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Kalongkong Bridge, Laoac, Pangasinan

My story and my life:

Calungcung (I spelled it “Kalongkong” to make it more unique) also called “rangtay” is a Ilocano word which means “a small bridge”. In going to our house, you need to cross a bridge which in my great grand fathers time made of bamboos but now cemented.

The picture above and the header of this blog is exactly the picture of that bridge. In our town, they call it Calungcung Bridge, which is a redundant use of the word bridge but they get used to it without asking why. Click here for complete story.

My name is Paolo D. Mercado and short for Paolomer haha. I’m “The sleeping giant and a silent pal who obeys anyone” according to our High School Year Book – Holy Rosary Academy Batch 99′.

Yours truly came from the ghetto area of Poblacion, Laoac, Pangasinan along Abalos Street or commonly called as Sitio Calungcung. Most of the people live in our community are farmers, laborers, vendors of tupig (tupig is one of the delicacies that is known in  Manaoag, Pangasinan) and most of them cannot afford to  get into college though some manage to graduate with the help of scholarships and determination and I am proud one of that few. I lived humbly, professionally and fair to others. I created this blog to inspire others to live their dreams and enjoy life to the fullest.

I may live a rich life when I was a kid but we  became poor as farmers when my grand parents migrated to Hawaii and never got support from them. As a Roman Catholic I live this Dominican  Way “Laudare, Benedicere, Praedicare” which I only speak with truth. For Catholics, represented by a black insignia or black clothe like those in the uniform of University of Santo Thomas.

My blog site tells about anything under the sun that intend of spreading an important word to everyone that has access to cyberspace. I love to play basketball, love to run, love to join outreach services, love to write sometimes, love to eat, love to travel, love outdoor activities such as mountaineering, hiking, biking, wall/rock climbing, spelunking, river crossing etc.

I am a member of a young mountaineering club called L.O.S.T. (League of Summiteers and Trailblazers). Our group has a trademark of traversing when climbing without going back to the same trail that leads to getting lost. At least, name of our club is very unique, right?

Before we became members of L.O.S.T. Team, our group name is 0dd’ TrEE which stands for 0dd’venture Travelin of Extreme Explorerz). The group is supposedly exclusively for Trenders or Trend Micro employees only that has the same fashion in running (any types, road, trail and jogging), health & fitness, mountaineering, wall climbing, spelunking, trekking, hiking, rock climbing or any outdoor activities or extreme maybe. In 0’dd TrEE’s Facebook page I was The Carpenter | The Grinder | The Welder | The HandyMan | The Dadegerr with pioneer members Bebegerr, Jijigerr, Bebeboi, Badingdong, A, Dodulf, PapaJames, Abbydog and non-Trender The Scriber Elton John Chua. A family was born.

I am one of the 4 pioneer Bachelor of Science in Information Technology graduate at Our Lady of Manaoag College Inc. (formerly Holy Rosary Academy) where I finished my secondary level. The school is being run by the Dominican Educational Institutions like the University of Santo Tomas, Letran, Angelicum and Aquinas University.

Yours truly is currently employed as Cloud Security Engineer in TrendLabs, Trend Micro Philippines. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional since 2008 for Windows Vista, Windows Vista Architecture and Windows 7, other certifications given at Trend Micro. My work includes support via email, chat and phone where most of the time I spent hours of Internet related activities analyzing logs, removing viruses etc.

Want to know more about my job visit Careers Trend Micro Philippines. You may also shoot me an email attaching your résumé, letter of intent and CV so that I can send it to our Human Resources Department for possible scheduled interview or exam. 🙂

Me on a Spider Pal pose in a company outing held at Vista Marina, Subic

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12 Responses to About the Author

  1. gelaikuting says:

    Hello there 🙂
    I’m from Pangasinan too, sa Lingayen 🙂
    Your blog is cool and so I’m following your adventures! I’m also interested in joining fun run and mountain climbing… Kudos!


  2. Hey kalongkong thanks for the “Follow”. Hope you’ll visit HRonlinePH.com often. We are Human Rights Online Philippines and we feature articles, blogs, news information and photos on human rights. This site also offers current
    urgent action and list of links to other human rights online resources.

    You can contribute human rights articles and photos to Human Rights Online Philippines @ hronlineph@gmail.com.

    You’ve got nice blog here. Hope you’ll include us in your links. If you’re interested to join our fellow’s list pls let us know.



    • Paolomer says:

      I’m happy to be a contributor to your site. I was reading it and I am getting lots of information about Human Rights. Keep it up. I add you up in my blogroll already. Thanks for taking your time reading my blog and leaving a comment. Hope to work with you guys in a project someday. 😀


  3. Sony Fugaban says:

    I love everything that you said here. Long live mountaineers and lovers of learning!!!


    Bro, I hope you don’t mind if I add you to my blogroll.


  4. MartinTC says:

    tnx sa pagbisita at pagcomment!
    add na kita sa blogroll ko!


  5. arden says:

    wow proud to be OLMC “OUR LADY OF MANAOAG COLLEGE”


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