, Nick 3:03:30
Labra, Rolando Jr. 3:03:30
26 Guiaman, Ryan M 3:03:31
27 Roberto Hernandez Jr. A. 3:28:42
28 Nonoy Floresca 3:04:47
29 Vocal, Edgardo B. 3:04:54
30 Malagar, Leo b 3:05:51
31 Mangalip, richard Allan B. 3:07:18
32 Guidaben, Rodelyn L. 3:07:19
33 Andres, Robinson G 3:08:47
34 Tandoc, Geraldine D 3:09:19
35 Magbata, Albert R 3:09:56
36 Estilo, Emil Emmanuel 3:13:21
37 Ama, Arri T. 3:15:12
38 Terania, Gendel 3:17:32
39 Nepomuceno, Roderick P 3:18:10
40 Eming, Arnold 3:21:37
41 Mercado, Paolo D. 3:21:46
42 Abya, kristoffer Jay B 3:23:33
43 Ramizares, Jose 3:23:35
44 Bulos, Allan Gregor 3:25:52
45 Mojdeh, Joan 3:28:37
46 Dela Cruz, Goldy 3:33:24
47 Corpuz, Eddie R. 3:34:22
48 Lagman, Al Bryan 3:35:58
49 Poja, Jomarlo 3:39:01
50 Nicdao, Lilibeth F 3:39:19

Top 50 10k
1 Cuyom, Nickson 0:55:25
2 De Asis, Jerald 0.56.37
3 Rementina, Jhay 1:11:39
4 Bautista, Divine 1:17:09
5 Mercado, Nelson 1.18.40
6 Ramones, Robert Fiesta 1:22:07
7 Pascual, Ruben 1:23:51
8 Sabado, Allan 1:25:44
9 Cave, Josue 1:25:45
10 Rozas, Carlo 1.27.15
11 Parcon, Mary Grace 1.27.18
12 Tuprio, Rene 1:30:14
13 Cefre, Ezekiel 1:32:27
14 Torculas, Iris Charine 1:39:50
15 Mojdeh, Mohammad 1:40:40
16 De Castro, Sharon 1:41:23
17 Montesa, Eugene 1:42:46
18 Hernando, Marie Joy 1:43:25
19 Ochoa, Cyril 1:45:51
20 Sura, Rowell 1:45:53
21 Perez, Mara Melanie 1:46:46
22 Hermosa, Eliseo Erwin V. 1:47:40
23 Sales, Arnold 1:48:07
24 Yaneza, Anton 1:48:19
25 Fetalvero, Kiel 1.49.36
26 Crescini, Mark Gil 1:50:31
27 Molo, Alvin 1:52:10
28 Mendoza, Francis Isaia 1:53:36
29 Chua, Henry 1:54:11
30 Duran, Ron 1:56:41
31 Galon, Cristina G. 1:58:24
32 Cabrigas, Jay-Arr 2:01:58
33 Torres, Samuel V. 2:04:32
34 Mallillin, Nelson 2:04:42
35 Ampo, Grace 2.04.53
36 Joson Jonathan 2:05:29
37 Velasquez, Lorenzo Miguel 2:07:21
38 Dacanay, Marife 2:10:03
39 Valenciano, Florence 2:11:54
40 Yano, Ervin Andrew 2:16:49
41 Meren, Ronessa Victoria 2:21:47
42 Belda, Jessamyn Leigh R. 2:24:29
43 Pascua, Maricel 2.28.08
44 Mira, Renante Jhon 2:38:50
45 Cave, Janice 2.39.32
46 Mallari, Delilah 2:48:09
47 Mallari, Merlito 2:48:09
48 Estrera, Leani 2:51:19
49 Puno, Ralph 2:52:12
50 Palapag, Mary Ann 2:52:14

Congratulations to all the awardees, me and to my trail running team (League Of Summiteers and Trailblazers now Trail Runners haha). Hope to join more trail running event this year and to the near future. I hope to do a 50K Ultra too.

