The Laguna Loop – Kalongkong Hiker’s First Long Ride

A’s a.k.a. 2Rat epic birthday bike ride and L.O.S.T.’s first long ride around Laguna de Bay or the so-called Laguna Loop.

February 27th, 2013 when this epic long ride happened and really unplanned. Me and A agreed to do our first long ride tandem through “SMS” or popularly known as “Text” abbreviated “Txt” Haha! . 🙂 Though Edward Arthur or A for short his friends call him 2Rat already planned in doing a long bike all the way ride in Marinduque that includes a RORO he had yet to postpone it for the mean time and instead we will do the Laguna Loop or do the Infanta, Quezon ride first where we initially been talking and been dreaming to do when we were just planning to build a mountain bike to try XC rides or trail rides or add cycling in one of the disciplines that we want to get serious to because we also have plans in doing a triathlon race one day too.

*Hope to get a taste of first triathlon someday and I will blog about it and tell you my experience as always but before that I need to be more confident in swim leg especially in the open-water. Can I survive it? I do hope so but we’ll see! #UltimateDream #Triathlon

Laguna Loop Long Ride (44)A at UPLB College Veterinary Medicine

Going back to my story, after shift at around 6PM I went straight to A’s apartment riding my bike at Guadalupe, Makati City where he’s waiting for me because he is in vacation leave already and the next 2 days is my off from work. All our bags are pack and we are ready to roll but our first stop is San Pedro City, Laguna.

We will stay at A’s parents house for the night, Day 0 (zero) begins with a short sleep as we arrived 9pm, eat dinner at 10pm and lights out at almost 12mn and wake up at 5:30am eat breakfast and start of ride but there is a slight detour because my high school friend Denby is scheduled to fly and work abroad somewhere in Middle East the next day so I took the chance to see him before he go and to wish him good luck and get some stuff from him.

The Deour: Me and Denby before we kick off for a long ride.

The Deour: Me and Denby before we kick off for a long ride.

Denby, his parents and wife Camille let’s us join their breakfast meal so A and me did and I had very short chit chat with my friend, took a photo and off we go to the first town Biñan City, Laguna. Thanks for the breakfast and again have a safe trip and be safe always friend.

For you to have an idea on what Laguna Loop looks like I generated a screen shot of our route map using MapMyRide site and using Word Paint to capture it and crop it in Satellite, Map and Terrain View. I apologize for the quality of the picture, click on the pic to zoom in.

1st Long Ride - The Laguna Loop (Satellite View)

The Laguna Loop (Satellite View)

1st Long Ride - The Laguna Loop (Map View)

The Laguna Loop (Map View)


1st Long Ride - The Laguna Loop (Terrain View)

The Laguna Loop (Terrain View)

I will tell you our bike adventure with the help of photos and captions and from time to time write the things that we did and the things that happened that day as much as possible. In short, this blog post is still in progress until completed so please bare with me.  🙂

Having said that the next that you will see is the pictures of every boundaries, scenic views and towns along the way including our off-route to Dr. Jose Rizal‘s house in Calamba. Hope you will continue reading until the end of this write up and join us on our bike ride.

Laguna Loop Long Ride (2)

Meet our MTB’s Eleanor and Terrenz, they are ready so do we.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (3)
Our first stop, Biñan City Town Proper
Laguna Loop Long Ride (4)
Next, City of Santa Rosa.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (5)
Nuvali straight ahead.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (6)
A’s on the spot purchase of long sleeve.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (7)
SM City Santa Rosa
Laguna Loop Long Ride (8) Laguna Loop Long Ride (9)
And let the spinning begins, Laguna Loop here we go.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (10)
Calamba Straight ahead…
Laguna Loop Long Ride (11)
Hello, it’s me saying I’m okay pack with hydration and full gear against the sun.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (12)
Crossing ahead, A is not stopping here, this is what you get in watching Premium Rush movie. LOL!
Laguna Loop Long Ride (13)
The slight detour, off-route visit to Riza’s house.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (14) Laguna Loop Long Ride (15) Laguna Loop Long Ride (16) Laguna Loop Long Ride (17) Laguna Loop Long Ride (18) Laguna Loop Long Ride (19) Laguna Loop Long Ride (20) Laguna Loop Long Ride (21) Laguna Loop Long Ride (22) Laguna Loop Long Ride (23) Laguna Loop Long Ride (24) Laguna Loop Long Ride (25)
Vote for Soy Mercado, tracing the roots of the Mercado’s here in Calamba. Hehe, believe it we are the descendant of Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal y Mercado according to our great great grand fathers.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (27)
 Me and the birthday boy A at 7-11 Eleven store in Los Baños.
Laguna Loop Long Ride (28)
Me wearing my Pinoy Fitness shirt. Let’s go!

More pictures and captions to follow… Please bare with me.

About Kalongkong Hiker

I am Paolo Mercado for 20 years I've been riding a bike, walking a lot and running a lot. I am Kalongkong Hiker, a trail runner, mountaineer and a biker that can also write a blog of my travels, adventures and places that I visited through walking, running and biking. I write to encourage others to stay healthy and fit. #KeepOnRunning #ShareTheRoad #KalongkongHiker
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