Biking Must Share: Always Accept An Invitation To Ride

Always Accept An Invitation to Ride - TMLOST WaySince I got into running I invited others to run and so they did. I switch to trail running or more like tweak my hiking activities into a more competitive edge and they followed. Now, I get myself into biking and almost all of my running/mountaineering buddies do the bike rides with me until we created a mini cycling community and invited friends including friends of friends to share the same passion and that is to put the fun between the legs.

At first, we did short rides, then followed by trails then eventually long rides or century rides then we got into fun rides, night rides and then we did duathlon or the one that we do multisport or 2 disciplines in one event and that is, then eventually we will enter the world of triathlon on which our ultimate goal which involves swim leg.

In those rides, I ride with newbies, experienced, advanced, masters, amateurs and professionals and gained new friends and experiences. I even encourage everyone to buy their own bike and join us in which I am proud of because I saw that biking community is growing just like when I started with running, I saw how running because the lifestyle of every individual. So, what is this all about?

Always Accept An Invitation to RideThere is only one thing that came to my mind and that is to continue and enjoy what you love to do whether it is running, swimming or biking.

What is this all about really?

To answer this, for me, it’s about “Always Accepting The Invitation To Ride”.

Paolo Mercado (1)Whether you’re at home, at play and at the office. #BikingNeverStops (With KevinB.)

Paolo Mercado (2)Trying the La Mesa Eco Park’s mini trail with O.F.F. JoanB.

Paolo Mercado (3)Regular Monday Ride in Timberland Trails with Sir John (Green Zone-Giant-Roxas Trail).

Paolo Mercado (4)TM Biking Team trail weekend in Timberland’s Wall 1, Wall 2 and Bluezone.

Paolo Mercado (5)TM L.O.S.T. riders meet the Fat Biker in Antenna Hill & Thunder Trails, Angono, Rizal.

Paolo Mercado (6)Century Ride: Team Trend Micro Biking Team in Tagaytay City view deck.

Paolo Mercado (10)Team TM Biking Team goes to Tagaytay City just to eat Bulalo. Shot along Silang, Cavite.

Paolo Mercado (7)At the trails of Puray, Falls, Rodriquez, Rizal.

Paolo Mercado (8)Wacky time with Team Bagets Meets Bigote Bikers or Team Bimby.

Paolo Mercado (9)Post Ride groupie with Team Bimby, we finally finished Puray Falls ride.

Paolo Mercado (11)Point back with Team Bimby at Kalongkong Bridge, Poblacion, Laoac, Pangasinan.

Paolo Mercado (12)Team Bimby at the “Kalongkong Bridge”, Laoac, Pangasinan.

Paolo Mercado (14)Welcome Baguio City post in Camp 3 near Lion’s Head. Meet Khen “Pogi” Flores.

Paolo Mercado (15)Meet Super Saiyan Maynard Choi Degollacion where going up to Baguio City.

Paolo Mercado (16)South Bound: Manila to Baguio City Ride with Team Bimby and Kuya Den.

Paolo Mercado (17)The Bagets and Kuya Dennis in La Union bridge and boundary going to Baguio City.

Paolo Mercado (18)Meet Team “Bagets Meets Bigote Bikers” or Bimby for short in Urdaneta City boundary.

Paolo Mercado (19)North Bound: Manila – Pangasinan  via Baguio City Ride with Team Bimby and Kuya Den.

Paolo Mercado (20)Team Bimby with other bikers from Las Piñas and Pasay at Burnham Park.

Paolo Mercado (21)The unfinished ride going to Puray Falls, Rodriquez, Rizal with Team Bimby.

Paolo Mercado (22)Our first Monday Ride in Timberland’s Wall 1 and groupie at Biker’s Cafe after we eat.

Paolo Mercado (23)At Wawa Dam with TMBT Sir Allan and Sir John Caps.

Paolo Mercado (24)A ride that convinced Sir John that MTB is more fun than roadie at Wawa River w/ AllanP.

Paolo Mercado (25)Timberland Wall 1 Ride with Team Bimby’s Choi, Elvin and Mikmik.

Paolo Mercado (26)Tour of the Fireflies with RedenBorbor. #TheHappyKidOnbike

Paolo Mercado (27)BGC Cycle Philippines with Pinoy Fitness Family and founder Jeff Lo with Coach Mherlz.

Paolo Mercado (28)BGC Cycle Philippines with Tessa Prieto Valdez.

Paolo Mercado (29)Long ride with TM Biking Team’s AllanP, Jep, McDo, Roie, JahnJay with Maki and Choi.

Paolo Mercado (30) TM Biking Team’s AllanP, Jep, McDo, Roie and JahnJay at Barasoin Church, Malolos.

Paolo Mercado (31)Team TM L.O.S.T. Bikers on a finisher shirt first duathlon event at Filinvest City, Alabang.

Paolo Mercado (32)My First multi-sport event, Philippine Duathlon in Filinvest City.

Paolo Mercado (33)Freedom Ride by Dakila with Jep, JahnJay and Van Marty.

Paolo Mercado (34)During the ride proper of Padyak Dagat event – Free T-Shirt for 1st 500 participants.

Paolo Mercado (35)Padyak Dagat Ride (Free T-Shirt for 1st 500 participants) with RoieE.

Paolo Mercado (36)Regular bike ride in uniform jersey (Shimano-Nike-Rockshocks) with RoieE.

Paolo Mercado (37)My First bike trail in Timberland Trails (Blue Zone) with RichardD & Jeff “GPS” Gemoto.

Paolo Mercado (38)Top View shot during our Human Trafficking Free Philippines Ride with Dakila.
Paolo Mercado (39)Human Trafficking Free Philippines Ride with RoieE. #TrafficFreePaolo Mercado (13)The first long ride ever. The Laguna Loop withEdwardG a.k.a. “2Rat”.

Paolo Mercado (40) The Laguna Loop with EdwardG a.k.a. “2Rat” taping a nap at the road side baby.

Paolo Mercado (41)Bike loan just to witness and jam at U.P. Fair on a weekend at UP Diliman.

Paolo Mercado (42)One of our first night rides after completing the assembly of our MTB’s.

Paolo Mercado (43)Helping Maynard buy this same frame as mine in Quaipo to built an ultimate bike.

Paolo Mercado (44)First Ride after I finished building this pedaling machine at La Mesa Eco Park trails.

What are you waiting for!

Let’s keep on running, hiking, swimming and put the fun between our legs.

About Kalongkong Hiker

I am Paolo Mercado for 20 years I've been riding a bike, walking a lot and running a lot. I am Kalongkong Hiker, a trail runner, mountaineer and a biker that can also write a blog of my travels, adventures and places that I visited through walking, running and biking. I write to encourage others to stay healthy and fit. #KeepOnRunning #ShareTheRoad #KalongkongHiker
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  1. rodney says:

    manong katno ka agawid ijay laoac? umayak man maki ride..hehe..


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