The preparation: Salomon Xtrail 2012 – The Trail is Waiting!

In about 2 days, me and my new-found running buddy <theswooshrunner> will face the first ever 24K Mountain Run that will be held at Tagaytay Highlands. It’s my running buddy’s first time to try trail running as he was just finished 21K race twice on road running. He finally challenged himself into greater heights in running and didn’t stop to bug me to join this years Salomon 2012 Xtrail. This is like a running with a twist as we are not only run on roads but we will also run in ridges, dirt, mud, vegetation and if we are lucky it also includes some part of the trail a river crossing.

I stopped running for almost 3 months already even in my time because of a bad ankle injury so to get back in shape I had to prepare for this but due to hectic schedule I can only do this in the following scenarios:

Instead of riding going to the office I choose to walk or run, it will not only save me some money but it will also train my leg muscles and build up stamina. Instead of using elevator I use stairs when I go to the malls or even in office buildings. Playing basketball also helped me back in shape. Those are the advices that I told to my new running buddy.

We planned to train in Makiling Traverse but due to the recent robbing and killing incidents in the place for safety precautions we have to cancel it and selected to train in Mt. Batulao and do a traverse trail run instead but our scheduled won’t let us so we decided to train in a nearer place somewhere in Rizal and we thought of trying to run going up to Timberland Heights in San Mateo but it wasn’t pushed through because we have to cancel it yet again.

So we decided just to train in UP 3 days before the even because there are little uphill and downhill like terrain that we can use to simulate trail running and let Josh have a feel running on vegetation, mud and in between trunks of the trees because he just bought a new pair of red Salomon S-Lab 4 XT Wings.

A GPS Map view of our UP Trail Run simulation training

I’m a seasoned mountaineer and a hiker so it’s not a problem with me, my worries are on my running buddy because he haven’t had any experience yet in mountains but I am pretty confident that we can nailed it and finish this 24K mountain run challenge. 🙂

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Our Pre-Race checklist before the much awaited Salomon Xtrail:

1. Valid ID: check
2. Race BIB: check
3. Hydration Belt / Bag: check
4. Race Nutrition (energy bar/gels) optional
5. eyewear: I’m not using it
6. sunscreen: Not applying this
7. lip balm (with sunscreen): N/A
8. petroleum jelly:  check
9. cash: check
10. gaiters/armsleeves: check

ARE YOU READY? The Trail is waiting. I’m ready…

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You can also watch a training video below for some important tips on how to run uphill/downhill properly. Hope this will help you prepare.

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