InfobytesTV: The Tour De France Explained in Animation


The Tour de France is an annual multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in France, while also occasionally making passes through nearby countries.

2013 Tour de FRANCE

Like many, you most likely have an interest in this hyped event and know the basics but would love to know a lot more without having to read page after page of history, facts and interesting little tidbits.

Well this animation does just that. Take a look and let us know what you think!

Having watching this, it reminds me of our very own Tour of Luzon and Marlboro Tour in which in my child hood days or during the 80’s and 90’s at least in our neighborhood we used to stay tuned with a transition radio, listening to radio broadcast of the said cycling event then wait them to passed by in our town and cheer for them providing them water or food and during the 1960’s there is a Filipino movie about this tour and some documentaries.

Arnel Querimit - Le Tour de Filipinas 2012Arnel Querimit of GO21 raises his hand after winning the 2nd stage of 2012 Le Tour de Filipinas from Tuguegarao to Cauayan, Isabela. Photo by: Nonoy Lacza

I am just wondering this past few years I haven’t heard any news about this tour maybe they just renamed it to “Le Tour de Filipinas” I don’t know not until I consulted Mr. Wiki and according to it’s Wikipedia entry it’s previous names included the Marlboro Tour, Tour of CALABARZON, Tour Pilipinas and Padyak Pinoy, before carrying the current name today which is and confirmed “Le Tour de Filipinas”.  By the way, I am proud to say that there are Tour Champions from Pangasinan (My Town) and one of them is Arnel Querimit of Pozzurubio,  also Santy Barnachea of Umingan and the likes of Felix Celeste, Gonzalo Espiritu, Edwin Bayuga and many more.

Tour of Luzon-62ROMEO VASQUEZ IN “TOUR OF LUZON, 1962” (1962)/ THE 1963 TOUR OF LUZON

“The biggest sportfest of the nation now becomes the biggest screen entertainment of the year!” says the blurb of Tagalog Ilang-Ilang‘s super-production, Tour of Luzon, 1962.

Set against a story full of romance, music, comedy, action and drama, the movie also records the actual thrills and spills of the Tour filmed lap by lap, including the exciting chase at the zigzag road.

It also features all the Tour of Luzon champions and the 7th Tour contestants.

Tour of Luzon 63The 1963 Tour of Luzon

As a result of my constant consultation of Mr. Google and the Internet I found a very interesting list of champions dated back 1955 and the Champions are:

