Biking: Mountain Biking 101 – How to Jump for Beginners

Heroes Trail 11.10.2014 (34)In this picture, I am doing what they call track read first, next time I will be jumping on that ramp to the left.

Here’s another video from the beard man of Ed Oxley of based at the new Skills Loop at Gisburn Forest, United Kingdom this time he will teach us how jumps are done smoothly and with confidence. So click on the link below and learn from it as I did and still doing:

Gisburn Forest Skills with Ed Oxley : Part Two

If you are living near Libingan ng mga Bayani’s Heroes Trail you can hone your skills here before hitting the big trails the likes of Timberland’s Blue Zone, Tanay’s Bathala Bike Park, Nuvali Trail Zone, Licao-Licao rolling hills and further exploring trails the rest of the country, this simple skill in mountain biking is not only a must but you should know it by heart if you want to really enjoy the mountain trails. I’m no expert on this area and just like you my dear readers, followers I am learning so part with this video. 🙂

If you’re in an advance level though, you will find yourself doing this:

Heroes Trail 11.10.2014 (37)

For beginners, my tip would be, have confidence on the landing first if you’re confident then try to add the bunny hop and eventually you will understand and it will be easier for you to jump. So that’s it fellow bikers I hope you learn something today just like me and as the Beard Man say’s “GOOD LUCK with the JUMPING”, 😀

Source:, redbull_youtube

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