Kalongkong Hiker Review: GEAX Mezcal TNT XC/Dry Tyre

Geax MezcalGeax Mezcal TNT XC/Dry Tyre

Geax (pronounced jee-acks) is the manufacturer of the highest quality and most technologically advanced mountain-bike, BMX and Cyclocross tires available on the market. Launched in 1997 by Vittoria S.p.A, Geax is a the only bicycle specific mountain bike tire manufacturer in the industry, meaning we’re not putting our logo on someone elses tires, and we don’t make tires for anything but off road bicycles. This dedication and focus has developed our brand into a unique and driving force in the industry, known for its advanced technologies, innovative designs and overall passion for every genre: cross country, all-mountain/enduro, cyclocross, downhill/freeride, & freestyle/slopestyle.

Source: http://www.geax.com

Great cornering and fast rolling. Geax Mezcal gives everything one would expect from a semi slick tyre, but has been designed to deliver good performance also on more difficult trail conditions and steeper slopes.


  • The new Rails Design concept allows for predictable grip both on high and low radius bends thanks to the two parallel side knob arrays.
  • Knob shape delivers both speed and traction when needed and the central ‘diamond’ pattern does its job beautifully, preventing punctures and providing a micro-traction effect, useful on steep climbs and hard surfaces.
  • Aramid 3D Compoundand new Tuned Spring Rate Casing (phase 3.1) complete this high performance package… an extraordinary weapon for cross country!
  • The 26×2.10 size benefits from greater shock absorbing, making it ideal for marathons.
  • UST compatible (*Universal Standard for Tubeless). The UST concept improves traction, control and comfort while reducing inertia and flats.
Kalongkong Hiker Manila - Baguio (34)Maxxis Crossmark for my rear and Geax Mezcal for my front. They are both 26.2.1 tires.

Kalongkong Hiker’s Review:

Since I built my bike I invested a tire that will last a lifetime and Geax Mezcal didn’t failed me I like it’s semi slick design and simplicity this is what I call a touch of Italian racing. Though I didn’t purchase a pair because I mixed and match it with other brands like Panaracer’s All Sour Condition an XC/Dry tire too but this one is to noisy on the road you can hear the humming sound all the sound but quite on dirt road performance wise I like Panaracer too. I used Panaracer All Sour Condition 26×2.1 as my rear tire and Geax Mezcal 26.2.1 for my front tire because Mezcal is more of a cornering tire and using 26×2.1 I have all the great traction and all that. It is also light weight, I don’t know the exact wight because I am no weight weenies. It didn’t failed me on trails so far, I used it also for my daily commute to work a 25KM bike to work a day for a year already and it’s thread life is still in great safe. I also used this for my long rides and it is proven great tires for me.

Geax Mezcal (2)Today I will be trying a 26×2.1 front tire and 26×1.95 rear tire. Smooth ride as it’s finest. 😀

Our recently Manila – Baguio bike ride I finally decided to try another great cross country tire and this time a Maxxis CrossMark still 26×2.1 but at the moment I saw the thread and it’s material I am in doubt it is so thin unlike its counterparts that I mentioned above but because I wanted to have a uniform tires when we do the Manila – Baguio City ride and wanted to try it’s multi threaded design so I bought it anyways (lesson learned though still follow your instinct). I had no problems on the tire it was a smooth rolling, almost zero traction just like a slick tire, no humming sounds either, best in corners too, including wet pavements and also I found it good during climbs but when we did trail ride and do the Puray Falls bike exploration where we did some portions of river crossing, hard pack, dirt road and trails.

Geax Mezcal (4)My front Geax Mezcal 26×2.1 XC/Dry Tyre black/grey/black folding TNT (Tube/No Tube edition)
Geax Mezcal (3)This is the new addition to the family Geax Mezcal 26×1.95 wire XC/Dry Tyre – Aramid 3D Compound

We are on our way downhill my Maxxis Crossmark hit a sharp rock, metal or glass I don’t know because there is no trace on my tire/inner tube just a big cut on the side will and at that time I felt like this gave up on me, I don’t know maybe I expected too much for this tire thinking the Exo sidewall protection is what I am paying for but it turned out this is no good tire or It must be a bad day for me. My verdict not a good daily commuter tire. 😦

Geax Mezcal (1)The other side of the pretty face of Terrenz my bike.

Whatever it is my review is this is a weak compound to invest with so I looked for a wired version of Geax Mezcal and this time I will try a 26×1.95 rear tire for fast rolling that I matched with 26x.2.1 for better control tested it today and it was heaven. I am confident that this will take me more long rides, trails and accomodate my commuting needs. So by far, I recommend Geax tires and oh did I mentioned it that it is light weight it is so by far the lightest that I’ve been using that didn’t compromised on the materials, compound etc. I will try Sagurao next because this tire is trail/XC specific.

That’s all folks. #KeepOnRidingYourBike

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I am Paolo Mercado for 20 years I've been riding a bike, walking a lot and running a lot. I am Kalongkong Hiker, a trail runner, mountaineer and a biker that can also write a blog of my travels, adventures and places that I visited through walking, running and biking. I write to encourage others to stay healthy and fit. #KeepOnRunning #ShareTheRoad #KalongkongHiker
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