Sunday Sports Super Bowl Rain or Shine From Dust to Dawn

I can’t help but to write what just happened today (Sunday) from dust to dawn up to this minute that I am writing this blog. If you are a sports person like me you will also notice this ( I hope so, 🙂 ) that today really is a sports feast. Let me start with fun runs or marathons or simply running. Today different race organizers in the country despite the heavy and continuous rains in Metro Manila didn’t cancelled races and let the registered runners do what they love to do and that is to run of course and below are the following running events in different places in the country. It’s been months since my first Full Marathon with Milo.

1. Dibdiban 2013: Run for Breast Cancer Patients 2.2K/4.4K/8.8K (Quezon City)
2. Run for A Lighthouse 2013 3K/ 5K/ 10K (Manila)
3. Educ Run 2013 1K/ 3K/ 5K (Las Pinas)
4. Pirate’s Escapade: Run, Endure and Save One’s Life 5K (Manila)
5. Vital Run 2013 1K/3K/5K/10K/21K (Negros Occidental)

Allan Pau - Run for a LighthousePhoto by Allan Pauco

A friend of mine did the Run for Lighthouse and according to him it was his first time running in the rain and it was fulfilling he said. #KeepOnRunning!

Gayweather vs AlvarezIt’s brunch time and it’s Boxing time dude. It is Sundays Best, Drivers, boxing fans and the like watch the under cards before the title match between Mayweather versus to a younger boxer from Mexico Alvarez and this boxing match doubt as “The One” whom Alvarez lost to Floyd via major decision. I really wished Gayweather lost via K.O. but I guess he prevails and hope next time he don’t get to select weak opponents. If you will Fight Pacman Now! 🙂 I manage to watch first 2 rounds of boxing action of the two when I was riding a G-Liner bus going to the Arena to watch volleyball action after missing all 7 games of my favorite Team Cagayan Valley Lady Rising Suns where yours truly is part of the team’s social media team. Team Cagayan is the top seed of Shakey’s V-League Season 10 Open Conference with a 7-0 record which will they carry unto the next round, the Quarter Finals.

I just got off the bus, when it was set 3 already between Philippine Airforce versus Philippine Lady Patrollers or PNP of Shakey’s V-League because my work started 5AM that ends 2PM and the game started 2PM. I am cheering for PNP to win to extend the match because I really want to see Rhea Dimaculangan, setter of Philippine Airforce play because she is my favorite player and the new apple of my eye and that is one of 2 reasons why I decided to watch the game live today and last reason I watched the game is for me to witness the battle of hard hitting smashes, spikes and blocking party between Philippine Army and Smart-Maynilad where Alyssa Valdes debuted after missing games because she focused on UAAP’s Beach Volleyball games.

Rhea DimaculanganIsn’t she lovely?At first, I really don’t know her not until I watched Philippine Super Liga where he played setter for Petron Blaze Spikers where they finished 3rd place. | Photo by Arnold Z. Cruz
Rhea DimaculanganWatching Rhea D-Mac set plays for her team, smile on the court and that smile again while playing with such a flawless sets, blocks and some digs I wanted to watch her more. | Photo courtesy of Arnold Z. Cruz
Dimaculangan denies MarcianoD-Mac denies Marciano | Photo by Arnold Z. Cruz

On the first match, Philippine Air Force sweep the win less PNP Lady Patrollers in the 3 straight sets and Joy Cases with 17 attack points, and an excellent serve declared as the Player  of the Game and as usual awarded a box of Pizza Hut. 😀 Yummy! Hahaha!

Joy CasesJoy Cases (former Team Cagayan open spiker) is the POG or Player of the Game. | Photo: Arnold Z. Cruz

On the 2nd match, the much awaited battle between the Smart – Maynilad Net Spikers and Philippine Super Liga Champion Philippine Army who tasted first loss from Team Ilocano the Team Cagayan. It was a mix emotion for me because I get to see Alyssa Valdes in action and also I get to see Rachel Ann Daquis in person for the first time too.

Alyssa Valdez

Alyssa Valdez exploded like a scoring machine that backed up by Gretchen Soltunes where she contributed down the line hits on the last 2 sets. The crowd is cheering and shouting “Go Go Go Aleng Maliit” – Little Woman as she has a hand of a fireball that explodes like a Tomahawk Bomb but they didn’t prevailed with Rachel Ann Daquis last minute entrance to the floor and Jovelyn Gonzaga’s smart plays and hard hitting win.

Alyssa Valdez Jetplane spikesAs expected, this match is really worth watching even though it is raining really hard outside it didn’t failed me to see volleyball action and barrage of spikes between the two teams and in fact the rally ended with 5 sets with Jovelyn Gonzaga’s lefty spikes down the line wins the final set 15-13 and she was declared the Player of the Game with 19 attack points, and 3 excellent serves.

Rachel Ann Daquis RADAfter the V-League action, still raining hard outside, good I got an umbrella with me. On my way, I am looking at my watch and said the match between Philippine Power Pinays and Power House China in 17th Asian Volleyball Championships did not started yet so I extended the volleyball fever by watching the game via Livestream at (thanks) I enjoyed watching all 3 sets though it is given that we will loss to this Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team because they are Top 2 in Asia and 5th in the world ranking.

Power PinaysOur own Power Pinay’s showed that they can play volleyball as they give hard time to the Chinese Team and I am really proud because Chinese Team respected them by playing all out. Aiza Maizo was being cheered by the Thailanders according to FIVB Pinoy Fan Page who sees action live and responsible in uploading videos that I shared with you. Thanks!

Power PinaysThen last stop is some hoops action, it’s PBA Action between Petron Blaze Boosters and Global Port Batang Pier where I get to see the 4th Quarter match and it was quite good also knowing that our Petron Team won even though it is a non-bearing game. Marcio Lassiter is the Player of the Game with 18 pts, 5 rebs, 7/11 FG.

Petron Blaze BoostersBest Player of the Game Marcio Lassiter and Petron Blaze Booster Import Elijah Millsap Photo by Nuki Sabio

Petron Blaze vs Global Port (Governors’ Cup 9/15/2013) Full Game Replay

1st Quarter 

2nd Quarter 

3rd Quarter 

4th Quarter 

After this, by the way, is some MMA Action in PXC televised via Sports 5 or AKTV Ch. 5.

pxc990150That’s it folks, this is one heck of a Sunday Sports Super Bowl. #KeepActiveBeHealthy!


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