Where Should Alyssa Valdez Bring Her Talent in V-League?

Season 10 - Shakey's V League 2nd Conference

Four (4) days from now Shakey’s V-League Season 10 The Second Conference also known as the open conference where teams are allowed to bring imports to win the title, I read an article and it is just in time when that I read about this from philippinesuperliga.net and it reads like this and some of my comments in Italics:

A tweet message from @spikersleague that say’s “Alyssa Valdez’s stint in Smart is not yet Final as sister team Meralco as well as Army and Cagayan still pursuing the Lady Eagle” caught my attention and feeling excited as all smiles all over my face and for this I think I may be able to help find Alyssa’s home with your help.

Alyssa ValdezWhere do you think it the best team for Lady Eagle Alyssa and where she should bring his talent?

Do she needs to bring her talents to the South Beach too? 😀 Haha!

In line with this, I am too excited this coming Sunday for the opening match up of Season 10’s Shakey’s V-League 2nd Conference also known as Open conference because on this league imports are allowed and I think at least 2 or more I will have to confirm that first and of course expect that we will make an effort to write articles about this season and introduce all players and teams this conference and some inside reports also.

Having said that, which do you think Alyssa Valdez fits her playing style, is it with Smart, Meralco, Army or Cagayan?

In my humble opinion, I think she should bring her talent to Team Cagayan and become a Lady Rising Sun because I believe that this lady is a rising star built and will shine bright like a diamond and explode like a fireworks in the sky as evident on her bright and lovely smiles. 🙂 😀 😛 Once they had her Team Cagayan is a sure contender in the finals if to be combined with the talents of Maizo, Tabaquero, Tubina and delos Santos with their Thai imports.

The Cagayan Valley Lady Rising SunsPhoto credit:@JheckDionela‘s Instagram

On this team includes the small but terrible Jheck Dionela as their libero, Arriane Argarin the best setter of Philippine Super Liga is still on the team and other talents. This team already proved that they can win a championship in fact they are the champions in Tuguegarao Volleyball Invitational held earlier this year.

Team Lady Rising SunsThe Champions: Team Cagayan in Tuguegarao, Isabela Photo c/o @JheckDionela

If she will accept to play with Smart expect that this team will be like giants as Gilas-Pilipinas basketball team because they are under MVP’s hands and if she will be smart enough to sign up for this team with Denden Lazaro on her side together with Philippine Super Liga‘s Best Score Pau Soriano, Angela Benting, Bualee, Charo Soriano together with other volleybelles they would be unstoppable in mid-air as I predict. Regardless, I will still shout and cheer for her if she ever joins this team. Be Smart Alyssa! Haha!

C. Soriano and P. SorianoIf she will to accept Team Army’s offer this would be a power house of spikers as she and the “Hukbong Katihan ng Pilipinaswill have a spike, smash, kill and quick plays in the middle party if she will team up with Ging Balse, Joan Bunag, Carolino sisters, Iratay, Nunag and the left-handed Jovy Gonzaga. She will also enjoy a blocking party with Philippine Super Liga’s Best Blocker Tina Salak as she also set good spike plays for her. Let’s all salute Team Army if they pursue for Alyssa and get her sign in. 😉 They can reclaim their winning tradition and could be the champion of this year’s open conference.

sportsTeam Phil Army Lady Troopers Shakey’s V-League Champion. Photo grabbed from Google

Lastly, if Alyssa become a Lady Power Spiker, it would be an electrifying team as she joins the Best Digger of Philippine Super Liga Jen Reyes together with the best open spikers with beauty Fille Cainglet and Steph Mercado. 😀 She will also bring muscle to the hustle and help out Penetrante-Ouano, Ivy Remulla and Maica Morada spikes their way out to win it all as April Jose set it up for them. All will be shock 10 times the power of your electric bill as she electrifies the crowd not only with her smile but hard hitting spikes with this team. Let’s go Meralco! “May liwanag ang buhay”.

Team Meralco Lady BoltsPhoto grabbed from Tres Marias of Ateneo Lady Eagles Facebook Page

What ever Alyssa Valdez picks to play with I am sure it will be fun to watch as rookie, veteran, old and new volleyball players battle out to win.

Season 10’s Shakey’s V-League Open Conference will be aired on GMA News TV Channel via delayed telecast.

Scheduled of games are out also click on the photo below to see it.

Shakeys V-League - Season 10 2nd Conference - Main

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