Watch The Philippine Super Liga Semi Finals This Friday!

Game Schedule on Friday,

July 26, 2013

Semi Final Round PSL Semi-Finals

I will be rooting for my 2 teams this Friday and I will not be missing this, it’s all set, so settle your tickets now. At the first match I will support and cheer for fellow Ilocano’s the “Cagayan Valley Lady Rising Suns” from the North lead by Libero Jheck Dionela, open spikers Pineda, Delos Santos, Cases and setter/spiker Semana the captain while at the 2nd match between Cignal and Petron I would like to see The Petron Blaze Spikers live in action as they battle their way out to the finals.

I love to see the spikes and smashes coming from Tabaquero, Cainglet, Ho and quick and lovely sets from Rhea “Dmac” Dimaculangan to Aiza Maizo and Ortiz blocking their arsenals as many as she can while Melissa Gohing go as many as digs and save that she can but I hope Angge is okay because last do-or-die match she hurts her knee. Sad to say that Charo Santos according to news is out from some family issues to attend to.

In line wit this, I would like to share some game stats and previews that I found courtesy of Solar Sports Philippines, please continue reading…

PSL Semifinals PA vs Cagayan ValleyPrevious Meeting: Lady Rising Suns def. Lady Troopers (25-23, 25-27, 26-24, 14-25, 15-12)

Player of the Game: Jennifer Manzano (22 points)
Player Ranking Comparison by Skills per Team
Score: Bunag (5) vs Cases (7)
Spikes: Bunag (3) vs Cases (9)
Blocks: Salak (8) vs Manzano (4)
Service: Alarca (2) vs De los Santos (1)
Digs: Nunag (10) vs Dionela (2)
Sets: Salak (3) vs Semana (2)
Reception: Nunag (4) vs Dionela (1)

Players to watch
TMS: Joanne Bunag(13.8 ppg), Michelle Carolino (10.0 ppg), Jovelyn Gonzaga (41.1% spike success rate)
CAG: Joy Cases (13.0 ppg), Shiela Pineda (9.0 ppg), JheckDionela (2nd in digs, 1st in receptions)

Side Stories
Payback or Validation
Setter Showdown – Salak vs Semana

Projected Starters
TMS: Bunag (c), Balse, Salak, Carolino, Alarca, Gonzaga, Nunag (L)
CAG: Semana (c), Pineda, Manzano, De los Santos, De Ramos, Cases, Dionela (L)

How they got to the semifinals
TMS: Automatic berth after finishing the premilinary with 12 points for the top spot.
CAG: Finished the preliminary round in fourth place, won quarterfinals against PLDT MyDSL Speed Boosters in straight sets.

Keys to win

Improve service reception (4th in the league)
Use different combination plays to break the stingy Cagayan Valley defense
Take advantage of Cagayan’s back row when Dionela is out


Make their attack count (5th in the league in spike conversion)
Pineda should again step up on offense
Get their offensive rhythm early

Prediction: This might turn out to be another classic, much like the first encounter. However, the Lady Troopers will be progressing to the Finals after five sets. Expect Army’s Jovelyn Gonzaga to turn the favor to their side.

Game Preview Source click HERE TMS vs CAG

PSL Semifinals Cignal vs PetronResult of Previous Meeting: HD Spikers def. Blaze Spikers (25-22, 25-17, 25-23)

Player of the Game:  Arriane Argarin (28 excellent sets)
Player Ranking Comparison by Skills per Team
Score: Bernal (1st) vs Maizo-Pontillas (6th)
Spikes:  Tubino (1st) vs Maizo-Pontillas (4th)
Blocks: Bernal (7th) vs Ortiz (2nd)
Service: Argarin (4th) vs Tabaquero (10th)
Digs: Reyes (1st) vs Gohing (6th)
Sets: Argarin (1st) vs Dimaculangan (5th)
Reception: Reyes (2nd) vs Caballejo (10th)

Players to watch
CIG: Venus Bernal (17.6 ppg), Royse Tubino (15.4 ppg), Jen Reyes (1st in digs, 2nd in receptions)
PET: Aiza Maizo-Pontillas (13.4 ppg), Angeli Tabaquero (11.8 ppg), Fille Cainglet (7.4 ppg)

Side Stories
Efficiency vs Power: Tubino vs Maizo-Pontillas
Master vs Student: Bernal vs Tabaquero

Projected Starters
CIG: Bernal (c), Argarin, Datuin, Gendrauli, Tubino, Aguilar, Reyes (L)
PET: Tabaquero (c),Maizo, Ortiz, Dimaculangan, Ho, Caballejo, Gohing (L)\

How they got to the semifinals
CIG: Finished the premilinary round tied with Petron but was awarded an automatic semifinals slot because they won more sets.
PET: Ended up in 3rd place after the preliminary round, advanced to the semifinals after beating Bingo-Milyonaryo in five sets.

Keys to win

Get Gendrauli and Tubino involved in the attacks early to lessen the scoring burden on Bernal
Improve their blocking (only 6th in the league in that category)
Take advantage of Petron’s slow start


Neutralize Bernal
Start strong
Improve player rotation

Prediction: Petron will win this tightly contested match in four sets. The Blaze Spikers have caught form and issues about their chemistry are now in the past. Both team’s starters match up well, but the deeper and more talented bench of Petron will be the difference in this game.

Game Preview click HERE courtesy of

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