Truth revealed behind “SIM Card has a name” trick on Facebook

If you’re my Facebook friend chances are you will try what I posted on my wall about this or you may have recently seen on Facebook a lot of people posting a ‘trick’ that they have discovered/seen whereby posting a short snippet of code reveals the ‘name’ of your cell phone or SIM card based on the last three digits of your phone number.

The message circulating around reads,

Do you know, every SIM CARD has a name ?? Try this !! :

1st step : from your number take the last 3 numbers, ex :: 0121234567, take “567″ only
2nd step: do this @*[567:0]
3rd step : remove the sign * And
Press enter in the comment box!

What just happened?

If you follow the process correctly you do actually see a name appearing. But the truth is that there is no relation between with your mobile number and Facebook.

The answer…

The name is appearing is due to Facebook’s shorthand code. All Facebook users and pages are assigned with a unique ID number. When that ID number is typed into a comment box or status along with the symbols described in the message above, it displays the name of that corresponding Facebook user or page. For example, typing in @[666:0] reveals the name of Facebook user with the ID number 666. The ID number can be of more than 3 number, you can even use 4 numbers for above trick. For example typing @[133246996717581:0] will bring up our page, since our pages ID is 133246996717581.


Due to the way telephone numbers are generated, more than one person can have the same last 3 digits. Therefore claiming your unique phone number has it’s own name is nonsense.

So how is this happening? Basically the number you provide corresponds to an actual user’s ID on Facebook. It is not limited to three characters either. The code you enter into the comment box is a Facebook short-hand code that converts an ID number into it’s corresponding name. If you were to enter the code @[4:0] then this will present back ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ since he was the first ID to use the website (1-3 were used for testing I believe). By using just three digits you are picking a random Harvard student who were the first users of the social networking site. You can even check this by going to the following URL and replacing 123 with the number that you are using.

Although the code works and is perhaps fun to use it is in no way related to a cell phone, mobile phone, SIM card or anything similar. It isn’t dangerous either (virus or spyware) so use it to your heart’s content.


Now you know it, so, Beware!!!

Facebook is the perfect platform for starting and spreading viral rumours. Hundreds of false rumours are passed between site members every single day, some accumulating prolific and worldwide circulation. Be it sharing pictures or posts or updating your status, the social networking nature of Facebook ensures an easy path for misinformation.

What to do?

Leave a comment below, ask me or  shot me an email and I’ll answer your inquiry, concern or issue to the best of my I.T. knowledge. Trust me, I’m an Engineer. Haha!

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26 Responses to Truth revealed behind “SIM Card has a name” trick on Facebook

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  4. levy says:

    if you put zero (0) for the first digit, it won’t succeed


  5. levy says:

    no need to put * sign in the first place…..i tested it without putting that sign at all and the result is the same..


  6. Megan Jost says:

    Appreciate it for all your efforts that you have put in this. very interesting info .


  7. wen says:

    how does one find out their unique user id?


  8. wen says:

    so the next question is how does one find out what their unique id number is. : ]


  9. this is a good program can improve


  10. Peter Perhac says:

    Excellent explanation. I feel like a dumbass trying to type that somehow into my mobile phone… Then I googled and you you explained what this is all about. Excellent. Cheers,


    • silentpal says:

      Thanks Peter, yeah I get curious also that’s why I research on it. For the benefit of the doubt I blog about it to educate others. Appreciate your comment hope you will continue reading my blogs in the futures. Happy Year of the Dragon!


  11. Superb info,,,, LIked it a lot


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