 1955 Manila to Vigan (4 laps; 418 km) Antonio Arzala

1956 Tour of Luzon (5 laps; 1,057 km) Antonio Arzala (33:45:08)

1957 Tour of Luzon (6 laps; 1,155 km) Rufino Gabot (51:45:22)

1958 Tour of Luzon (7 laps; 1,517 km) Mamerto Eden (61:14:08)

1959 Tour of Luzon (8 laps; 1,634 km) Antonio Arzala (59:44:50)

1960 Tour of Luzon (9 laps; 1,648 km) Rodrigo Abaquita (57:51:02)

1961 Tour of Luzon (12 laps; 2,167 km) Jose Moring, Jr. (59:44:50)

1962 Tour of Luzon (12 laps; 1,870.23 km) Edmundo de Guzman (61:04:50)

1963 Tour of Luzon (14 laps; 2,334.38 km) Gonzalo Recodos (78:27:54)

1964 Tour of Luzon (14 laps; 1,967.6 km) Jose Sumalde (60:22:09)

1965 Tour of Luzon (14 laps; 2,049.31 km) Jose Sumalde (65:13:19)

1966 Tour of Luzon (15 laps; 1,999.82 km) Cornelio Padilla, Jr. (60:45:31)

1967 Tour of Luzon (8 laps; 1,634 km) Cornelio Padilla, Jr. (70:34:57)


1969 Tour ng Pilipinas (10 laps; 1,208.4 km) Domingo Quilban (37:50:29)




1973 Tour of Luzon (10 laps; 1,214 km) Jesus Garcia, Jr. (34:38:38)

1974 Tour of Luzon-Visayas (18 laps; 2,540.95 km) Teodorico Rimarim (78:35:19)

1975 Tour of Luzon (15 laps; 2,207.87 km) Samson Etrata (66:18:48.6)

1976 Tour of Luzon (6 laps; 2,200 km) Modesto Bonzo (66:31:10.4)

1977 Tour ng Pilipinas (24 laps; 4,000 km) Manuel Reynante (106:57:20.1)

1977 Marlboro Tour (3 laps; 1,697 km) Jesus Garcia (55:37:52.8)

1978 Perk Speed Tour (3 laps; 405.8 km) Rumin Salamante (10:11:10)

1979 Marlboro Tour (11 laps; 1,900 km) Paquito Rivas (60:01:06.4)

1980 Tour of the Phils. (21 laps; 2,780 km) Manuel Reynante (83:08:00.84)

1981 Tour of the Phils. (21 laps; 3,058.81 km) Jacinto Sicam (87:25:43.99)

1982 Marlboro Tour (15 laps; 2,192 km) Jacinto Sicam (61:29:17.57)

1983 Marlboro Tour (14 laps; 2,313 km) Romeo Bonzo (63:54:31:94)

1984 Marlboro Tour (14 laps; 2,464 km) Ruben Cariño (68:08:49.46)

1985 Marlboro Tour (21 laps; 3,668.97 kms.) Pepito Calip (97:04:42.04)

1986 Marlboro Tour (10 laps; 2,900 km) Rolando Pagnanawon (77:39:53.14)

1987 Marlboro Tour (17 laps; 3,282 km) Reynaldo Dequito (88:06:50.88)

1988 Marlboro Tour (17 laps; 3,544.53 km) Amando Catalan (94:44:03.92)

1989 Marlboro Tour (18 laps; 3,539.47 km) Gerardo Igos (95:40:23.79)

1990 Marlboro Tour (18 laps; 3,317.42 km) Manuel Buenaventura (95:58:38.8)

1991 Marlboro Tour (17 laps; 2,373.61 km) Bernardo Llentada (63:33:17.73)

1992 Marlboro Tour (17 laps; 2,731 km) Renato Dolosa (71:21:49.2)

1993 Marlboro Tour (21 laps; 3,480 km) Carlo Guieb (91:41:54.62)

1994 Marlboro Tour (21 stages; 3,563 km) Carlo Guieb (91:24:13.33)

1995 Marlboro Tour (19 stages; 3,280.33 km) Renato Dolosa (83:43:39.54)

1996 Marlboro Tour (19 stages; 3,257.29 km) Victor Espiritu (80:50:46.24)

1997 Marboro Tour (16 stages; 2,472 km) Wong Kam Po (Hong Kong) 62:06:28

1998 Marlboro Centennial Tour (16 stages; 2,494 km) Warren Davadilla (64:58:57)




2002 FedEx Tour of CALABARZON (4 stages; 517.7 km) Santy Barnachea (12:41:13)

2003 Air21 Tour Pilipinas (15 stages; 2,849.8 km) Arnel Quirimit (55:29:20.63)

2004 Air 21 Tour Pilipinas (17 stages; 2,849 km) Ryan Tanguilig) (70:28:59)

2005 Golden Tour 50@50 (10 stages; 1,492 km) Warren Davadilla (37:20:55)

2006 Padyak Pinoy (8 stages; 1,219.4 km) Santy Barnachea (31:10:03)

2007 Padyak Pinoy (10 stages;1,500 km) Victor Espiritu (33:02:38)



2010 Le Tour de Filipinas (4 stages) David McCann (Ireland)

2011 Le Tour de Filipinas (4 stages) Rahim Emami (Iran)

Sources: Wikipedia, Google
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Video courtesy of InfobytesTV

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