Biking: Mountain Biking 101 – How to Berm with the Beard Man

Yesterday, November 10, 2014 PH Time, me and my biking friend Khen agreed to try the trails Heroes Trail in Taguig City in which we will be attacking 3 stages of the said man-made trails. There are series of switch backs, some berms, jumps, mini uphill and another jumps and they extended it for like 3 kilometers unlike before and this time I really enjoyed it and really had some fun attacking those jumps after not being able to do mountain biking for months.

10644581_10203243684001162_3325517253068287372_nHow’s my insane berm skills? Rate it 1 to 10, 10 being the highest. 🙂

On that day also we included we took some souvenir photos and upon looking at them I just thought of searching for a video on how can I improve my trail riding skills on berms, jumps etc. and luckily I found a very straight forward video and no more going around the bush and this is really a good stuff for us amateurs and very helpful for beginners. What are you waiting for watch the Part 1 of 5 series of skills videos presented by Ed Oxley of based at the new Skills Loop at Gisburn Forest, United Kingdom. In the films they will cover basic tips and also more advanced moves.

Take a look at this video clip on how an advanced berm skill is done by a pro MTB cyclist Matt Hunter on a 29er presented by Specialized Bicycles. I hope I can do this in time! 😀

W094871-BIKP-140300_L.pdfPlease follow my blog, share and don’t forget you leave a comment on the comments box section and keep updated. On my next blog, I will share parts 2 to 5 of the series. Thanks!

Source:, Whitenosugar Productions, Specialized Bicycles.

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