Hint: Highlighted on the list above are members L.O.S.T. Trail Running Team who made it in Top 100 Trail Runners (21K and 10K combined) that includes Yours Truly (Kalongkong Hiker aka @thesilentpal on Twitter) while those in BoldItalics are two of my running buddies that we met on this event who won the Individual Trail Runner of the Year Award 2012 by online & text votes.

Next award to be given is the Trailblazer 2012 Awardee to those Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Trilogy 2012 Finishers of both 21K &and 10K in alphabetical order, scroll down below.

Trailblazer 2012 Awardee Nature's Trail Discovery Run Trilogy Finisher

Trailblazer 2012 Awardee Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Trilogy Finisher

1. Abaya, Kristoffer Jay B.
2. Ama, Arri T.
3. Azanes, Mac
4. Balugo, Camelo O.
5. Bartolazo, Bien T.
6. Beltran, Ryan John B.
7. Bulos, Allan Gregor
8. Blanquisco, Aaron A.
9. Belda, Jessamyn Leigh R.
10. Boy, Guillermo Jr
11. Basilio, Joselito
12. Cabrigas, Jay-Arr
13. Cuyom, Nickson
14. Carcamo, Dennis
15. Cea, Gerry I,
16. Castillo, Noel
17. Castillo, Nonette
18. Celestial, Michael Allen C.
19. Daño, Nick
20. Degollacion, Maynard
21. Dela Cruz, Goldy
22. Dacanay, Marife
23. De Castro, Sharon
24. Estrera, Leani
25. Eming, Arnold A.
26. Estilo, Emil Emmanuel
27. Famatigan Ted
28. Fetalvero, Kiel F.
29. Guiaman, Ryan M.
30. Galon, Cristina G.
31. Galvez, Galvin Eric Ortile
32. Hernandez, Roberto Jr. A.
33. Hermosa , Elieso Erwin
34. Intia, Willy R.
35. Isaga, Ryan F.
36. Joson Jonathan
37. Labra, Jr. Rolando
38. Lim, Homer Y.
39. Lopez, Dennis
40. Malig, Christian
41. Mamaril, Ryan A.
42. Mercado, Paolo D.
43. Miranda, Randy
44. Mojdeh, Joan Melissa
45. Mamaril, Melany
46. Mojdeh, Mohammad
47. Mercado Nelson S.
48. Montesa, Eugene
49. Mira, Renante John
50. Negapatan, Marie Joyce Bognales
51. Nepomuceno, Roderick
52. Pascua, Maricel
53. Pajarito, Julius Erikson G
54. Pastorfide, Elvin
55. Reyes, Rodelio Jr. P.
56. Rivera, Marlon
57. Ramones, Robert Fiesta
58. Simon, Polyn
59. Sumaya, Allan Jr. P.
60. Sales, Arnold
61. Sura, Rowell
62. Salvidar, Chona Parone
63. Sta. Cruz , Christopher
64. Torres, Fernando
65. Terania, Glenn
66. Torres, Samuel V.
67. Torculas, Iris Charine
68. Villamayor, Nelson S.
69. Valenciano, Florence
70. Zarate, Marlon Ponce Ian G.
71. Zoleta, Edwin

Hint: Those in BoldItalics are members of Team L.O.S.T while those in Italics – Underline  are running buddies that we met during trilogy. Thank you running buddies and congrats!

Trailblazers are those that have run all the 3 legs in any of the 10k and 21k categories. They are the Trilogy Finishers. Due to insistent requests, we are giving the Trailblazers 20% discount to Love A Tree. This is valid only for Trailblazers Awardee not included in the Top 50 Trail Runners of each Category and the Top 25 which has its own discount package. Discount in Love A Tree can only be used once, multiple discounts not applicable and only up before the Regular Registration. All runners that have discount are given only until the 15th of January to use the discount.

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