MILO R2 APEX Running Clinic Shifts Into High Gear

1_MILO R2-APEX Running School begins fourth-year of health and wellness campaign in Metro ManilaMILO R2-APEX Running School begins fourth-year of health and wellness campaign in Metro Manila

Country’s biggest running program marks fourth-year campaign towards strength and wellness.

PRESS RELEASE: Manila, Philippines, June 5, 2013 – With the common vision of reinforcing strength and wellness through the science of running, MILO has partnered with top local sports trainers to pioneer the biggest running camp in the country, the MILO R2-APEX (Athletic Performance Enhancement) Running School. Now on its fourth year, the MILO R2-APEX Running School has produced over 1000 runners with elite training workouts and sports medicine based running principles. The APEX program is also used by the Philippine Olympic Committee, Philippine Swimming Team, various Philippine Basketball Association teams and local college varsity groups.

2_The country's biggest running program MILO R2-APEX Running School sets pace for wellness in the Philippines with elite training workouts and sports medicine based running principles.The country’s biggest running program MILO R2-APEX Running School sets pace for wellness in the Philippines with elite training workouts and sports medicine based running principles.

Running matters

Long-term reports agree that runners hold a stronger defense against stroke, high blood pressure, and common viruses, among others1. As one of the simplest sports, running has proved to be a popular fitness choice among professionals nationwide. With its ability to bring one’s physical activity to a higher level and prevent risks of health problems that come with age or the environment, many continue to explore the advantages of engaging into a running routine.

In line with Nestle’s campaign of shaping a stronger and healthier Filipino community, MILO joined forces with the country’s prime sports science trainers, running coaches, and physical therapists led by world-class fitness coach Jim Saret to take the fastest growing sport into a full program.

The running clinic delivers a comprehensive series of sessions on injury prevention, strength and conditioning workouts, running drills, and recovery & injury rehabilitation training. Designed to build performance through training degrees, the program also offers four distance categories apt for every participant’s running level –5K, 10K, 21K and full 42K marathon. The three-month course not only boosts running skills but also sets the body in shape through core physical activities to endure long hours of work and leisure.

”We are now seeing a steady growth in the number of runners countrywide due to the health and lifestyle benefits that running gives. As environments and physical needs progress, MILO and the APEX team are committed to provide our trainees a more advanced guide to the sport through developing new simulations for fitness growth,” said MILO R2 APEX Running School Founder and Training Director Coach Jim Saret.

Getting track ready with MILO R2

Not many people know that drinking chocolate can significantly aid runners in recovery after a long period of taking strides. Researchers from the University of Texas have discovered that chocolate, more than any other post-workout rehydration drink, replenishes exhausted muscles and helps bring up energy levels faster through its high carbohydrate and calcium contents2.

Each cup of MILO R2 is a delicious and complete 3-in-1 mix of MILO, milk and sugar best suited to the taste of most Filipino adults. Formulated with a blend of carbohydrates called PROTOMALT, MILO R2 helps active adults regain lost energy and gives them sustained energy for a busy day.

“Nestle’s strengthened commitment to every Filipino brings new products and partnerships that will reinforce a well-rounded and healthier lifestyle for the young and old alike. MILO’s collaborationwith the APEX team reflects the 49-year vision of the brand and creates an avenue for us to pave the way towards a more energized and progressive community,” said MILO R2 Brand Manager Meg Panopio.

For more information on the program and registration, please visit the official MILO fanpage on Facebook. Follow MILO on Twitter (@MILOPH).

1Based on the National Runners’ Health Study and the National Walkers’ Health Study.

2Based on a research by the University of Texas at Austin College of Education’s Department of Kinesiology and Health Education led by Dr. John Ivy.

About MILO R2

MILO R2 is a complete mix of MILO, milk and sugar for adults. It contains a special blend of PROTOMALT, a mixture of complex carbohydrates that provide the energy and nutrients the body needs to refuel as it experiences energy lows on and off the job. MILO R2 also contains ACTIGEN-E, a combination of B vitamins and micronutrients – a source of Vitamin B12, Iron and Calcium, and it is a high source of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, Magnesium, and Vitamin C to help optimize the release of energy from protein, carbohydrates and fat in one’s food.

About MILO-APEX Running School

With the aim of leading Filipinos to a healthier lifestyle, MILO has partnered with one of the country’s top athletic training programs, the APEX Running Clinic. Headed by locally renowned fitness coach Jim Saret, the MILO-APEX Running School brings elite training workouts and sports medicine based running principles for beginners, amateurs, and professional marathoners. The program offers various assessment sessions to guide runners into the world of athletics based on their physical condition and skill level.

About Nestle Philippines

Nearly a hundred years after it first started operations in the country, Nestle Philippines, Inc. (NPI) today is a robust and stable organization, proud of its role in bringing the best food and beverage throughout the stages of the Filipino consumers’ lives. The Company employs more than 3,200 men and women nationwide, and is now among the country’s Top 10 Corporations.

Driven by its mission to nurture generations of Filipino families, Nestle today produces and markets products under some of the country’s well known brands such as Nescafe, Nido, Milo, Nestea, Maggie, Bear Brand, Nestle and Purina, among others. Its product range has expanded to include coffee, milk, beverages, non-dairy creamer, food, infant nutrition, ice cream and chilled dairy, breakfast cereals, confectionery and pet care.


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