Running Tips: Simple Core Strength Training Exercises

Simple Core Strength by TribeSportsPhoto c/o

It’s time for me to get back in shape running buddies. I’ve been side lined for almost 2 weeks when I met accident of some sort (not related to any sport that I do) and causes me a lower lip laceration. I stayed away from riding my bike and I stop running ironically I played hoops with caution of course to scratch my itch with sport I love most.

Today, I decided to look for a training program to activate my core because an athlete should know how to strengthen their core specially in running. Core strength training nowadays are being added to any sport and this is visible in boxing. Did you see Manny Pacuiao trains for his upcoming fights? One of the preparation that he does is to strengthen his core or his upper body before his fight. This is applicable in every sport that you love or you want to exercise. I personally don’t know how to do it all but it’s my motivation to do know and to do all this. How about you? Do you have a simple core exercise? Dare to share!

About Kalongkong Hiker

I am Paolo Mercado for 20 years I've been riding a bike, walking a lot and running a lot. I am Kalongkong Hiker, a trail runner, mountaineer and a biker that can also write a blog of my travels, adventures and places that I visited through walking, running and biking. I write to encourage others to stay healthy and fit. #KeepOnRunning #ShareTheRoad #KalongkongHiker
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