A Succesful Bloggers Day Hike without Me

After months of planning through Twitter with other travel bloggers and hikers, January 20, 2013 is selected and agreed to be the 1st ever bloggers day and the chosen mountain is Mt. Batulao where I was tasked to create an itinerary or rather volunteered myself. Everything is set until the day of the climb arrives. I intended to run first then after finishing the run I will then go ahead at the meeting place for this climb but it didn’t go as I planned. It backfired on me because I didn’t make it in time and I was still running the last 5KM stretch when Angel (GelaiKuting) called me and that they are all waiting for me. I’ve exchanged SMS and they are waiting. I let them know that I am still running and I will try my best to finish and be at the meeting place.

Kalongkong Hiker

The meet up time that I created in our Itinerary is 6:00am to 7:00am and Angel strictly wanted to have no late because she wanted to maximize the day to bond and get to know new friends, hikers and bloggers but it is already 8:00am and yet I’m still at the 3KM’s to finish line trying to finish the 7-Eleven 800 Run where it was postponed twice already last year and I don’t want to miss it. A separate review on 7-Eleven 800 Run after this blog post.

The silentpal emo mode.

Going back to my story, I’ve been constantly texting Angel about my whereabouts and they decided that they need to go first and board the bus which then I felt not just double but thrice the pressure to finish the run and to be able to join them. I assessed myself can I finish it on time and join them probably I can’t make it by many factors, I’m still 2KM to finish and I felt my tired legs already and if I will join them I will be more of a COD (cause of delay) to the group during the climb, second I wore a wrong pair of socks, I usually wear a drifit but this time I picked up a cotton and it created blisters to my foot like hell, you can tell that this are all my excuses but I don’t want them to wait for me any longer so I sent a text to Angel that they need to go and left me out.

It’s a decision that I had to make event if I really wanted to go and meet them because it will be my first climb with new friends, fellow bloggers and to meet them formally in person. I am so sad but I said to myself it’s just the beginning and they’ll understand me. I apologized to Angel already and promised to join them in the future and they accepted my apology and this time I have a pending Itinerary to make, an overnight Birthday climb which will going to happen sometime in March. This time I will not only promise but I will join them. 🙂

I wanted to congratulate all participants of the bloggers climb and hope to see in our next climb. Next climb is a Birthday Climb! See you all there folks!

The Bloggers and Hikers at Camp 7I wanted to share a blog post from Dharzie Is on this successful climb click here: http://travellingcup.blogspot.tw/2013/01/mt-batulao-bloggers-climb.html

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