No Free Ticket for LBJ No Problem Just Watch Phil Super Liga

KalongkonHiker_NikeParkBGCScene at Nike Park BGC Rain or Shine Lebron Fans are patiently waiting in queue.

Yesterday, July 17, 2013 at around 2pm I ride out my bike and I’m on my quest to get a free ticket to see Lebron James live on July 23, 2013 at the MOA Arena because Nike Park in BGC is given away 2 Free Tickets per person but sad to say I had to abandon my mission because it’s really true about the news that there is a huge file up of die hard Lebron fans on the queue waiting for their turn to get one and some of them is there for 2 days already and so I didn’t bother waiting in line, so, instead I went back and watched Philippine Super Liga volleyball games at Philsports Arena (Ultra) in Pasig City instead and rain start to pour also.

KalongkongHiker_ B3 Parking LotThis is the scene I saw when I arrived at BGC this is in B3 Parking Area not so far away from Nike Park store.
KalongkongHikerAtNikeParkBGCThis is me riding my bike taking a selfie picture of me and the fans on the background.  😛

Before heading back, I visited R.O.X. Store also in BGC, this is the biggest Outdoor Store that I ever seen so far it covers a 3 floors of Outdoor gears and accessories including Mountain Bikes, Roadies, Folding bikes etc. I just did my usual routine and my favorite complete waste of time leisure the “Window Shopping” 😀 haha. It is a coincidence that a colleague and fellow biker Van Marty saw me at the store just like the other week when we met at JC Bikes somewhere in Makati City. Bikers are everywhere huh! 🙂

KalongkongHiker_PSL2013 (4) Volleyball action between PLDT MyDSL and Cignal HD where Cignal go home with a win.

Though rain drops are still pouring in I started my kick off to Philsports Arena to watch volleyball games because there is an on going league called Philippine Super Liga and it was launch just this month and I am one of those who witness this history. Philippine Super Liga is like the PBA of volleyball players that graduate from college already. Here I get to see another 3 matches and I did really enjoyed watching every match that it only reminds me again of my 3 years playing the said game though I never made it to the varsity team in high school and didn’t show case my volleyball skills on big games or school competitions until I switch to basketball and started to forget about my love of volleyball. I guess I’m still a frustrated volleyball player all this time huh, that makes me want to spike, block that ball again.

KalongkongHiker_PSL2013 (20)Michelle Datuin and Argarin on their way to the 3rd set to settle for the sweep win.

I arrived I think half of the 2nd set and Cignal HD is winning and they go to set 3 where they held winner because of hard smashes and first line spikes of Turbino the player of the game. Then I stayed to see in action Steph Mercado and Michelle Gumabao and the Bingo Milyonaryo players but sadly my cousin Steph (joke) is absent as her team mates battled their way out to win against Philippine Army who took the 3 sets sweep to win the match and Joanne Bunag was declared Player of the Game because of her quick attacks.

KalongkongHiker_PSL2013 (21)Michelle Gumabao of Bingo Milyonaryo former LaSalle Lady Spikers warming up.

Then for the final match it was nerve racking, mind blowing game between my favorite team Petron Blazer Spikers and Cagayan Valley Rising Sun where the crowd becomes bigger later that night. I guess the fan base of Petron Spikers is really that high because of popular faces from Ateneo, UST and Gohing of LaSalle.

KalongkongHiker_PSL2013 (1)The Petron Blaze Spikers! Dimaculangan & Ortiz is late, No Gretchen Ho but they still win in the 4th set (3-1).

I am actually looking forward to see the Great Gretchon Ho #3 again but sadly she didn’t play but I still enjoyed the match and I focused my attention to Rhea Dimaculangan #1, Ange Tabaquero #12 and Fille Cainglet #4 style of play. I am amazed by their on and off court personalities and they really represent the girl power and awesomeness, now I know and understand why they are the crowd favorite.

KalongkongHiker_PSL2013 (36)

Game Statistics courtesy of Solar Sports:
Petron def. Cagayan Valley—25-21, 25-23, 22-25, 25-19

Again Rhea Dimaculangan with 47 excellent sets even coming late in the game!

Maizo-Pontillas 20, Tabaquero 14, Caballejo 8, C. Soriano 7, Acevedo 6, Ortiz 4, Cainglet 3, Dimaculangan 2, Gohing (L) 0, Bello 0.

No Gretchen Ho and Roxanne Pimentel-So.

Watch out for the Quarter-Finals on July 21, 2013, Sunday still in Philsports Arena (Ultra). I think there is a ticket fee already and I will announce it here too. They will start selling it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, if you are reading this and volleyball addict and fan go to Philsports Arena ticketing office and secure your tickets. See you there!

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