Changing the GAME: The SM Mall of Asia Arena

Photo Courtesy of UAAP Basketball Page

I’m excited to watch a game or two on this newly opened MOA Arena, of course I will make sure to watch any basketball event here especially PBA games including UAAP, NCAA games. I wish to play on this Robbins maple wood court also with NBA standard Spalding goals, an eight-sided center-hung LED Daktronics scoreboard and two-sided shot clocks.

It has a seating capacity of 15,000 and a full house capacity of 20,000.

Photo Courtesy of UAAP Basketball Page

One distinctive architecture is that MOA Arena’s eye-shaped peripheral design seeks to impart the message to its audience that every event to be conducted in its grounds will surely be a “feast for the eye”.

Photo Courtesy of UAAP Basketball Page

The seating ratio of the arena was strategically developed, wherein 60 percent of the total seating will be at the lower box, unlike others where it is the reverse.

Photo Courtesy of UAAP Basketball Page

They installed Daktronics 46-ton octagon scoreboard three weeks ago and during the two recent Lady Gaga concerts, it is clamp close to the ceiling. It will be lowered down for eye-level view during basketball games. American technicians from Daktronics of South Dakota arrived to supervise the hoisting of the scoreboard, employing a 120-ton crane and 24 men.

Trivia: Daktronics powers about 90 percent of NBA arenas. The center-hung scoreboard was made in the US particularly for the MOA Arena. It has four giant LED high-definition monitors hooked up to the TV coveror and in between the monitors on the sides are four more screens to make an uneven octagon similar to the Memphis Grizzlies scoreboard.

Additionally, each goal were equipped with two transparent, double-faced shot clocks – one six feet above the goal and another below it on a 90 degree angle or perpendicular to provide a view from an angle. The unified show control system is link to LED video displays with 18 meters of advertising space on the scorers table adjacent to the players bench and 36 meters across the floor on the press table. It’s a look and feel of NBA stadium.

The Denver architectural firm Sink Combs Dethlefs patterned the MOA Arena after the Atlanta Hawks’ home Philips Arena. Seating for basketball will accommodate 14,549 with a capacity of 4,075 for general admission and 4,459 for lower box. Every general admission ticket is guaranteed a seat. The building was configured to give every seat a clear view with “nosebleeding” a thing of the past.

Besides concerts, MOA Arena can also host sports events basketball, tennis, volleyball, wrestling and boxing, and other events like ice shows, circus, musicals and even corporate shows.

Photo Courtesy of UAAP Basketball Page

And since it is expected to receive droves of people, the MOA Arena hosts a wide assortment of food selections served at an area called “Hawkers Alley.” Among the establishments there are Starbucks, Chick-A-Go, Krispy Kreme, Bronco Billy by Chef Florabel Co., Pitstop by yellow cab, Spudnik by NYFD, Jamrock Patty Café by De Original, Jamaican Pattie Shop, and Juice Bar by Chef Tony’s.

Hmmm, I’m sure an athlete like me will not let the chance to watch or play in this arena. I’m excited to purchase my very first ticket on sit my butt out haha.


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